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  1. iajaffe

    FS (6) King, Tyler Lane, Stout, Eltang, Deschaine, Yeti [Pic Heavy](05/16/20)

    More pictures are available on request. I will buff and remove rim darkening/cake. Shipping $10 per pipe USPS w/tracking within US. I have solely owned each pipe except Lane and Eltang. I smoke englishes only. Nate King, long blowfish, titanium accent, 81g, 7.8" long, bowl diameter .73"...
  2. iajaffe

    How Many Of Us Are There?

    Does anyone have any data on how many pipe smokers there are? Whether that is world wide or just in the US? Per capita? Cigarette smokers is 20-25% (of adults) in the US, but pipe smoking has to be less than a fraction of a percent. Even at 1/3 of a percent that is 90K pipe smokers in the US...
  3. iajaffe

    Smokey Eyes

    Does anyone else get teary eyed when smoking? I only smoke latakia blends, so it either is or isn't the tobacco. Just wondering if others have the same problem and do drops or something.
  4. iajaffe

    Where To Sell; That Is The Question

    Thinking of selling 6-10 mid, high and one really high grade pipes. Should I risk eBay and sell them myself? Or should I hand them off to trustworthy resellers (Pulvers/Stud of Pipes/Secondhandsmokes) to sell and lose the commission? Or dump them on Smoking Pipes and take the cash or credit...
  5. iajaffe

    Smoking or Non

    I was in a small town west of Fort Worth this weekend and went to a local restaurant. And those sweet three words were spoken to me by the pretty hostess, "smoking or non?". I was flabbergasted. Apparently Texas does not have a state wide smoking ban in restaurants and bars. I got to enjoy a...
  6. iajaffe

    Too Much Scrolling

    I have a question for you all: are you like me and scroll past the Forum categories and Sticky posts multiple times a day to see the Latest Discussions? Are you like me that you have a bookmark for the Forums page, seeking to cut a few clicks and seconds out of your day, only to scroll 2-3...
  7. iajaffe

    Sherlock Holmes Movie Script Error

    I was rewatching Sherlock Holmes, with RDJ, last night. There is a scene where they are trying to diffuse a bomb and Sherlock says "We need a container to direct the blast, my clay pipe should service that ambition" and then hands over a briar pipe. I know it is a small thing, but since they...
  8. iajaffe

    Apple's War and Cigars (and All Tobacco Products)

    Sorry if this is a repost. Apple's War on Cigars
  9. iajaffe

    I Figure You Can Multiply This By Twenty For Pipe Smokers

    I will not suggest that this is a sign of changing times, but maybe a sign that tobacco will not go away. There will be a spot for us, even if it is at the very margin of society. In Defense of Cigarettes
  10. iajaffe

    Searching for a Tobacco Cellar

    Awhile back I saw someone post of their tobacco cellar. It was a bookcase with shelves at 45 degrees so the tops could be read easily. Can anyone link that post or post a picture? I love the idea and wanted to see about copying it.
  11. iajaffe

    FDA Article from Rick Newcombe

    Reason Magazine article
  12. iajaffe

    Can You Smoke Outside In Madison, WI...In December?

    I have a trip next week to Madison, WI. Am I crazy to think about bringing a pipe to smoke. It will be single digit highs. Will my lips fall off at that temperature? Is there a pipe shop where I can smoke in town?
  13. iajaffe

    Meerschaum Pipes Cases for Briar Pipes

    Does any one have sources for someone to make a case for a briar pipe ala meerschaum pipes? I recently bought some delicate pipes and fear traveling with them. I could go with the bulkier hard cases, but like my idea better (go figure). Anyone know how to make one? Better ideas than mine?
  14. iajaffe

    PAD - Weaver Told Me To Go Long

    I had no choice, I tell choice. Guess my Vegas budget just took a hit. Bruce Weaver, Long Lovat
  15. iajaffe

    How Do You Access Your PMs? (I looked, I tried, I failed)

    I'm sure this must be simple, but how to I see my PMs? Is there supposed to be some notification when a new one comes in? I went to my profile and my inbox is empty, but I know that is not right.
  16. iajaffe

    Castello White Stem Cleaning Question

    I have a Castello with a white stem and it is beautiful. Smokes fantastic too. My question is how to keep the airway in the stem from showing through. It looks like I have a dirty strip along the center of the stem from the outside. I have tried Everclear and pipe cleaner (fluffy, tapered...
  17. iajaffe

    I Wish, I Wish, I Wish...

    Amazing pipe.Kent Rasmussen Pipe
  18. iajaffe

    100 Posts! I'm More Officiallyer and Stuff.

    Only took 6.5 years... Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
  19. iajaffe

    And you thought you were stared at in the US

    I have been walking around Hong Kong and China the last week...lunting, like you do.....and I have been stared at like the bearded lady. Now, I grant that I am at least 6" taller than anyone and I have red hair, but it is the pipe that causes the ruckus. People stare at me like they have never...