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  1. johnbarleycorn

    Peretti Va Flakes (Post McClelland)

    Has anyone tried the new versions of Oxford Flake and/or London Flake since the McClelland shut down? Just wondering how they compare to the previous versions.
  2. johnbarleycorn

    Mild Thematic Elements,Brief Language, and Smoking

    I was just watching “It might get loud” the documentary with Jimmy Page, the Edge and some douche bag and I just got the warning that the film contained smoking. WTH. I’m so glad they warned me. Should have said contains Jack White.
  3. johnbarleycorn

    What Music Are You Listening To ( April, 2018)

    Starting this month off with Thelonious Monk - Underground and a bowl of 10 year old FVF and glass of iced tea.
  4. johnbarleycorn

    New Peterson For St Patrick’s Day

    I have been wanting another Peterson for my collection and with St Patrick’s Day just around the corner it seemed like the perfect time for an order from SPC. This Irish Made Army Mount Dublin hit all my buttons. I just think it is such a classic shape and the army mount looks perfect for it...
  5. johnbarleycorn

    RIP Dolores O'Riordan

    Just 46. What a shame. I guess when I get home from work today I will dig out some Cranberries to listen to along with some Jameson’s and Condor Plug.
  6. johnbarleycorn

    Finally Got My Eltang Poker

    I have been wanting an Eltang Poker for at least a year and now I’m glad I waited since they just came out with this new army mount version with horn. I couldn’t be more pleased. Having trouble posting pic from my phone. Will try again later from my laptop. Edit: fixed pix/Al
  7. johnbarleycorn

    Quiet Nights....Finally!

    So I have finally opened a tin of GLP Quiet Nights. I have read all the glowing reviews but had so many other good English blends open that I just never got around to it. But tonight with a glass of Jameson’s and listening to “The Who - Sell Out” I am giving it a try in my birth year Dunhill...
  8. johnbarleycorn

    What Music Are You Listening To? (November 2017)

    Dr Feelgood - She does it right
  9. johnbarleycorn

    Case Of The Missing Flake

    I just opened a tin of Kendal Cream Flake and the tin looks to be half empty. Maybe I have opened tins that were packed this way before and just don't remember it but it looks like someone took half my flakes. Is this common?
  10. johnbarleycorn

    Case Of The Missing Flake

    I just opened a tin of Kendal Cream Flake and the tin looks to be half empty. Maybe I have opened tins that were packed this way before and just don't remember it but it looks like someone took half my flakes. Is this common?
  11. johnbarleycorn

    Tobacco Shops in New Orleans?

    So I just arrived in New Orleans for my niece's wedding. Does anyone know of any good tobacco shops in the French Quarter that I should check out?
  12. johnbarleycorn

    What Music Are You Listening To? - June 2017

    Starting this months topic of with the new Roger Waters - is this the life we really want? With a bowl of Vauen #14.
  13. johnbarleycorn

    I Thank Duane

    After Duane posted - about Sparrowhawk posting about getting his Dunhill - which resulted in Duane getting a birth year Dunhill, I visited the site responsible for all this madness and now have a birth year Dunhill of my own about to head my way. A 1964 Bent Billiard to be exact. So thanks a lot...
  14. johnbarleycorn

    Finally Tried Dunhill Dark Flake.....Wow!

    Had a tin for a while and finally tried it. I hate to rate it based on just one bowl but I thought it was amazing. I'm a big Virginia fan and also like VaPers but don't like a blend that gets heavy handed with perique. But this has the perfect amount to act act as a condiment. And the Virginias...
  15. johnbarleycorn

    Best Customer Service In The World

    Of course I'm talking about SPC. A while back I got email notification that one of those hard to find tobacco's that everyone seems to argue about was in stock. Due to a mix up my order was passed over and I was told by someone in customer service that whenever they got some more in they would...
  16. johnbarleycorn

    Nording Signature Cherrywood

    Thanks to this forum I am now the proud owner of a new Nording Singature Cherrywood. I don't think I have ever been any more excited to take a new pipe out of the box even though this is one of the least expensive pipes I have bought besides cobs. I don't think the picture actually does it...
  17. johnbarleycorn

    Latest Peterson

    Just got this estate Peterson Irish Harp XL02 and I absolutely love it. SPC comes through again.
  18. johnbarleycorn

    What Music Are You Listening To? - January 2017

    The Who - Odds and Sods.
  19. johnbarleycorn

    While You See a Chance Take It

    Twice in the last week I have seen pipes on that I really wanted. The first was an estate Tom Eltang poker that I knew I should have grabbed as soon as I saw it. But I was trying to decide between it and a new Peterson. Within a day the Tom Eltang was gone and I ended up getting...
  20. johnbarleycorn

    My First Pete

    After a year of avoiding them I finally broke down and got a Peterson pipe with some Christmas gift money. I had read so many derogatory comments about them I was a little apprehensive. But I must say the pipe is beautiful with no noticble flaws (in my eyes anyway) and it smokes like a dream. I...