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  1. kola

    Hamborger Veermaster In Stock

    A lovely VA, for those interested:
  2. kola

    Wellauer Syrian

    I bought some of this from a member here back awhile ago but I forget who it was. Ben88 maybe? I'm looking again for some. Thanks.
  3. kola

    Deleting Past PM's

    Is it even an option? And if so, how ?
  4. kola

    The Molto Dulce Experience.

    Ok, I decided to try this stuff, Sutliff's Molto Dulce they call it. Mostly because some folks on here spoke highly of it. I popped the tin and the tobacco? smelled like aromatic. Fruitcake or pancakes or some kind of cakey dessert. Overly sweet to say the least. But what surprised...
  5. kola

    Rolling Pipe Tobacco in CIgar Wrapper

    I'm wanting to roll some of my pipe tobacco blends in cigar leaf. I'm not a true cigar smoker but on occasion I do like an occasional milder cigar and have the brand name Bandito cigars on hand. Banditos have that Clint Eastwood small hand-rolled look and I find them pretty enjoyable. They...
  6. kola

    Not New - Addressing the Sam Elliott Thing

    OK, straight shooting it here... been here on the forum quite awhile, always been a bit of a loner here and usually only chime in when the dogs get let out or if I'm looking for a treasured hard-to- get tobacco. But since I recently posted my pic in my profile, well here's the scoop : Over the...
  7. kola

    GLP 8 oz tins from 2000 to 2004

    I know the GLP 2000-2004 tins had some serious rust issues. But I'm not sure if his 8 oz tins from those same years were affected as well. Any help is appreciated.
  8. kola

    Smoking Pipes Reporting Back to IRS ??

    I haven't ordered from SP in a long time. I decided to place a order only to find out about the tax disclosure that I needed to agree to before ordering. It appears they send in a tax report to the feds on every purchase and hold the customer resposible to report and pay the tax? WTF ...
  9. kola

    PayPal Charges ?

    I'm new to using PayPal. I've recently purchased a few things and the people (sellers) asked me to pay as "friends" so they would not get charged anything extra. I did that on two occasions and was charged an additional $1.30 per transaction. i didn't know why I was charged the extra fee and...
  10. kola

    Best Blending Latakia

    Looking for opinions on what you feel is the best (straight) latakia for blending (as per manufacturer). In the last 4 years or so, I'm really liking English and Balkans (and heavier latakia blends) but I'd like to start playng around with my own blending. I think SG's FVF and Best Brown Flake...
  11. kola

    Buyer Beware

    Zoom in on that rust spot. Oh yeah. You can bet your butt that the tobacco is toast. Buyer beware. Years ago I got burned for 500 bucks on these rusty tins. I wish someone would have warned me. BTW, this is no way a dig on Greg Pease. It was in no way hs fault. Shit happens and I love his...
  12. kola

    Effects On GLP blends When(and if) New FDA Rules Kick In?

    I haven't dug too deep into the up and coming FDA changes/rulings as to how it may effect the tobacco markets. But my biggest concern and question is in regards to GL Pease blends. Will any of his blends be discontinued? Some of my favorites are Lagonda, Abington, Odyssey, Kensington, Key Largo...
  13. kola

    Get It While You Can, Balkan Sobranie!

    412 USD's, with one hour to go. fleabay
  14. kola

    Enjoyed Shortbusgansta's posts on the Three Nuns Thread

    I must admit Shortbusgangstas posts regarding Three Nuns(and more) was quite enjoyable. I hope he sticks around.
  15. kola

    Determining Balkan Sobranie production dates

    Are there any good links or knowledgeable members who know how to determine the actual production dates for the older Balkan Sobranie tobaccos? (white and black)
  16. kola

    Magnum Opus and White Knight? Just WOW!

    Sorry this not a real review. I am a big Sam Gawith fan (FVF, BBF, SL etc) and Esoterica/Germain (Penz, Margate, etc) as well and a few GLP blends ( Key Largo and Westminister) I also dabble with some BurPers like OJK and Night Train. On occasion I'll water down Chocolate Flake with BBF or FVF...
  17. kola

    Penzance Gone in Seconds

    I get an email that Pipestud has nine 2 oz tins of aged Penzance. I figure I'd have time to buy one...and yes even at 90 bucks a tin. I figured wrong. They were all scarfed up like a bum on a baloney sammich'. Someone has a boatload of Penzance stashed away. He's probably rolling around in a...
  18. kola

    Penzance and BBF, a nice mix

    Eso's Penzance. I love this blend but she's almost impossible to snag up. In my bomb-shelter sits my last one quart jar of The Penz' so I started playing around with some mixes. I came up with a pretty damn good smoke mixing Penzance and SG's Best Brown Flake in a 60:40 ratio. The BBF doesn't...