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  1. mephistopheles

    Anybody from South Carolina?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone is from South Carolina? My family is in the process of moving there and I have no idea what to expect. It's not so much that I'm stressed about the move, instead I'm just uncertain of what my experience will be like there. This will be our first time living...
  2. mephistopheles

    Any PS4 Owners Pre-Ordering Bloodborne?

    I am so excited for Bloodborne! I have been part of the Souls community for a very long time and I look forward to this "spiritual successor". :wink:
  3. mephistopheles

    Joke - The Russian Wife

    A young Russian girl married an Englishman and moved with him to London. One day she went to the market, and after much difficulty trying to ask for chicken legs, she began flapping her arms and clucking and then lifted her skirt and pointed to her thighs. The butcher understood, smiled, and...
  4. mephistopheles

    My Pipe Is Leaking...

    Hello all, I have a Yello-Bole Nova that uses a stinger and I find that it leaks from the connection point between the shank and stem pretty regularly. It also tends to gurgle. I've never experienced these phenomena with any of my other pipes. That said, this is the first pipe in my possession...
  5. mephistopheles

    Any Experienced Guitarists Out There?

    Hello all, First off, I want to state that I'm not a musician. I have a very large/diverse music library and have experimented (with a modicum of success) with simplistic music making software. Beyond that I'm out of my element. I have always wanted to actually learn an instrument. Recently I...
  6. mephistopheles

    What A Beautiful Morning!

    Hello all, I woke up sometime during 11 AM, took about a 40 minute shower, brushed my teeth, and prepared my hair with some Groom & Clean. I ate some cheesy vegetable soup for breakfast and now I've just finished a small bowl of Angler's Dream that I was given by a friend. I enjoyed the blend in...
  7. mephistopheles

    Have A Liver Recipe?

    Hey all, I know some of you guys discuss food on here sometimes. I was wondering if anyone had a really good recipe for beef liver? I'll be trying it for the first time tonight. Thanks in advance, Meph
  8. mephistopheles

    Getting Into Clay Pipes?

    Hello all, I've been interested in clay pipes for a while now. I've read a lot about their history, care, and a few things about the various health side effects that can come with using them. I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge and pick one or two up to try as they are now within my...
  9. mephistopheles

    Dealing With Tar Build-Up?

    Hello all, Let's say you come into an estate pipe that is in pretty rough condition. It has tar build-up all over it. How do you deal with this? Is tar build-up in places other than the inside of the bowl or top of the rim a sign of a hole? For example, on the outside and bottom of the pipe...
  10. mephistopheles

    Making Friends!

    Hello all, I sent out a bunch of friend requests earlier this evening. I'm not sure if that's a practice that's taken seriously on this site or not. I see that some of you folks know each other on some level and I wish I had more of a personal connection with other pipe smokers like yourselves...
  11. mephistopheles

    Nic Hits and UPS - A Mini Story

    So I was in the garage just chilling out in a lawn chair. I was enjoying my pipe when I heard a lot of commotion in the driveway. I figured it was the snow plow guy but remembered that all the snow had melted. I went out to check on things and a UPS truck had backed all the way in. I had my pipe...
  12. mephistopheles

    Blockage in Stem...

    Hello all, So I somehow ended up with a blockage in my stem. It's a gently bent prince style stem and I can't pass a pipe cleaner or shank brush through it for the life of me. The blockage is right around where the stem bends downward from what I can tell. Any suggestions? I'm not sending it...
  13. mephistopheles

    End of the Semester Smoke

    Gentlemen, This coming Friday, the 12th, marks the end of my current college semester. I am sooo close to having my associate degree and being able to transfer out of the hell-hole of a school I'm at right now. This coming Winter semester I'll have but one class left; a statistic class, and then...
  14. mephistopheles

    Aromatics - Tight pack vs. Loose pack?

    Hello all, First: Assume that regardless of how tight or loose you pack that you are going to get a very good or even perfect draw. Now, do you think it's better or worse in the case of aromatics to pack tighter or looser? Do you personally notice a difference in flavor?
  15. mephistopheles

    Christmas Lists and Wonderment

    Hello all, During Thanksgiving my grandfather pulled me aside and asked me if there was anything specific I'd like for the holidays. The family is switching back to buying gifts for specific people instead of playing the dreaded "Christmas Game" which has effectively snubbed everyone involved...
  16. mephistopheles

    Smoking Outside in Weird Weather

    Hello all, The weather in West Michigan has been very strange these last few weeks. We were hit with a ton of snow out of the blue and it lasted for a solid week and a half to two weeks. Then, the snow just melted away. It's windy and freezing outside, literally freezing as the water in the bird...
  17. mephistopheles

    Widening a bowl?

    Hello all, During Thanksgiving I talked to my cousin about pipe smoking and over the weekend he ended up buying a Ukrainian made pipe at a shop in his city. He called me and asked if anything could be done about the narrow bowl. The question is this, is it possible to widen the bowl of a pipe if...
  18. mephistopheles

    Places, Times, and People

    If you could enjoy a pipe with anyone throughout history, during any time period, and at any place - who would it be, when would it be, and where would it be? Explain why you chose your answer. For me, I would enjoy my pipe next to Jerome Weidman and Albert Einstein during the 1950s at the house...
  19. mephistopheles

    Finding Specific Pipe Shapes/Sizes/Designs Online?

    Gentlemen, I was recently gifted a "Medico Varsity" pipe by a very generous forum member. I took a picture of it because I've only seen a couple pipes with the same shape/design. The more I look at it the more I like it. I'd like to know what the shape/size/design is called for this particular...
  20. mephistopheles

    Using Matches?

    Gentlemen, I've been looking into using matches instead of my Zippo w/insert, Clipper, or Bic lighter. I've tried several kinds of matches that we've had stored in our junk drawer for who knows how long with interesting results. I've found that with Diamond brand matches the older ones were far...