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  1. cranseiron

    Missed the Boat on Wilke Nut Brown Burley

    Just mixed up some Union Square 50/50 with Wilke Nut Brown Burley. Wow, that was the most pleasant delectable VaBur I've ever smoked! My Nut Brown is getting low so I went to the new Wilke site and discovered it's no longer available. I knew Wilke had changed hands, but didn't know NBB was...
  2. cranseiron

    Zippo Fuel Evaporation Fix

    ...Well, it won't fix it, but it does help quite a bit it reducing evaporation. I've been using these for a few years now and I bought them mainly to protect my better Zippos from wear and damage. In using them I discovered fuel evaporation was significantly reduced. I recently pulled one out...
  3. cranseiron

    Photo Test-- Epic Fail?

  4. cranseiron


    IBTL-- In Before The Lock. Had to be quick on the draw with that one, Jay.
  5. cranseiron

    Is Texas Politically Correct?

    At least not in Giddings. I saw this on our way back from Austin in this small Texas town on Hwy. 290. Texas has a slew of these small, beautiful and well kept little towns. I think it's the German work ethic and orderliness. Good to see a bit of tobacco history preserved.
  6. cranseiron

    Durability of Briarwood and Live Oak for Pipe Making

    An earlier thread revealed there are myths and misunderstandings about the durability, density, moisture tolerance, etc. of briarwood. That got me to thinking so I read up a little on briar and went to the Janka Hardness Scale for wood. The Janka hardness for briarwood is measured at 2,090...
  7. cranseiron

    P&C Anniversary Kake Availability

    I ordered a pound of AK back towards the end of March and the site still has it listed as back-ordered. I just called P&C for an update and the young lady had no explanation. Anybody have any current intel? I thought this was a staple blend with easily obtainable components, but maybe not....
  8. cranseiron

    Unusable Tobacco in Chamber

    I have a fairly new pipe that I've been breaking in. It was quite a long break in process, but it's finally come around and the Virginias I usually smoke are tasting as they should. My perceived problem is that the last third of the chamber's capacity the tobacco becomes ashy and very skunky...
  9. cranseiron

    Mississippi Magnolia

    Not trying to step on Brad's flower posting territory, but the magnolias are blooming and they sure are pretty and sweet smelling. The magnolia is Mississippi's state flower and state tree. This one came off a tree in my yard...
  10. cranseiron

    New Tim Thorpe Poker

    Unlike pappymac, who can win free pipes, I'm neither skilled, talented or as good looking as he is, so I have to pay cash for my pipes. :-) Anyway, through this forum, I learned Tim Thorpe made great flake pipes. I smoke a lot of flakes so thought I'd get one. Cool looking pipe, clenches...
  11. cranseiron

    Windows 10

    All, I'm searching for the thread that mentioned Windows 10 running slow and someone else posted links with suggested solutions. I thought it would be in this general discussion category, but it must have been a thread of another category. Anyone remember?
  12. cranseiron

    Antique Plug Cutter

    Hi all, There's been some discussion on plug type tobacco lately, UK vs. US, etc. and I enjoy working with plugs myself even though they are a bit more troublesome. I got this antique plug cutter off ebay a couple of months ago, already restored, for only $65. They had been going for twice...
  13. cranseiron

    Antique Plug Cutter

    Hey all, There's been some discussion lately about plug tobacco and the differences between UK plugs and US plugs and the like. I really like the plug form and think they're worth the extra effort to prepare. That said, here's an antique plug cutter I picked up on ebay, already restore, for...
  14. cranseiron

    Mawnansmiff, PM sent

    Jay, pm sent.
  15. cranseiron

    Bon Mardi Gras

    Bon Mardi Gras to all in the Gulf Coast region and beyond!
  16. cranseiron

    Historical Clay Pipe Accessory

    Here's a cool historical reproduction wind cap for those with clay pipes
  17. cranseiron

    Baking Tobacco

    Egads, another fox exploded! This time I stoved a three year old tin at 185 degrees and at about the three hour point it just couldn't take it anymore-- boom! It's gotta be the pressure already built up from the aging. Eh, it's Briar Fox-- no great loss.... :)
  18. cranseiron

    Baking Tobacco

    Well, I just tried baking a tin of Briar Fox at 300 degrees. After maybe ten minutes or so I had a nice little explosion go off in the oven-- glad the wife is away at work. This tin was from 2013 and was under a bit of pressure already, so my take-away is you assume additional risk baking...
  19. cranseiron

    Sykes Wilford Blog on Smoking Pipes.

    Here's an interesting blog from Sykes Wilford (Smoking Pipes) that is rather upbeat about our hobby and it's recent growth-- hope the link works.
  20. cranseiron

    "Opening Up" a Pipe's Airway

    I have a 3/4 bent Ser Jacopo that used to smoke darker Virginias like gangbusters. It really brought out the low notes and deep sweetness. Three years ago, or so, I thought I would make it even better by sending it off to a reputable pipe repair business to open the airway. Additionally, I...