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  1. condorlover1

    Ludwig Hartmann Meerschaum Pipes

    A forum member posted a really nice Ludwig Hartmann meerschaum pipe set with cigar holder. More importantly the gentlemen also posted two pages of a Ludwig Hartmann catalogue showing off some of the meerschaum pipes he manufactured. I thought it would be interesting to see who else collects...
  2. condorlover1

    A Bit of Meerschaum Color During Lock Down!

    I thought the forum would interested in the progress I have made coloring this meerschaum pipe during our 'Nation Lock Down'. The first picture was taken about ten days ago when I decided to smoke this pipe aggressively since it had been sitting around for years. I reamed the pipe and put in a...
  3. condorlover1

    Home Delivery During The Recent Unpleasantness

    Just a thought. If Hooters did home delivery during this pandemic thing do you think they would be called Knockers?
  4. condorlover1

    CondorLover You Are a Nimrod!

    I suppose if a man lives long enough any number of events can befall him. Some good, some lucky and some on the very strange side. I was non-social distancing from my design engineer person/ 3 D Printer operator Odd Ball when his friend Jason wandered into the garage/shed/laboratory, looked at...
  5. condorlover1

    Dropping An Air Biscuit Could Spell Curtains for Granny!!

    Gents I give you this gem from Fox News ....
  6. condorlover1

    Baccy Flaps -Any Interest?

    I am thinking of producing a limited run of baccy flaps in either hardened plastic or wood that would be a clone of the original Winup Bacy Flap. Before I look into this how many of you would be interested?
  7. condorlover1

    Whats Your Favorite Plug Tobacco?

    I know we have a few plug tobacco's down here in the colonies. To me they don't seem that firm. To me a plug has to be a dense cube of tobacco composed of layers of leaf pressed and steamed together until the finished product is a shiny dark brown or black cube. So what's your favorite? We all...
  8. condorlover1

    The House of Pipes Bramber in Sussex U.K

    Does anyone remember this place? I visited this museum many times in the company of my Aunt who lived near by in Pulborough. The museum had the most incredible meerschaum pipe collection I have ever seen and a really quite good tobacco shop in the foyer. I came across this article and I post it...
  9. condorlover1

    4000 Posts

    I just noticed the postometer has clicked around to 4000 posts in 7 years. I need to get a life. Anyway thanks for all the company guys on those boring winter evenings when I should have been working.
  10. condorlover1

    What Do You Carry in Your Pockets?

    I just emptied out my pocket and found 1/2 Plug of Condor I think, pen knife, pipe tool and several Bic lighters, one of which doesn't seem to be mine. One pair of pinch new glasses, a pipe and about $2 in loose change. What do you normally cart around in your pockets?
  11. condorlover1

    A Word in Your Shell Like!

    Guy this is going to sound strange coming from me. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the plastic mouthpieces you use on a corn cob pipe. They are a yellowish colored plastic and about 1 1/2 inches long. I need them for a friend who is working on a project. Any thoughts let me know please gents.
  12. condorlover1

    Willard Burp & The Devils Arse!

    The auto correct program on my lap top can throw up some very amusing 'corrections' some of which you cannot have failed to notice. Wyatt Earp got reconfigured as Willard Burp. My favorite pipe, a very old Devils Anse kept getting reformatted into 'Devil Arse' which on the first go around was...
  13. condorlover1

    Show Us Your Unused Antique 'Cutty' Pipes!

    I just couldn't resist. I just picked up another unsmoked late Austrian meerschaum 'cutty' that has never been smoked before, sort of a virgin pipe if you like! It got me thinking that among the multitude of 'cutty' pipes there must be quite a few unsmoked examples from the 19th century kicking...
  14. condorlover1

    Quick Look at CigarBid from The Pipe Perspective

    Someone kindly posted about this web site so I thought I would have a look and see what was available. Firstly I must point out that I am not a cigar smoker other than the odd Cuban consumed when I lived in London years ago. If cigars are your thing then this site certainly has a lot of eye...
  15. condorlover1

    Awesome New Emoji's!

    I have just explored the new Emoji section. I see they have installed one for Captain Black Grape and Royal Yuck - 💩. This is brilliant and allows me to be so much more expressive in my postings. Thank you Pipes Magazine!
  16. condorlover1

    Do You Think This Might Get Reintroduced to the U.S Market?

    I was looking at older tobacco blends when I came across this gem - somehow I just don't see Pipes & Cigars reviving this blend!
  17. condorlover1

    Tuesdays Meerschaum Cutty PAD Attack!

    You can tell I am bored! I just went and knocked down another meerschaum 'cutty' on that celebrated auction site Oi Vay so that makes two for the week. I won't see these until I get back up North but hey its something to look forward too!
  18. condorlover1

    Yet Another Meerschaum PAD!

    Well I was killing time whilst I am stuck here in Florida and I added yet another 6 1/2 meerschaum 'cutty' pipe courtesy of Ebay. I won't see it until I get back up North in early November since it will be waiting for me with the other pipe I picked up last month but I suppose it is some...
  19. condorlover1

    What are You Wearing as a Halloween Costume This Year?

    What are you are wearing for a halloween costume this year not that I agree with the demonic undertones - I prefer to think of it terms of the ancient Roman celebration.
  20. condorlover1

    I've Got a New Toy - Meerschaum 'Cutty' PAD!

    I have been very well behaved recently. I made it through the Ohio pipe show without buying anything other than few rounds of beers. Both Weezel and myself have both been on our best behavior by not trying to re-use the same cardboard box sending stuff to each other - the current record was 8...