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    Sparta, N.C., was near the epicenter. I hope the Grabow factory was undamaged.
  3. carlomarx

    James Joyce, the Dubliners and the Pipe

    Old school here too Piper, no e-readers or tablets.
  4. carlomarx

    James Joyce, the Dubliners and the Pipe

    I enjoyed " Dubliners" . I just finished " A portrait of an Artist as a Young Man". It was a chore to read; I admire his command of language but other than the last chapter that uses dialog, I didn't enjoy the story. While I relate to his views on the Church and Irish politics, I found the...
  5. carlomarx

    Ant Mystery; Any Entomologists In The House?

    Everything I know about ants I learned from the movie "Them!". And I believe they drag their dead away just like the VC.
  6. carlomarx

    Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Wilkinsburg born and raised, fled in 1978. Welcome aboard.
  7. carlomarx

    Local Aircraft Excitement

    We have them every harvest time, looking for marijuana plants in the local PA State Forest and Game Lands.
  8. carlomarx

    Fire And Explosion On The Bonhomme Richard

    Good point. Not to stray too far from the OP but speaking of destroyer vs submarines, "the Enemy Below" staring Robert Mitchum and Curt Jergens is one of my favorite war movies.
  9. carlomarx

    Fire And Explosion On The Bonhomme Richard

    That'd be " Greyhound", based on the novel " The Good Shepard" by C. S. Forester. It is a shame we won't have the opportunity to see it on the big screen.
  10. carlomarx

    Does Your Region Have A Particular Delicacy Or Meal Associated With It?

    Central Pennsylvania...corn dogs, fried funnel cake, Velveeta cheese
  11. carlomarx

    Hello from Central Pennsylvania

    Yea, they're good guys but not much pipe stuff. Weis Market on Martin st. has Carter Hall & Middleton's Cherry Blend pouches. I usually make a trip to Boswell's in Alexandria to stock up.
  12. carlomarx

    Hello from Central Pennsylvania

    I'll say. The B&M pipe shops are gone along with the independent book stores, The Diner, and the Scorpion. But we do have several high rise buildings and more on the way. Change is inevitable but I miss the State College of thirty years ago.
  13. carlomarx

    Hello from Central Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find good company, good advice and conversation. Whereabouts in central PA do you hail from?
  14. carlomarx

    What Are You Listening To? (June 2020)

    Do podcasts count? If so, I'm listening to Dan Carlin's series about WWI.
  15. carlomarx

    ATTENTION ALL MALES.....I am in Need of Advice

    If your'e having second thoughts and are unsure about having a vasectomy maybe you should hold off for a while?
  16. carlomarx

    RIP Ken Osmond, aka Eddie Haskell of "Leave it to Beaver"

    Too bad, Eddie Haskell was my favorite character on the show. Wasn't it an urban legend, not true, that he was John Holmes?
  17. carlomarx

    Hello from New Mexico

    Welcome to the forum. I'm in PA but i lived in Shiprock during the early 80's.
  18. carlomarx

    Amphora Burley Mini-Review

    Thanks for the review. I was an Amphora fan back in the day and I was somewhat disappointed with the current versions but I'll give the burly a try.
  19. carlomarx

    Does Re-Hydrating Affect Tobacco Flavor?

    Mea culpa, I forgot to bold the title.
  20. carlomarx

    Does Re-Hydrating Affect Tobacco Flavor?

    I don't often smoke during the winter but I keep some tobacco readily available in a vintage glass humidor. The humidor does not seal air tight so I use humidifier discs to keep the tobacco from becoming too dry. It seems to me that the flavor diminishes after repeating the process of...