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  1. rhogg

    Ben Wade Pipes

    Anybody have any opinions on their new pipes. I have been eyeballing one, but don't know such about them.
  2. rhogg

    5 Brothers Straight

    Who like it? Just curious.
  3. rhogg

    4th Generation 1931

    If you ever were a "dipper" then you have likely smelled or tasted Copenhagen Black. It has a pugent, unique, yet not unatural smell that translates into a pure unadulturated tobacco indulgence of sweetness and tang. While I gave up stuffing my lip of tobacco long ago; when I opened the tin of...
  4. rhogg

    FVF and Estate Kirsten

    So I got this estate Kirsten that had a cake rotting in it for 20 years. I cleaned out out real good, and reamed the snot out of it. Next I attempted to smoke it which was a regrettable decision as it tasted like a dirty bird's nest. OS I filled it up with sea salt and some single malt, and let...
  5. rhogg

    Kirsten Pipes

    Does anyone have any experience with these pipes? Looks like it might be neat to try, if for nothing else it is something different. If you have smoked one please with reply with your opinion on the experience, and if you liked the pipe.
  6. rhogg

    Mystery Virginias of the Jelly Jar

    I have a mystery jar full of miscellaneous Virginias. This is comprised of scraps and leftovers of quality blends. an untold number of makers and blends are within. This has got to be my favorite blend and yet it cannot be reproduced. What a beautiful shame. The tobaccos have married and become...
  7. rhogg

    Layering Tobaccos

    When winter roles around like many others my smoking habits change. Last winter I dabbled in layering tobaccos, and this year I have revisited that joy. Tonight I am having 1928 layered on top of FVF. I decided to smoke this out of a pipe dedicated to english blends for a little twist. I'm not...
  8. rhogg

    Samuel Gawith Tobaccos

    All blends in stock at pipes and cigars.
  9. rhogg

    Back and Forth 1 Year of Misery

    For me there is a constant changing of the tide. I started off smoking pipes about a year ago, and occasionaly smoked cigars. I got a part time job at a local B&M mainly for the fun of it, but the massive discount has become wonderful. After about a year I am constantly favoring either pipes or...
  10. rhogg

    "In Defense of Smokers"

    This is a 1-2 hour read, but presents arguments that I have not heard before. Well worth the read for pipe and cigar smokers. The book for me basically confirmed my suspicions. Much of what the .gov says about smoking is hogwash, and tobacco companies are gold mines for...
  11. rhogg

    Penzanze is the Real Deal

    So I ahd the chance several months ago to jump on Tue penzance bad wagon, bought an ounce, then stimbled across 8 more. Smoked the first ounce..loved it then open the 8 ounces tonight after taking a few months sabatical. I smoked a lot of blends in between. The only other latakia blend that has...
  12. rhogg

    What Do You Think of Orlick Golden Slices

    Without knowing much about the tobacco it taste like a straight Virginia. I can taste the sweetness although subtle. Reminds me of more than a few vapers minus the perique. It packs a little flavor lacking in some navy flakes. Little tangy note on the top. Maybe a hint of citrus. A little pepper...
  13. rhogg

    Online Pipe and Cigar Retail Website.

    Someone has requested that I build them an online pipe and cigar retail website. Advantage is this person already owns the brick and mortar store. What I am wondering is if anyone knows a good place to research laws regarding the sale of tobacco products online. The technology piece I...
  14. rhogg

    Plum Pudding & Magnum Opus

    Disclaimer.... I previously had a bad run in with magnum opus, but after being on the shelf for a couple months it has become smokeable. Still bite, and hard to keep lit, but enjoyable. Just popped the plum pudding tonight right after a bowl of magnum opus. Turns out plum pudding tastes an...
  15. rhogg

    Esoterica Blends

    Anyone try an esoteric a blend they didn't like? I,m smoking some Pembroke at the moment, and it is reminding that I have never had a dissapointing bowl from esoterica. Maybe not all nirvana smokes but pretty good. Edit: Moved to Pipe Tobacco Discussion. A little late to the party, L
  16. rhogg

    Piper Ramblings & a Passing Question

    I really never figured myself for a pipe smoker, and then again why should I? It is odd, out of style, and an antiquated tradition that died in my family with my grandfather. But then again I myself am odd and out of style. I belong nowhere and yet manage to squeeze my awkwardness into any place...
  17. rhogg

    No Finish (Natural) Pipes

    OK.... so I have 3 Savinelli Natural pipes with no finish, 2 of them have vulcanite stems, and the other has a lucite stem with a greenish silvery swirl to it. As far as I know these pipes were meant for greater things, but they had too many fills et cetera, so they do not get fully finished...
  18. rhogg

    Tobacco Store Sage

    An older gentlemen who hangs out at my local B&M told me one day that I would begin to gravitate or develop a favorite when it comes to pipes and cigars. At the time I was leaning towards cigars; however, I have found the road of the pipe to be an endless adventure in the grand arena of flavor...
  19. rhogg

    Layering Tobacco in the Bowl

    Anyone ever try layering different tobacco in a large bowl? If so did you enjoy it? I have a couple of very large pipes and I have found this technique to be rather enjoyable. I particularly like stuffing the bottom half of the bowl with Dunbar and topping it off with 1Q. I find myself doing...
  20. rhogg

    pipe smoking in DC

    I smoked a churchwarden in front of union station in dc today. Oddly I did not get any weird looks. Apparentley DC residents get more than their farshare of strange.