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  1. smokiespiper123

    My Sun Bear Review

    Short and to the point. The tin note is really nice. Sweet and grassy. I can’t smell the tequila but I get the hints of elderflower and honey. It rubbed out to a nice ribbon. It was moist so I let it dry on the tray for 10 minutes. It packed and lit well. I had to perform a handful of relights...
  2. smokiespiper123

    Aromatic English Yea Or Nay

    So, I’ve developed a taste for aromatic English blends lately. Something about Latakia and vanilla cavendish is just hitting the spot. Anyone else dig this combo? Or am I all alone off on some weird island of abomination ?
  3. smokiespiper123

    Pipe Smokers/HAM Radio Enthusiasts

    Maybe it’s just me , but it seems like a fair few of the folks on here are licensed Hams, myself included. Sound off if ye are
  4. smokiespiper123

    Got Me A Woodie

    Kaywoodie that is, Berkshire Canadian
  5. smokiespiper123

    Destination B&Ms

    Anyone ever make deliberate pilgrimages to a B&M? Or when on a roadtrip perhaps make a sideline to a B&M? I frequently travel between Knoxville and DC and make it a point to stop at the Milan Tobacconist in Roanoke. Im also contemplating trips to the Briary in Alabama and the Country Squire in...
  6. smokiespiper123

    Got Me A New-sed Pipe Rack

    From Flea-bay. 24 slots. Works ok, I need to take the stems off really bent pipes to get em in there then reassemble
  7. smokiespiper123

    Smokingpipes Has A Presbyterian Mixture Sale.. 8 Bucks A Tin!

    Whos gonna buy? I'm thinking at least 4 tins
  8. smokiespiper123

    Check Out My New IPSD Acquisition

    Acquisition This sucker is LOOOOOOONG... pencil thin shank... huge bowl, nice grain..... I feel like I should be singing White Christmas
  9. smokiespiper123

    Anyone Else Find That Smoking A Pipe Makes You Hungry?

    And yes I’m talking tobacco. Because 9 times out of 10, smoking makes me hungry. Am I the only one?
  10. smokiespiper123

    Do You Have Prince Albert In A Can?

    Well let him out for God's sake! He's suffocating! (sorry) ;)
  11. smokiespiper123

    My New Ropp Etudiant J12

    Tiny thing, good 20-30 min sized bowl. Love the Bing shape
  12. smokiespiper123

    Is It Weird?

    So, I got a pouch of Shepherds Pie from The County Squire.. transferred it to a jar and threw the bag into my office waste paper basket.. Every time I walk into the room it smells like Latakia and has me contemplating leaving dishes of English mixture out all over the house for Potpourri...
  13. smokiespiper123

    My New (To Me) Peterson Sandblasted System Standard 303 P-Lip

    Well, just arrived: Peterson System Standard Sandblast 303 with the P-lip. This is my second Peterson and my first System and first P-Lip.. I got it from SmokingPipes in record time. It was a good price too. Its been smoked, but their cleanup process is fantastic. I looks new.
  14. smokiespiper123

    I’m Digging This Shepherds Pie

    First taste, a nice savory English , not to overpowering in the Latakia department. Any of y’all got opinions? Jon David’s got a good’n here
  15. smokiespiper123

    Is It Just Me...?

    I find myself smoking strong English mixtures and aromatics now that the cold weather has set in. My Virginia’s and VA/Pers sit idle. Is it just me?
  16. smokiespiper123

    New Ranz Freehand

    Just got it. Apparently a local guy. Ron Smith. It was a good price too.
  17. smokiespiper123

    My Second Attempt: Home Blending

    Well, Here goes my second attempt at blending. I'm calling this one "Kintail Navy Plug" It consists of 2 tbsp Bright VA 2 tbsp Sutliff Matured Red VA 1 tsp Stoved Black VA 1 tsp Green River Black Cavendish The casing is Tennessee Sorghum and Pussers Navy Rum. I'll press it for 2 weeks in a...
  18. smokiespiper123

    Definitely Church Warden Saturday

    With some count pulaski
  19. smokiespiper123

    Calabash Tuesday?

    i It should be a thing
  20. smokiespiper123

    New Member from East Tennessee =- Howdy

    Hey Y'all New member, making intros.. Live in TN valley. SE of Knoxville.. been smoking a pipe on and off, now more on, for the the better part of 15 years.. still a newbie regardless.. Smoke lighter Nicotine blends... prefer those, still trying to find my favorite.. VA flake is pretty good...