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  1. 85royals

    Started Up Again

    Hello Friends! after about 10 months to a year off of the pipes I have picked it up again.. had to dust off most of my pipes. I have a great cellar still. loads of 965 and bunch more. happy to be back
  2. 85royals

    Making a Pipe & Cigar Room

    Hello all I'm just a few months away from buying my first home.. Small 3 bedroom house, i want to turn one bed room in to a pipecigar den. you all know, the commfy chair the TV and all that jazz. My concern is i want to keep the rest of my home as smookeless as i can. has any one made a den? any...
  3. 85royals

    Flake, Sliced, Navy Cut, Round Sliced, Orlik, etc.

    Friends I have a new pipe.. im going to use this pipe only for a type of tobacco, flake style i have a few blends and types what I'm wondering is will these be fine all in the same pipe ? I want no ghosting really juat this new pipe dedicated to these tobaccos Any and all tips and info is...
  4. 85royals

    Mouthpieces For Cigars

    I have been a pipe smoker for a long time, been a cigar smoker for about 3 yrs just bought a few cigar holders.. i like them a great deal as i have never been a clencher for cigars. but this is a game changer i can clench down on the pipe style tip and puff like a pipe.. its great any one else a...
  5. 85royals

    Packing Round Slices

    just got in 8oz of Newminster Superior Round Slices.. please give hints and tips on packing Thanks to you all in advance -------------------------- Thanks for being a member and participating. Thread title fixed. Please use your Shift key in body text as well. Please see rule 9 here along with...
  6. 85royals

    Half & Half.. and Prince Albert

    Hey just got a pouch of each of these I really like half and half.. The room note is great and taste is great.. Prince Albert is not so good for me. It seems a touch bland and dull loads is smoke though.. Any tips advice on these ? Story's ? LoL
  7. 85royals

    Any Metal Detector Hobbyist

    Hello I got a cheap metal detector from my mother, it was hers she did not use it.. I was hoping some of my forum friends here my be in to this fun hobby and my have some tips and info to share
  8. 85royals

    Got A Buzz

    I was enjoying a basket pipe full of Billy Bud and I got a buzz going.. Now I have had a buzz with one other pipe tobacco it was Acadian Ribbon a perique tobacco.. I still enjoy both just seemed weird that I got a buzz
  9. 85royals

    E.A. Carry split

    I was enjoying a smoke in my pot setter and it stopped drawing and wouldn't relight.. I dumped my tobacco and I looked it over the bowl was cracked from stem all the way to the top of bowl.. sad sad
  10. 85royals

    What Would You All Call This Shape

    I wonder what kind of pipe shape this is??
  11. 85royals

    One for My Aunt

    Brothers and Sisters Sadness has fell upon my family my dear sweet Aunt Gay has passed on.. A sudden shock to us all. She helped get me started regarding good fiction (some not so good) we loved to send postcards back and forth she never put post card postage on it all ways first class. I told...
  12. 85royals

    MeTV and AntennaTV

    We here in central Kansas get MeTV and Antenna TV they show older shows like Burns and Allen, Married With Children, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Jack Benny, Dragnet and loads others.. you all get these in your area? I have my late night bowl with George Burns and Jack Benny
  13. 85royals

    Tin vs Bulk addage

    Not really Vs. At two of the local shops a couple of the clerks have told me that Bulk is every day and Tins are like candy just every now and again.. any one ever heard this?
  14. 85royals

    Everyday All Day Smoke?

    I was wondering what you all smoke as a everyday go to blend?I like a blend I get from my local b&m called Top Soil its a Aero reminds me of a vanilla coke. My English/latika blend is Dunhill 965.. please tell us yours.. I did a search and did not see this subject.. but I've been wrong...
  15. 85royals

    McClelland Orientals 1,6,8,12 &14

    McClelland Orientals I ordered a sampler pack of all of them 2 things 1.any one tried them and 2. can i smoke them in my English blends pipes?
  16. 85royals

    McClelland Bulks To Tins

    HI All I have a question about McClelland tobaccos.. I have found out that the MC 5110 Dark English is close to the Frog Morton tin that they put out.. is there a list or do any of you all know if bulk A1 is the same as tin B4? I hope i did not make this question confusing.. Thanks
  17. 85royals

    Drive Thru

    Ok so I go to eat a fast food chicken place and I sat down to eat.. I'm in a table near a window that over looks the out going drive thru lane.. Now to be honest I'm a bit of a jerk on a good day.. But it gets in my craw when at a FAST FOOD place they have you pull forward so they can take the...