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  1. woodsroad

    PM's: Recipient Not Indicated

    If you send a PM, the recipient is not shown in the conversation until/if they respond. So, if you send a PM, and the recipient doesn't respond, and you go back later to look at the PM, you will have no idea who you sent to. I ran into this problem while running the Secret Santa. I sent out...
  2. woodsroad

    The Ultimate Delayed Gratification

    While cleaning up the garage today, I uncovered a set of cobs marked for an A/B taste test of Conor Plug and a War Horse prototype blend. This goes back to before War Horse Bar was released, maybe 2013. Russ had sent me some samples to try, and as it was the dead of winter, I retired to the...
  3. woodsroad

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2019!

    Welcome to the 2019 Edition of the (Un)Official Secret Santa Extravaganza! Yes, it’s that time once again: Stale fruitcake, wayward elves, drunken relatives, family fights and Secret Santa 2018! The event you’ve slowly, reluctantly come to regard as "Mostly Enjoyable", over lo these many...
  4. woodsroad

    Neatpipes Triggered

    I got a Malwarebytes popup while perusing the site just now: It appears that the site has also been disabled, since I can't access it from my browser. Is this a sponsor?
  5. woodsroad

    One More Tweak, Please? Pop-Up Balloons!

    The pop-up balloon boxes are making me crazy. Is there any way to disable them, perhaps on a individual user basis?
  6. woodsroad

    A Style Change Request

    The new forum is worth it's weight in sandalwood oil, if for nothing other than being able to add hyperlinks. However, the color of those hyperlinks make them difficult to read. Can they be changed to the standard blue color, or something else that will read better against the brown/orange...
  7. woodsroad

    Lightning Bugs

    I’m enjoying a bowl of My Own Blend Square Flake, (hat tip Les Young) in a Stanwell Royal Danish 996, as our local Lightning Bug contingent puts on one of the most spectacular displays I’ve ever seen. A bit ironic, as there are no lightning bugs in Denmark.
  8. woodsroad

    30% Off at JR: Noon to 12:30!

  9. woodsroad

    Internet Sales Tax: B&H Will Refund It!

    B&H Camera, the venerable New York camera store, has introduced a program to refund customer's sales tax collected for out-of-state purchases. Will the pipe tobacco e-tailers be bold enough to follow suit?
  10. woodsroad

    A Porcelain Stanwell!

    Amazing! Porcelain Stanwell on eBay
  11. woodsroad

    Another Use for Stanwell Pipe Cleaners

    I love the Stanwell bristle pipe cleaners, but my cat likes them even more than I do:
  12. woodsroad

    Danish Pipe Shop Muzzled

    The much-beloved Danish Pipe Shop reports this morning that, due to recent revisions to Danish law, they will be barred from any advertising, including sending out their email and print newsletter. Will this affect their PipesMagazine site sponsorship? I’ve emailed them to ask that question. The...
  13. woodsroad

    Why Is It...?

    ...that there are so many obtuse thread titles?
  14. woodsroad

    New Member Appreciation: A Free Tin of McClelland Arcadia

    It’s been wonderful seeing so many new members here over the past year. But also a bit sad that so many of the blends that the old-timers have loved are disappearing at the same time. So, as a bit of a nod to Ashdigger and Aquadoc’s generosity earlier today, I’m giving away a 2005 tin of...
  15. woodsroad

    You folks smoking 6+ pounds a day

    Do you still enjoy herring? I find that my taste for herring has diminished somewhat.
  16. woodsroad

    OGS $3
  17. woodsroad

    Theodore! HU, What, When, Where, How.....

    My Theodore (Tad) ship has come in!
  18. woodsroad

    Last Chance! Secret Santa is Closing!

    Last Chance! Secret Santa Closes Tomorrow! The 2018 Secret Santa Extravaganza closes on the 13th. Today is the 12th. There is still room on the sleigh, but you have to jump on now.
  19. woodsroad

    CI 31% Off Orders Over $150

    CI 31% Off Orders Over $150 And yes, they do carry pipe tobacco. Enter "TREAT18" at checkout. You're welcome.