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  1. ssjones

    In Praise of Boswell’s

    A number of forum guys are meeting there on 10/24 for a get-together. If you are in the area, drop by.
  2. ssjones

    So, Was The Pipe Tool Fake Or Not? The Past Week's Suspense Has Been Insane!

    I think it was actually Hungarian. I have a Hungarian linage finger that works pretty well.
  3. ssjones

    Peterson 'Clare' Series?

    That's a line I've not heard of. Can't locate any info about it, even on Mark Irwins blog. You may want to check with him.
  4. ssjones

    James Barber Notice

    Don't blame them. I ordered a tool from England. It shipped parcel in April and was delivered in early Sept.
  5. ssjones

    FS: Comoy's Sandblast Bent Billiard (07/29/20)

    Bump to the top, pre Cadogan era Comoys.
  6. ssjones

    A Little Sunday Scene

    Coffee and a Charatan this morning for me in Maryland. Still warm enough to be out on the patio with shorts and a t-shirt at 8 AM. Won't stay that way for long.
  7. ssjones

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions - British Pipes

    Great and unusual choices Jesse!
  8. ssjones

    New Petersons

    Two great choices! I had not heard of Silas Walls - what is his story?
  9. ssjones

    What are You Watching?

    Patsy & Loretta - pretty decent, if you are a fan. One of those made on a low budget. Seemed pretty accurate. In the Electric Mist - Tommy Lee Jones and John Goodman (from Louisiana). Murder mystery filmed in New Iberia LA. My kids live in Lousiana and my in-laws are from New Iberia, so that...
  10. ssjones

    Dating of Gallaher's Latakia

    Moved to Tobacco discussion
  11. ssjones

    Motorcycle Riders’ Thread - Continued

    Love that shovel NEmery! Glad to see still see that thing on the side that starts it! (and cool taillight)
  12. ssjones

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    Era and times change. I heard from my father, that his father was not very happy when African-Americans started playing in the NFL and he quit following the league....
  13. ssjones

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    I'm curious to see how Brady plays on a new team.
  14. ssjones

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    I can't even work up any enthusiasm to talk trash about how the Ravens will win the Super Bowl. And, I still hate the Steelers.
  15. ssjones

    Pipe Boxes

    If you have a collectible Dunhill, etc. Having the original box is probably worth an additional $30 or so. But the condition of the pipe trumps all tobacciana.
  16. ssjones

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    Wow, it completely escaped me. I'll give it a shot. Its funny seeing Andy Reid with a clear face shield over his baseball hat. We'll see how long all this lasts.
  17. ssjones

    Question About Sell Category

    The warning shows up as an Alert - the bell icon on the top.
  18. ssjones

    Cavvichi Smooths

    The stems were always the weak point for me, I believe they used pre-molded stems (always acrylic), vs hand-cut from Castello. Cavicchi grain always outshines Castello (and many others).
  19. ssjones

    Question About Sell Category

    This was resolved. An item was listed without a price. I messed the OP as part of the deletion, but I don't know how that is delivered. I'll find out. The item is now relisted with a clear selling price.
  20. ssjones

    NHL Hockey is Back! Official 2020 Playoff Thread

    Wow. I didn't see that Islanders beat down coming. I guess the Lightening are for real.