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  1. sfsteves

    Should I jump on Esucudo at $6.75 a tin?

    They are very similar ... but cost less, particularly with a discount such as this one. I just finished a bowlful of Escudo and I just fold and stuff ... works well.
  2. sfsteves

    Should I jump on Esucudo at $6.75 a tin?

    Lots of folks did ... their site was absolutely jammed up ...
  3. sfsteves

    The Nicest Ehrlich I've Ever Seen!

    Damn nice ... I'd love to have been in a position to bid on that pipe ... I'd seen it had lusted after it, and even had it on a watch list in case it went low, but just didn't have the budget to chase it and bid against the prevailing bidder who turned out to be ... you ... As it is, I'm glad it...
  4. sfsteves

    My pipe gets hot what should I do?

    lots of good advise here along with a bit of humor ... +1 on what Jud said ...
  5. sfsteves

    Packing Round Slices

    Fold and stuff
  6. sfsteves

    Ansel Adams, I am not, but...

    Where in NoCal are you these days ??
  7. sfsteves

    What Makes This Forum Great...

    Jim ... I'm sure not going to be the one to bet against you ... you're on the winning side with that opinion.
  8. sfsteves

    Cigars as pipe tobacco

    To speak to the question of cigars as pipe tobacco, based on my experience, I think you'll find the results to be disappointing ... I love my pipes and I love good cigars ... I experimented with cutting a cigar and smoking it in one of my pipes ... disappointing is the best I can say about the...
  9. sfsteves

    The Romantic View of the Past is a Bunch of Happy Horseshit

    Curl, that encapsulates my views on government quite nicely ...
  10. sfsteves

    Low Country Tobacco Waccamaw

    Interesting ... I'll be putting Tudor Castle on my list then ...
  11. sfsteves

    Off-Earth Pipe Smokers?

    Maybe, but the odds are long against ...
  12. sfsteves

    High Tech Woes

    Reminds me of the old joke where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go camping ... in the middle of the night, Holmes wakes Watson, saying "Watson, look at the stars! ... what do you deduce from that spectacular view?" Watson begins a lengthy reply in which he mentions the vastness of the Universe...
  13. sfsteves

    1 + 1 = 2 COOL!

    I love my Diplomat with a Forever stem ...
  14. sfsteves

    US Customs Is Holding My Briar For Ransom

    hey, it's the government we're talking about, here ... the same folks who run the VA, the IRS, TSA. provide security for foreign embassies and soon to be administering health care ...
  15. sfsteves

    A Seller Who Tells It Like It Is!

    Absolutely true ... I spent many an hour in Sherlock's Haven with cigar in hand watching the crowd pass by on Battery St and watching Marty interact with the customers ... he is an absolute treasure and one of the best tobaccanists in the last half century ...
  16. sfsteves

    Will Smoking a Pipe Help with Quitting Cigarettes?

    It worked for me ... Although I did not begin pipe smoking for the purpose of quitting cigs, it did work out that way ... In the process of exploring quality tobacco blends for the pipe, I became increasingly aware of just how utterly crappy the tobacco in cigs is ... not only is it a low...
  17. sfsteves

    Your Favorite Brand of Pipes for a Quality Smoke????

    Brands, it seems to me, are anything but a consistent thing ... probably because pipes are made from a product that occurs in nature and irrespective of which maker did the conversion from root to pipe, the raw materials aren't all equal ... Case in point, the best single pipe I've ever owned...
  18. sfsteves

    A Real Three Nuns Substitute

    None ... There are a number of really good VA/Pers available but none are really close to Three Nuns ... GLPease Telegraph Hill comes closest to matching the pre-light or tin aroma ...
  19. sfsteves

    Using my mulligan ...

    That worked for me, but unintentionally ... I'd always been fascinated by the IDEA of smoking a pipe, though I'm not sure why ... during college years, I had a cheapo pipe and tried all the drugstore tobaccos in it, but didn't enjoy the experience at all ... it was after I got out in the 'real'...
  20. sfsteves

    Master Cake Builder

    That not only literally made me laugh out loud, I'm continuing to laugh as I type this ... best response I've seen in a long damn time ... (still laughing)