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  1. alexl

    Pipe Sale Price

    I want to sell some of my Savinelli pipes on EBay. What price should I ask relatively to the price of a new? Let's assume I've bought it for $100, what can I hope to get after a year?
  2. alexl

    Frog Morton on the Town

    One more "English mixture". I do not like nuts aluminium can but that's the way it is. Smokes light and easy. What distinguish it is that strange "Basma" taste. You can like it or not (I'm indifferent). The main problem of this mixture is the total absence of nicotine. I'll add "Ten Russians" to...
  3. alexl

    Hermit "Captain Earle's Ten Russians"

    Best stuff for Latakia maniacs. I wanted to try it because I speak Russian and love Latakia. It looks like a black brick which slivers easily. I’ve tried it in small filtered Savinelli. Very sweet and rich taste, mostly Latakia but some Orientals and Virginia inside. Is it strong? You bet it...
  4. alexl

    Which Frog?

    People praise Frog Morton but everybody notes its mildness. Is there any sort of Frog with at least medium Nic level?
  5. alexl

    SG Full Virginia Flake

    Here is my review which was sitting on Tobacco Reviews site. I've updated it today. Maybe it will be interesting to somebody. Sorry for my not perfect English. 07/30/2012 After all the agony and ecstasy I've found here, and considering the absence of FVF in the online shop in which I usually...
  6. alexl

    Tobacco B&M prices

    Just interested. What is the price of tobacco tin in typical American brick and mortar store? I mean standard 50g tin which costs $8-10 on internet.
  7. alexl

    Contemporary Dunhill pipes

    My respected local tobacconist which works in this business for at least 50 years told me that contemporary Dunhill pipes are not worthy even quarter of the price they ask for them. So gloomy?
  8. alexl

    Comoy Quality

    These pipes are expensive. Worth the price?
  9. alexl

    Dismissed Pipes

    I know that pipe can last longer than smoker’s lifetime, still not every pipe last forever. When your pipe goes to garbage? Not because of burnout or breakage, just because you say “I can’t tolerate this thing anymore”.
  10. alexl

    Morta Pipes

    Can somebody explain me what is the purpose of morta pipe? When it is better than briar/meerschaum pipe?
  11. alexl

    My new Moretti