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  1. chakaraka

    Isopropanol 99% Too Harsh For MM Stems

    I have used 99% Iso to clean my cobs a couple times now. I just did a thorough shank/stem cleaning on all 3 with pipe cleaners and swabs wet with Iso. They came out very clean, but they "fog" the interior of the amber stems and actually begin to dissolve the outside of the stem if you get it...
  2. chakaraka

    Cleaning Jars For Storage

    I was just curious how fussy all of you are about Mason jar prep? Do you go to great lengths to sterilize them or do some of you just use them right out of the box? I hand-washed all of mine in a clean sink with antibacterial dish soap and a fresh dish cloth and the hottest water I could...
  3. chakaraka

    Black House: Typical Humidity

    I recently received an oz. of Black House in my order from P&C. I have only had my second bowl today. To me, this tobacco seems like it arrived very dry (albeit pungent). Is Black House usually nearly crispy dry or did I receive a portion that has dried out? I just though I would ask before...
  4. chakaraka

    My New "Bjarne" Viking Classic Apple Bent

    So I finally received my new (and first) briar pipe yesterday (from P&C, also my first order). After much deliberating and missing out on the Tsuge's when they were in stock, I went with this pipe, which was in the same price range as the Tsuge's. I am not huge on adornments on a pipe...
  5. chakaraka

    What Should I Smoke Too/Two?

    I received my order from P&C tonight. I now have two new cobs (Great Dane and Missouri Pride) and first briar (in the second photo, Bjarne Viking Classic Red Bent). I received a tin of Nording Hunter Beagle and one oz of H&H Black House. I already have some CBW and 1Q. I don't know what to...
  6. chakaraka

    Essential Pipe Cleaners for Bent Stem Pipes

    Hi guys, What would you recommend for pipe cleaners for a bent stem pipe. I have only used tapered ones so far and am placing an order. I was going to basically order a variety but don't necessarily want to buy ones that I won't use. I'm curious what the vets here would recommend? Thanks...
  7. chakaraka

    Pipe Feedback / Suggestions and New Member Introduction

    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking on here at least a few days now, gathering information from here another forum and numerous online vendors. My step-daughter bought me a crappy Chinese pipe as a gag gift for Christmas. You know "old man" joke, primarily because my current winter beater is a...