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  1. blues4goose

    Read This if You'd Like to Know More About Cigars (Specifically Nicaraguan)

    Oh boy did we drink Flor de Cana. Unlimited supply throughout, plus Tona beer which is also made down there. And I made sure to get a liter of Flor de Cana from the duty free on my way back. And I really appreciate the kind words. I hope I get to do the same in the DR
  2. blues4goose

    The First Progressive Tobacco?

    Yeah I would've expected a tiny bit more maturity from this group? Guess that was just me being naive
  3. blues4goose

    Anyone Use Steel Wool As A Filter?

    I've heard of this... but only for... less scrupulous smoking methods
  4. blues4goose

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    Just got a Nintendo Switch not too long ago, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most fun I've had playing video games in a LONG time. My mind was absolutely blown the whole time by the smoothness, the graphics, the gameplay mechanics, and the MASSIVE open-world format. I beat the...
  5. blues4goose

    4oz at a Time - How Would You Cellar?

    I don't meet the criteria as I smoke pretty much only VAs, but to me cockstrong tasted like really good cigarette tobacco. The kind of cigarettes you can't buy at the gas station. I liked it but it didn't quite make it into my regular rotation. I will say that it was incredibly easy to smoke...
  6. blues4goose

    Problems with USPS ?

    I'm glad I didn't come across this thread sooner. I just bought my fiance a Nintendo Switch and mailed it to her from Bethlehem PA to Phoenix AZ. Not sure why I didn't get it insured, as hard to find & expensive as these things are. Tracking info showed a delay, but much to my relief, they got...
  7. blues4goose

    Appreciating Big Numbers

    LOL someone got his Carolina Red mixed up with his Panama Red!
  8. blues4goose

    Appreciating Big Numbers

    You're sure that's tobacco in your pipe, right?
  9. blues4goose


    I inhale my pipe smoke about every two or three puffs. I just like the throat hit, honestly. Plus i gravitate towards stronger tobacco that still tastes good inhaled. My favorite right now is sliced black twist, and i even chop it up and make it into cigarettes for when i don't have time for a...
  10. blues4goose

    RIP Soul Singer Bill Withers.

    Oh man that's really sad... Ain't No Sunshine is an absolute masterpiece. He will be missed.
  11. blues4goose

    Gawith Black XX Twist/Musky Butt Taste

    Hey if you're gonna go that route I'll make you a trade for something you'd enjoy. As hard as it is to find this tobacco, I'd like to see as little as possible go to waste
  12. blues4goose

    Gawith Black XX Twist/Musky Butt Taste

    Honestly, my recommendation would be to try your best to smoke it with no drying time whatsoever. I like to slice it as thin as I can with a cigar cutter, stack 6 or 7 coins on top of each other, and rub them together very lightly. It takes a long time to light, but if you pack it loosely enough...
  13. blues4goose

    Gawith Black XX Twist/Musky Butt Taste

    I've been smoking pretty much nothing but Black XX and Sliced Black Twist since the quarantine started. IMO, they're exactly the same tobacco. Sometimes when I leave the room and come back in it smells like a barnyard, I love me some musky cat butt fart I guess!
  14. blues4goose

    How Do I Dry My Tobbaco

    I usually just take a big pinch, 4 or 5 bowls worth, out of the jar and spread it on a surface (usually a glass-bottom ashtray I keep clean for this purpose) and just smoke. The first bowl is usually pretty wet, and that's fine. I just keep packing from the same pile and it gets dryer and dryer...
  15. blues4goose

    Fixated On Single Brands Or Lines. 03/21/2020

    Absolutely. I have dozens of blends on hand, including a lot of mcclellands, but lately I've only been smoking three blends, all Gawith. SG FVF & Commonwealth, and GH&co sliced black twist. Black XX too, but that's too hard to find to stock up on
  16. blues4goose

    How Many Touch Type To Post?

    I used to chicken peck exclusively, until i got a job that has me sitting at a computer all day. Now i get better at typing without looking every day. On my phone i swipe to text, which is way faster than any other way
  17. blues4goose

    How Do You Guys Feel Today About This Virus?

    I'm not worried about myself getting sick. I'm not worried about most of the people I know getting sick. What worries me more than anything is how this may end up affecting our day-to-day lives, should this continue and get worse. I went to the store last night and stocked up on about a week's...
  18. blues4goose

    24 or 48 Hours Rest?

    I have 5 work pipes, and 5 home pipes. I usually smoke all 5 of each every day, and if I want more than 5 bowls in a day at work, I grab the first one I used that morning. I don't worry about rest at all really, like others said, just clean with a pipe cleaner after each smoke. Sometimes my...
  19. blues4goose

    Is 73% Humidity Too Much?

    Test them! Fill a soda bottle cap with salt and wet it with distilled water to the consistency of wet sand. Put it in a bag with the hygrometers and seal it for at least 12 hours. They should read 75%. If they don't, calibrate accordingly
  20. blues4goose

    Do You Fetishize Out Of Stock Tobacco?

    Let's just say, I need A LOT of it