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  1. andya27

    For those who smoke indoors

    I'm an outdoor smoker. I live in Cleveland. During the warmer months I rather enjoy smoking outdoors. From November until March it's miserable. As a kid I loved winter. But as I age, and now with (well controlled) diabetes, long stretches outdoors in winter are just plain uncomfortable, and I...
  2. andya27

    New Jacono

    Arrived today. Took a walk around the block with me on its first smoke. Going to be a great smoker. Wonderful fit in the hand.
  3. andya27

    Mississippi River - bulk or tin?

    I'll be placing an order and want to try this one. I'm typically don't like Perique all that much, but the reviews have convinced me to give it a try. Question - is there a difference between the tobaccos in the tin or bulk? Or are they the exact same?
  4. andya27

    Castello breaking in wonderfully

    I know I'm not the only one on the forum who recently purchased their first Castello. I've been smoking mine very gently for the two week's that it's been with me. Today was the first time I smoked it from top to bottom - with Dunhill London Mixture. It was a magical smoke. Perhaps it's the...
  5. andya27

    Seeking advice for a purchase of a new Dunhill

    I have a few shekels to spend this holiday season. And I've been moving progressively up the price chain with pipe purchases. My most recent acquisition was a Castello. Wonderful pipe. And I'd be just fine buying another. However, there is something about the Dunhill style that appeals to me...
  6. andya27

    At least I get to keep the Boswell

    Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. But I get to keep the Boswell.
  7. andya27

    Difference between Poker and Cherrywood

    Is there a definitive difference between the two? I thought that the difference was that a poker has a straight stem and a cherrywood bent stem. However, I've seen pipes with bent stems listed as pokers. So I'm wondering, what's the difference? Thanks.
  8. andya27

    The more I smoke other tobaccos the more I like Semois

    I don't have a favorite tobacco. And if I had to choose one, I'd probably select Gaslight. But the more I smoke other tobaccos, the more I enjoy coming back to Semois. I'm one of those people who enjoys the unique aroma and flavor. And it's a great smoke during the colder months. I'm...
  9. andya27

    Cellaring Latakia

    I love Pirate Kake. And during the winter, as I'm an outdoor smoker, there's something about a Latakia smoke that is just perfect for the weather. I'll be placing a tobacco order this week, and thought I might pick up a few tins to cellar - if Latakia is a good candidate for cellaring. I have a...
  10. andya27

    A Wizard's Pipe is Mighty Tough

    I took my daughter and her boyfriend to see the final Hobbit movie yesterday - iMax 3D. Fun entertainment. At the end of what had to have been an hour-long movie battle, Galdalf pulls out his churchwarden - intact. Seems they made tough pipes in Middle Earth.
  11. andya27

    Thoughts on Castello Natural Vergin?

    I think I'll be picking up another Castello soon. As I purchased an Old Antiquari for my first, I'll go with a Sea Rock this time. Along with the various red to black hues within the Sea Rock line, Castello offers their Natural Vergin with the Sea Rock rusticated finish. Anyone own one a...
  12. andya27

    Still smoking too hot after all this time - advice requested

    So I'm taking yet another week or two off from smoking. Yet again I burned the roof of my mouth. The pepperoni pizza didn't help any. But the pipe smoking was the main culprit. When I smoke my fishtails I tend to get tongue-bite. When I smoke my P-lips I have to watch out or I can singe the...
  13. andya27

    Tin note of Old Dark Fired

    So I finally decided to purchase a tin of this along with Sixpence. Now I realize that the flavor and fragrance of a tobacco when lit is not the same as the tin note. But I'll say the tin note of ODF surprised me. This tin smells of a mild barbecue sauce, or maybe ketchup. I've heard that...
  14. andya27

    An unfair comparison of two pipes - but perhaps worthwhile

    Recently I purchased a Castello Old Antiquari (KKKK). Up to this point all my pipes had been in the $100 range. The Castello was just a bit shy of $400. How can you compare a $100 pipe with a $400 pipe? Easy. We make comparisons all the time, and not all are fair comparisons. And this one...
  15. andya27

    When it's cold outside, even a Sav 320 is a clencher

    I am an outdoor smoker. Never would I have expected my 320 to be a clencher. But you know - either my jaws are getting stronger or the idea of finger frostbite has made nearly all my pipes clenchers for the winter. Enjoying a bowl of Dunhill Flake in the 320 right now. As soon as I'm done...
  16. andya27

    My first Castello arrived - Old Antiquari bent billiard (KKKK)

    Hope to get a chance to smoke it on Sunday. Not sure which tobacco I'll choose for its maiden smoke. The weight and balance are quite nice. I really like the sandblast of the Old Antiquari line. I didn't notice the fibers on the rim or inside the bowl. The pipe is, of course, flawless.
  17. andya27

    Request for help dating this Sasieni

    My first estate purchase to clean up. From the modest price I paid, I assume it's a post transition pipe. At least I hope it is, as it's the first pipe I'm cleaning up myself, and if I'm going to make a mistake, I'd rather it be on a post transition Sasieni and not a pipe of some value. The...
  18. andya27

    Considering wading into the estate game...looking for advice

    So far I've purchased primarily new pipes. And then I read about all the great deals some folks find out in the wild. Unless it's an unsmoked estate pipe, there's always the risk that there may be some issues with the pipe, which is why I've been cautious about estates. There is a pipe that I...
  19. andya27

    Considering my next pipe purchase - moving up in price to a Castello

    Over the past six months I've acquired quite a number of tobaccos and pipes. I'm finding that there are perhaps ten tobaccos I smoke most often, with another ten as the occasional smoke. With my pipes, I find that I smoke all of them pretty much equally in a rotation - perhaps somewhere...
  20. andya27

    Sunday morning tradition

    I like tradition. It's part of my nature. And so not surprisingly I have Sunday morning traditional smoke: Briar Fox in a Butz-Choquin bent bulldog. Is Briar Fox my favorite tobacco? Probably not. But there's something to be said for a tobacco that requires a bit of attention - but not too...