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  1. buckaroo

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Nitecap in a custom-bilt tomato.
  2. buckaroo

    Dunhill 552 Author (extremely rare, extremely cool) Restore & Restem

    Thanks for posting as it's nice to finally see a shell version. My '63 buyere 552 is a favorite and I smoke it often.
  3. buckaroo

    Kaywoodie Collection and Update

    Thx, Crash. I'll keep an eye out.
  4. buckaroo

    Kaywoodie Collection and Update

    Those Anniversary pipes are fantastic. I'd be all over his pipes if they were smaller.
  5. buckaroo

    Kaywoodie Collection and Update

    Sorry to hear. Thanks for posting your great collection. Is this a famed 59 or the somewhat easier to find 85? Too small to tell. Love both shapes.
  6. buckaroo

    Peterson Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Bulldog

    Great blast. I was eyeing that one. Was surprised it stayed up so long. Enjoy.
  7. buckaroo

    Baldo Baldi re-stem (pic heavy)

    Great work. Thanks for taking the time to post. That stem is awesome.
  8. buckaroo

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome aboard.
  9. buckaroo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    CD Exclusive in a Don Carlos volcano.
  10. buckaroo

    Finally! After Another Long Hunt. Peterson Grafton 106

    I've always liked the hard to find Grafton's. Awesome.
  11. buckaroo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    CD Exclusive in a Sav 105 punto.
  12. buckaroo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2018)

    CD exclusive in Sav Punto Corallo 701.
  13. buckaroo

    My latest spendy Acquisitions from Italy

    Nice choices. I got a 623 Punto Anniversary from Floppy a year ago and it's great pipe. Very comfortable hand cut acrylic stem.
  14. buckaroo

    New Kaywoodie Pipes

    Never bought one of Bill's because of the large sizes. Would love to have a 59 POY to match my 1930's but. Thanks for mentioning the smaller lines ,Crash.
  15. buckaroo

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (November 2018)

    CD Exclusive in a Pietenpauw leadwood.
  16. buckaroo

    Covet Thy Pipe

    It's funny that wax drips were mentioned as my Larrysson Drip is my precious as great blast and great gooey drips. A fun pipe.
  17. buckaroo

    Becker & Music Pipe Shop

    Thx for posting. Awesome shop and pics.
  18. buckaroo

    Really Dry Tobacco?

    Virginia Gentleman is the driest tobacco I've ever purchased and it looks like nothing has changed. I bought a couple ounces in 2009 and still have some left. Not my favorite at the time.
  19. buckaroo

    Wally Frank White Bar

    I like White Bars. The one's I've had always seemed to be similar in both shape & finish to Comoy's, but I bet WF would would have anyone make them, given how they operated. Not sure anyone is going to be able to nail this one down.
  20. buckaroo

    Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em!

    You're doing it right. I finally listed all of mine on a spreadsheet and it totally took some of the fun out of it. Numbers can do that. Do I really have that many? Damn.