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  1. recoilrob

    FS, c. 1998 Esoterica Penzance, 8oz Tray, (8/25/20)

    I still have one of these left. A new member with 2 posts twice asked to me to hold for purchase and twice did not send funds so this is back for sale. Kept cellared in an airtight container, package is still soft. $325 shipped to US.
  2. recoilrob

    Anyone Have an Old Cornell & Diehl List from the Late 1990's?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob What was there mixture 968AP, was that "Pirate Kake"?
  3. recoilrob

    Bulk McClelland's No.2?

    About 20 years ago I was helping clean up the cigar humidor at a local B&M and found a few 5lb bags of bulk tobacco. They were going to be tossed so I took them. One was MacBaren's Mixture which I liked very much and I vacuum packed into mason jars. Another was Red Cake, all gone now. The last...
  4. recoilrob

    Peterson Donegal Rocky Question

    Th is an old Peterson Donegal Rocky 80S from my collection. The sterling band is hallmarked but no "P" on the stem which looks original. Were they sold without stamped stems?
  5. recoilrob

    eBay just pulled all 15 of my listings for sealed tins...

    I called in and was told they do it in batches, they pulled 400 listings today. Yet there are still 173 sealed tins listed for sale, some are actually bags of Camel cigarette tobacco. Quite a shame, will have to wait 90 days before the warning expires and try again. They tell me I need to show a...
  6. recoilrob

    Is it true, Ferndown is closed?

    I heard this from a friend, that Les retired, true?
  7. recoilrob

    What do I have here, is this an "Early Transition Barling"

    It has the Script Barling with the block Made in England, a 4 digit shape (5959) but also has a size (EXEL) and the TVF, as well as the cross on the stem. thanks, Rob
  8. recoilrob

    Anyone Have an Email Address for McClellands Tobacco?

    or a tel. #? I cannot seem to find it on the web.
  9. recoilrob

    Starting to Use

    I figured I'd give the guys at Briarbid a go so I'm beginning to list some collectible pipes and tobaccos as well as a complete set of TPSE. Right now I have an enormous unsmoked Jim Cooke Oom Paul.
  10. recoilrob

    Help Dating a Tin of Nightcap

    I realize that Dunhill tinned blends have had several different sources over the years. I imagine Dunhill did it themselves for a long time and then I think it was taken over by Murray's of Belfast for a while. Were the Murray's tins marked as being made in the UK? After Murrays closed I believe...
  11. recoilrob

    Aged MacBaren's Scottish Mixture Tasting

    Some of you may have missed the thread started by papipeguy and the 35 year old tin of MacBaren's Scottish Mixture he found in his parents basement. This gave me the idea to have some members taste old MacBaren's Scottish Mixture (MBSM) from my cellar. The are 7 participants and I hope they give...
  12. recoilrob

    Looking for the 2003 Dunhill Christmas Pipe #207

    Back in 1993 when Dunhill offered it's 12 days of Xmas set I signed up at my local B&M and bought them every year and I owned #207 in the series. In 2003 the store changed managers and the idiot who took over neglected to place the order with Dunhill so myself and 2 other collectors did not get...
  13. recoilrob

    Forum Help

    Is there any way for me to find a list of posts that I have made? Is there any way for me to find a list of private messages sent by me or sent to me? I have seen them when I get an email notification but have not found a way to get back to them at a later date. thanks, Rob
  14. recoilrob

    Anyone actually use cheroot holders anymore?

    They were popular 100+ years ago, can you even get cheroots anymore? Some of the nicest meerschaum work I've seen was done on these little guys. Here's one that's old and was never smoked. I like it in the white and those little black eyes make the piece...
  15. recoilrob

    Problem viewing website w/ Firefox?

    Is anyone else getting this kind of mess when viewing the forum? Using Firefox on a Mac.