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  1. desertpipe

    Man Sued For Smoking in his Own Home

    ............. " But there's a limit to long term stupidity"...... Ahh sable, you have a lot more faith in people then I do, at this point.
  2. desertpipe

    Why are the Originals Always Better?

    Warren, I treasure your input. It makes anything I might add superfluous, and my smile is becoming permanent.
  3. desertpipe

    Why are the Originals Always Better?

    On blends that have changed manufactures, I think that not only the sources of tobacco, but also the personnel involved in the process, but also the equipment involved makes a difference in the outcome. A cook can use a recipe for my favorite fried chicken, but when the source of the chicken...
  4. desertpipe

    I Bring You The Pipe Turds

    foah, when you jump in, don't bother to introduce yourself, and give advice .....what response do you expect?
  5. desertpipe

    Salt & alcohol / Retort: do you do it routinely your pipes? And how often?

    I use cotton balls and alcohol or a retort on my personal pipes almost never. Once done to pipe it is almost never necessary to do it again, as long as the pipe is cleaned and rested on a regular basis. Use these methods only when the pipe reaches the point where the bitterness does not go...
  6. desertpipe

    I Bring You The Pipe Turds

    Thirty five to go......and counting.
  7. desertpipe

    I Bring You The Pipe Turds

    Most Pipe Shows are a mix of new and restored pipes (Nashville, as I understand it being the exception), and the Show itself is just a part of the overall experience. I invite you to come out to the West Coast Show in November, and experience the camaraderie that starts on Thursday and runs...
  8. desertpipe

    Icarus Corduroy Volcano

    I had a chance to talk to Todd at the West Coast Pipe Show and purchase both an Icarus and a Neptune. Mine were early production, and we talked about the direction he wanted to take the brands and the improvements he wanted to see in the future. Great conversation with a very down to earth...
  9. desertpipe

    Prayers and Good Vibes for Harris (Cigrmaster)

    Prayers for quick healing sent your way Harris.
  10. desertpipe

    Good place to start

    Looks like a good list to get a feel for those types of tobaccos. Keep a list of your impressions, likes and dislikes. If you gathered these on your own, I'm impressed. If a Tobacconist suggested these, your notes will help them guide you to your next choices.
  11. desertpipe

    Quick Ashtray Question

    A place for matches and tamper??
  12. desertpipe

    Favorite Factory Made Pipe

    Danish made Stanwells.
  13. desertpipe

    Do You Reuse Your Alcohol

    I use Everclear for many of my cleaning processes. If a pipe is bad enough for the bowl to need a bath to start the cleaning process, it is done in a large lidded jar four or five at a time. The alcohol is then strained into another jar for reuse. The pipe is then reassembled and giver a...
  14. desertpipe


    Very nice job on that bit.....
  15. desertpipe

    For Johnnyreb

    Truly a beautiful timepiece, and it is good to see that it stayed in the family all these years.
  16. desertpipe

    Wife got a new pipe! (Thanks Desertpipe)

    Thanks for the fun post. It made my day, as I sit here exhausted from of a day filled with shoveling, clearing some of the snow off the roofs, and not being able to get out until the plow got here on the Mountain at 3 PM.
  17. desertpipe

    Pipe Show Etiquette

    Timing is everything. Trying to haggle in the first few hours of the Show will most often get you nowhere. On Sunday, as the Show winds down that is another matter. There are some restorers that will trade, I have never heard of a Carver being willing to trade, but never is almost always...
  18. desertpipe

    Tobacco Shop/Lounge Etiquette

    freakiefrog, what a great lounge. We have limited space and nothing near so nice, but it is warm, has cable and wifi, and we are sure happy we can keep it free.
  19. desertpipe

    Gawith Re-United

    If it allows them to reduce their costs, combine their tobacco purchasing, and keeps their blends from suddenly being made in Denmark....I'm happy to see them making the effort to stay independent.
  20. desertpipe

    Tobacco Shop/Lounge Etiquette

    carytobacco, the only problem I would have with your plan is that we are constantly finding the lounge attracting some of our new customers. It is a great place for them to relax and it seems to allow them to feel free to ask the questions that take more time to answer then when they are just...