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  1. chalbach72

    Multiple Pipes FS // Comoy's Secondhands, Stanwell, Butz-Choquin Gourd Calabash (4/18/20)

    Hey Guys! I'm looking to sell some pipes. Getting married in July and moving into my first house, so I need to get some extra funds for some house projects! Willing to hear offers on stuff, just no lowballs please!. Payment accepted through Venmo or Paypal. Will sell all for $425 shipped...
  2. chalbach72

    Quite Possibly One of the Best Purchases I'll Ever Make.

    I'd say a $37 Dunhill is one darn good find, sir! But thank you!
  3. chalbach72

    As Long As I Have My Pipe

    Happy wife, happy life ;) I agree, as long as you have a pipe in hand, all is well :)
  4. chalbach72

    Favorite Tunes While Smoking?

    I enjoy folk or smooth jazz. Soothing music ;)
  5. chalbach72

    Lunting and Hunting

    Love it! I didn't get the chance to hunt any this year, but we have land out in a small town in MS, Port Gibson, and last year I hunted with a cherry vanilla blend made by our B&M and a rossi I had bought. Wonderful time just enjoying nature while waiting on a big 'ole buck :)
  6. chalbach72

    Quite Possibly One of the Best Purchases I'll Ever Make.

    haha glad to see others enjoy the purchase! :D Y'all are making me so excited for this pipe to come in! The hope is it'll arrive tomorrow.
  7. chalbach72

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    I really do love all of these stories, gents. Keep them coming; I love seeing how all walks of life meet together for the pursuit of enjoyment in pipes!
  8. chalbach72

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    I love that so many of these stories involve family members or people grown up around, so neat! :) Keep 'em coming, guys! I love this.
  9. chalbach72

    Quite Possibly One of the Best Purchases I'll Ever Make.

    love that pipe! Yeah, I don't know what the shape number is yet, but judging from those pictures, it is probably a 331. I've got 2 regularly-proportioned bulldogs, so this one that's a little more squat will be a welcomed addition to the collection!
  10. chalbach72

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    I know this has been posted on many times, but I don't feel like digging up an older topic. So, I just want to know what brought you to the hobby, and why you stick with it! For me, it was a 1 1/2 years ago, in September 2014. My buddies had picked up pipes from their dads, and they were going...
  11. chalbach72

    Why Does a Wee Pipe Relax Us?

    nictotine, in smaller doses, both stimulates the brain and acts as a depressant, so-to-speak. When I did my research on this last year for a freshman paper, it tricks the brain by stimulating activity, yet allowing for a calming effect. Put that into a ritual of taking time, slowing down, and...
  12. chalbach72

    Is There A Foreseeable End To Your Collection?

    I don't know. I've recently hit a quest for any and all nice (and maybe cheap if possible) English-made bulldogs, so we'll see. I have finally gotten to a point where all the pipes in my collection are pipes I don't think I could consider selling. So I've hit my first milestone! :)
  13. chalbach72

    Looking For High Quality Aromatics to Try

    The McClelland blends I've tried are quite nice. I'll have to give the Boswell blends a try as well. I'll check out the GLP stuff as well!
  14. chalbach72

    Quite Possibly One of the Best Purchases I'll Ever Make.

    I agree. A buddy of mine has an everyman's Canadian he got from his father, and it's a lovely pipe. VERY excited for this one!