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  1. rosney

    Savinelli Estella 614 Tight Draw

    I picked up this Savinelli Estella 614 at an antique shop earlier this week. I have given it the salt and alcohol treatment and have it smelling pretty sweet again. I probably didn't get a huge deal on it, but I have been looking for a 614 and this one was beautiful. One thing I have noticed...
  2. rosney


    I drive a lot for work, and after a while music gets old. I have found that when I am not listening to AM talk radio I like to listen to podcasts. Actually the Pipes Magazine podcast got me started on this. I was wondering, what does everyone listen to? Usually my rotation doesn't last me...
  3. rosney

    What Next?

    So I have found myself in a situation where I need to decide which tin to open next. I have been buying tobaccos for a couple of years now and everytime I buy a tin, I pack some into a small mason jar and smoke the rest. I have been cellaring all kinds of virginias, va/pers, and latakia...
  4. rosney

    C&D Opening Night

    I am in the middle of smoking my first bowl of C&D Opening Night as I type this so I thought it would be a good time to comment. It's no review(especially since it's my first bowl) just my thoughts. My wife and I were coming through Nashville a week ago on the way to pick up a boat, and I told...
  5. rosney

    Peterson Kinsale XL12, XL17 or Alternative?

    So to celebrate my wife's recent completion of her masters and job offers as well as making it through three years on a single income household I think its time for a new pipe! I really like the Peterson Sherlock Holmes Watson shape, but it is hard to find and a little pricey. I found an...
  6. rosney

    My Homeade Liquor Cabinet

    A while back I bought an old dresser for $30 with the intention of turning it into a liquor cabinet. I finally got it mostly finished and moved into my office the other day. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I hung my pipe rack on the side and all my tobacco fits in the bottom drawer...
  7. rosney

    Smoking a Meershaum Without Knowing It!?

    So a while back I bought 5 or 6 pipes at a sale and brought them home. All but one had been smoked. The one unsmoked pipe looked a little unusual to me. It was very light color and looked to be stained black around the top. All I could see that it said was Thompson on the side. After a...
  8. rosney

    Dr. Grabow Freehand

    I've been sitting on this pipe for a couple months now and decided it was time for its first smoke today. It is a Dr. Grabow Freehand that I picked up at an estate sale along with a few others. The thing cleaned up very nicely and man does it have some pretty birdseye. I smoked a mixture if...
  9. rosney

    Giving Jacknife Plug Another Try

    About a year ago I bought a tin of G.L. Pease Jacknife Plug. I got it, cube cut some, packed it in a bowl, and smoked away. It tasted GREAT, from what I can remember! What followed was one of the worst sick feelings I have had in my life. Here is where I think I went wrong. I had never...
  10. rosney

    In Need of Some Guidance

    It's been a while since I have been on the forums. I have been trying to spend less time on the Internet and more doing other things. I have been keeping up with the podcast and something I heard a few weeks ago made me think a little. Early on in my pipe smoking I had a bowl of Erik...
  11. rosney

    Stetson Fedora

    So this weekend I went to an estate sale in a town near mine in hopes of finding a few pipes. After only a few minutes I realized there weren't any pipes. Other than pipes I was there for some tools and any other treasures I could find. I think I scored with this one. I found a vintage...
  12. rosney

    What'd the Difference??

    I recently picked up a Comoy's pipe and restored it. While looking around the internet for reaming tools I came across this pipe at My question is what is the difference between that pipe and the one that I restored? Is there a model that is a Magnum and a Lumberman or do...
  13. rosney

    Digby 501, GBD Second (Pic Heavy)

    I wanted to share a before and some afters of an estate pipe I recently picked up. It is a Digby 501 made in London England. I understand, after some help from here and a little bit of research, that the Digby is a GBD second. When I got the pipe it was very dirty and the stem was almost...
  14. rosney

    Savinelli, Camoy's, and ???

    This weekend I had a chance to pick up a few more estates. I know I have been posting a lot about them lately so let me know if it gets annoying. I don't know a lot about these so if anyone has any information that would be helpful. Unfortunately two of the three aren't really my style so...
  15. rosney

    I Recruited a New Pipe Smoker

    His biggest problem is smoking too hot!
  16. rosney

    Estate Pipe Lot

    I was able to pick up some estates along with a single pipe stand and a five pipe rack with tobacco jar. I gave $80 for the lot which may have been too much but I figured it would be worth it to practice my restorations. From left to right they are a Dr. Grabow Starfire, in good shape and...
  17. rosney

    Dr. Grabow Riviera Estate Restoration

    So after some very helpful advice from gmwolford I decided to try some new techniques on a Dr. Grabow that I picked up with some other estates. He helped me out with the process of getting a factory new (or better) shine on old estates. I still need to shine up the stem better and give it the...
  18. rosney

    Estate Pipe Before and After Pics

    I wanted to share the before and after pictures of two recent estate pipes that I have been working on. I posted one of them before but figured I would lump it in with the one I just finished. The most recent is an unknown with only the work COLLASSAL on the shank and a horse's head on the...
  19. rosney

    Three Estates. I.D. Help Please!

    I picked up three estates tonight and I only know about one of them. I need some help with the others. Sorry for the big pictures, my computer is down. They all need cleaned up but I am looking forward to that part. Pipe #1 The only markings I can find are a horses head on the stem and the...
  20. rosney

    Well it Happened Again! Two New Pipes

    One of my friend's girlfriend asked me to pick him up a pipe for his birthday so while I waited for my wife I stopped by Jon's Pipe Shop in St. Louis. I was set on getting him a Peterson, Savenelli, or at least something I had heard of. Instead I came away with two Vuillards. The first is for...