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  1. ssjones

    Peterson POY 2020 - 9BC Shape

    Peterson just posted this on their Facebook page, the 2020 Pipe of the year will be the reissue of the 9BC in various finishes. Looks like a vulcanite stem and P-lip, whew.
  2. ssjones

    GBD Originale Rhodesian

    I typically buy GBD's with the London, England stamp but this Originale caught my eye, with a Paris,France COM. It was in decent shape with a few bowl dings and a tough layer of oxidation. I finished it this morning. I have this Virgin Shape 28D with a "Hand Cut" stem. It is slightly...
  3. ssjones

    FS: Comoy's Sandblast Bent Billiard (07/29/20)

    Pipes have been cleaned and by my standards, ready to smoke Shipped USPS 1st class with tracking (other options available at cost of the buyer) Paypal, net to seller.
  4. ssjones

    Comoy's Sandblast Restoration

    Work and life have kept me out of my pipe workshop, but in between opening two restaurants, I squeezed in restoring this Comoy Sandblast, a pretty simple task, it was in very good condition. Full Details at the Reborn Pipes Blog...
  5. ssjones

    Sasieni "Putney" Restoration

    Took a gamble on this one, but was happy to discover it was a Patent era pipe, completely with original stinger. Dave confirmed my date estimate of the late 20's to pre-WWII The stinger was a PITA to remove, but I did get it out without any damage. I suppose the gouges in the briar could be...
  6. ssjones

    NASPC - The Pipe Collector - April Newsletter Issues?

    Folks Does anyone else get the emailed (PDF) version of the NASPC newsletter? I've been getting it that way for maybe 10 years now, with no issues. They send it via Drop-Box, which I've used for also over a decade. For April, the document shows up differently in Drop-Box and doesn't show the...
  7. ssjones

    Another Peterson Shape 56 (Canadian 9BC)

    Getting out in the shop for a few hours sure is cathartic these days. Tonight, I worked on a Peterson Shape 56, that arrived from a Canadian seller a few days ago. Last year, I learned that the Shape 56 was sold by the Canadian Peterson distributor, who used their own numbering system. Full...
  8. ssjones

    Kaywoodie Shape 35 (Mini-Churchwarden) 1930's?

    I just finished this unusual Shape 35. It's referenced in two early catalogs, but I believe this is from the 1936 era. The shape disappears after catalogs in that era. I've owned the more common Shape 95 Churchwarden, which had the stinger. I found it awkward to smoke because of the length...
  9. ssjones

    Selected Straight Grain 256

    This one showed up today and it was a relatively simple restoration. This is the first Selected Straight Grain I've had for nearly eight years. I was a little disappointed that it does not the shape number stamped, but it is clearly a 256. The metal ring reinforced shank and tenon are Comoys...
  10. ssjones

    1979 Peterson 998 Challenge

    The first 998 on my bench, I thought this was going to be a easy restoration. But, I managed to get the stem firmly stuck in the strummel and it took quite a bit to remove it. I love the older era, more rugged Donegal Rocky rustication and I was pleased to discover the pipe had a 1979...
  11. ssjones

    Comoys "Supreme Grain" Restoration

    My last of three pipes completed this week. I've never seen this finish before. I assume it is Cadogan era, but it has the oddest C logo I've seen. Its not a typical stamp but quite deep and durable (found that out by accident!). The full details are on the Reborn Pipes blog: Reborn Pipes -...
  12. ssjones

    Comoys Golden Grain Bent Apple Restoration

    Here's one of a pair of Comoys that I finished this weekend. The full details are on the Reborn Pipes blog: Reborn Pipes - Comoys Golden Grain This one had a chunk of the C missing and a tiny hole on the bottom of the stem.
  13. ssjones

    The Guildhall Shape 256

    I picked up an restored another shape 256, this one a Comoy's second line. I detailed the restoration on the Reborn Pipes blog here: Reborn Pipes - The Guildhall 256 It did have one challenge - the deep marks around the shank. Before pix:
  14. ssjones

    Comoy's "Supreme Grain"

    Here's a new Comoys finish for me. This shape 42 (large bent billiard) is a "Supreme Grain", which I hadn't seen before. I found a couple sold on SmokingPipes, which they advertised as a bargain Blue Riband. This one has wonderful grain on one side for sure. An oddity here, is that when I...
  15. ssjones

    GBD "Collector" Oddity

    This New Era pipe is the only one that I've ever seen that does not have a shape number stamp. It is stamped "Collector" and sports a "Hand Cut" stem and stamp, somewhat rare on a New Era grade pipe. Another simple restoration, with full details on the Reborn Pipes site in the link below...
  16. ssjones

    GBD Virgin Bulldog (Perspex Stem) Restoration.

    This one was a pretty simple restoration, I'd forgotten how easy Perspex stems are to restore. (well, at least ones in good condition. Full details are on the Reborn Pipes Blog: Before
  17. ssjones

    Peterson's My Mixture 965

    I never do tobacco reviews, well, mostly because I only smoke MM965. I stopped at JB Hayes today in Winchester VA and he had the new Peterson production (which the shop owner said was oddly somewhat restricted in quantity). The blend looks like, smells like and smokes just like the previous...
  18. ssjones

    Comoy's "Bullcap" Shape 364

    I just finished this relatively simple restoration. The 364 was not a Comoys shape I've seen before. Full details are this Reborn Pipe site: Before: The shape is listed in the 1964 catalog. And the finished pipe, a 25 gram beauty!
  19. ssjones

    Boswell's Meet Up - Dec. 14th

    Meeting some other forum friends at Boswells in Chambersburg, PA on 12/14 - any PM members interested?
  20. ssjones


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