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  1. kola

    Is The East Coast As Good As They Say?

    Fall is spectacular, the views, fresh local fruits and veggies, cider mills. And the restaurants are terrific. That's about it. I grew up in Western NY but had to leave 25 years ago after dealing with brutal winters that never end. And the humid, bug-ridden summers were not enjoyable either.
  2. kola

    Smoking a Unicorn: GLP Renaissance Reserve

    Enjoy that stuff !
  3. kola


    2 bans in what ? A month ? Enuf' sed' Time to move on and avoid this women drama stuff. I prefer a tobacco forum over beauty salon gossip.
  4. kola


    BROBS? Hellava' guy, I'd love to meet him, maybe at a pipe show or something. Or when I'm going through Iowa. It seems every forum has to have a keyboard warrior, a BROBBY-boy.
  5. kola

    Is One of My Czech Tools Fake?

    I have a few of these on hand. I like the tamper but I also like the slightly edged knife to clean my bowls as I don't like a lot of cake build-up.
  6. kola


    much agreed.
  7. kola

    Samuel Gawith No Mas!

    Congrats and good luck ! FVF is also a great VA to add other tobaccos in with it. If it so happens you don't care for it "straight." Often I mix in a tad of Syrian latakia or some burley to change things up. But I like it straight too.
  8. kola

    Clogged Peterson Stem

    Clear and precise video. A very nice solution.
  9. kola

    Is One of My Czech Tools Fake?

    This entire thread is fake.
  10. kola

    How Many Blends Do You Have Stored?

    Rough guess? At least 200 different blends. Pounds? No clue. I started seriously cellaring in 2009/2010. And I plan on taking them with me. Ain't no Heaven without tobacco.
  11. kola

    Gawith Done In the US?

    Whether it be true or not, we are still witnessing "Death by a thousand cuts."
  12. kola

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    and the hunt continues...... And yes, I agree with the above poster, it'll be a bad day if and when GLP blends are gone. Pile high now. Even if you don't like GLP tobacco. Just look at what people are paying for McC.
  13. kola

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    2010 FVF in a Petey 303 spigot, fishtail. Cold German lager, deckside. Just wishing I could eat like Jiminks.
  14. kola

    P&C Issue Question

    I've never had any probs with pipe or tobacco purchases from them but I don't use them that often.
  15. kola

    What are You Watching?

    The sunset shimmering off Pikes Peak.
  16. kola

    How Is Pipe Stamping Done?

    Hand drawn, no stamp or laser needed.
  17. kola

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    It's all one big mess. All pro sports in general. I'll pass. I'd rather hike, fish, ride my horses and smoke my pipe on the deck.
  18. kola

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    Dang, it's kill or be killed out there, lol. Anyways,I hope some new folks got to get some Gawith, it's great stuff. And I hope the scalpers got none. But hey, tis' life. Smoke em' if ya gottem.'
  19. kola

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    Dang, close but no cigar ( err, pipe tobacco) What a teaser.
  20. kola

    Lawdog on Radio Show of April 28, 2020

    Well, it looks like I missed this... darn it.