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  1. maduromadness

    Greetings from Texas

    Sure miss the great state of Texas...greetings from California!
  2. maduromadness

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Agreed with all things stated me it seems your tastes are honed to moderately cased tobacco's. The realm of Virginia's is subtle but varying to refined degree. You've got to spend quality time with them before they display there value, but when you develop that palate(if you can) they...
  3. maduromadness

    Norman Rockwell Portrait Burley Blend

    Hello all!I recently picked up this blend and I can't find any info or reviews on it. It seems fairly new and was just wondering if anyone else has tried it and what their thoughts might be. I'm not really a burley smoker but it's pretty good to me. Wonderful tin aroma and I get some cocoa and...
  4. maduromadness

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    2012 McClelland Mature Virginia #25 in a red sandblasted Peterson Spigot 3/4 bent billard. A cool evening smoke after dinner
  5. maduromadness

    Name Your Most Obscure Blend

    Some McBaren Mature Virginia...stumbled on quite a few tins at a B&M I used to work at. Current production tobacco Erik S. 1855.
  6. maduromadness

    Our Own Jiminks Gets Interviewed.

    Thanks for the link and interview! I definitely have used Mr. Amash's vast knowledge and palate to my advantage. Great to know more about him.
  7. maduromadness

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    Samuel Gawith English Summer Flake in a small AKB smooth horn with a bright yellow and cream swirl acrylic stem.
  8. maduromadness

    Smoking in the Car

    I use lightweight pipes for easy clenching and pack my bowls before I get to driving. Kind of a must since I drive a stick, my only complaints are the smoke tends to get in my eyes so sunglasses are preferred. I've had some very memorable smokes in my car and its the only consistent time I can...
  9. maduromadness

    Missouri Meerschaum - 150 Years

    Thanks for posting! Very cool article.
  10. maduromadness

    Smoking in the Car

    Love smoking in my car. Heavy traffic sucks and lighting up a delicious bowl gets my mind off dumb traffic and relaxes me. Driving becomes second nature and smoking grabs most of my attention.
  11. maduromadness

    Hi from Orange County CA

    Welcome, from pomona california. There is a tinder box in orange county. Not sure otherwise. Cigars are easier to find. Marty's Cigar in Glendora has a selection too
  12. maduromadness

    Still Have Your First Pipe? Why or Why Not?

    My first pipe was stolen! Still bitter about that, it was a nice Ashton 3/4 bent billard. Stolen out of my barracks room while away for duty. Worse part I didnt even have a roommate. Someone had a key to get in.smh
  13. maduromadness

    What's Your Car Pipe?

    I keep 2 Peterson full bents under 1.3 oz for solid clenching and a petite meershaum under 1.0 oz. I tote around about 6 to 8 blends too, it all fits in a shoe box for ease of transport and moving inside my car.
  14. maduromadness

    When Will The Government Take Your Pipe?

    It kills me to think that this is even a possibility...those same proponents to kill tobacco are probably addicted to prescription drugs or alcohol, but quite Franklin I've lost most of my faith in the mind of the masses...I bet big foot would totally smoke a pipe.
  15. maduromadness

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    2014 McClelland MV #24 in a grey Rattrays Chubby Jackey.
  16. maduromadness

    How to Prevent Nausea While Smoking?

    I would focus on the smoking cadence and just have sweet tea, coffee, soda, anything to drink and replace the sugar. Very odd though, I used to smoke cigarettes, still smoke cigars and all kinds of pipe tobacco. I only get nauseated with high nicotine blends...I just grab something with sugar...
  17. maduromadness

    Go to Your Local B&Ms, Folks

    I used to work at one of the best local cigar and pipe shops in my area. I revisit from time to time and smoke a cigar and grab a tin or two, occasionally a pipe. The cost difference is a hindrance. I'm lucky to live in southern california where there are plenty of cigar shops, but ones that...
  18. maduromadness

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    2015 McClelland Boston 1776 in a Savinelli Capri Root Briar 316 EX with an equally delicious cup of coffee.
  19. maduromadness

    A Latakia Blend for Latakia Haters?

    I will recommend Drucquer & Sons, Inns of Court, for a delicious virginia/oriental forward blend with slight latakia. Red Rapperee a good choice for medium. And Erik Stokkebye 1882 for a full bodied;but honestly I dont know the full bodied realm of latakia.
  20. maduromadness

    1985 Ashton Pebble Grain -- Give Away

    86 Generous Sir! GOODLUCK to ALL