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  1. jaysin

    Friday's legislation

    Nothings changed in Indiana
  2. jaysin

    In memory of Hemingway, a fellow pipe smoker

    Good Ol Papa May he rest in peace
  3. jaysin

    Most Recognized Pipe Smoker?

    How bout this guy Commander McBragg
  4. jaysin

    Whats Going On With TV?

    not missing much if I dont have AM talk raido on I have the history discovery or military channel on.
  5. jaysin

    10 Aeros and non Aeros youd recommend

    Sterling/1776 tavren C&D Diamond Head Plum Pudding all English aro Deadwood tobacco do Sweet Jane
  6. jaysin

    C&D/Hermit tobacco Cpt Earl Diamond Head review

    Being a fan of Ten Russians I decided to order the other blends. Ive had this in my celler for about 3 months and thanks to Nsfisher I am geting to try it as he wanted me to keep five blends out of my celler for my self Thanks mate. Now on to the blend its self I am not sure I can write a review...
  7. jaysin

    I'm An Old Fart

    Happy birthday my friend
  8. jaysin

    Computer Speakers Picking Up AM Radio!?!?!

    Heres whats up Kevin Go out and rent the termnator and transformer movies as you will need to know this info as it has started.
  9. jaysin

    In My Day ...

    I am afrid of new fangled dodads I resisted geting a computer till my daughter needed one for school a yr ago and all though I use it I still hate this demon spawn toy, cue termator music
  10. jaysin

    A Real Honest To Gosh Snob, But Proud Of It!

    Good advice TopD. My dad grew up during the depression and seen things different then people do today. If it could be stiched up or patched it was still good and useable. His car he always told me it was cheeper to fix it than buy a new one for the most part. he drove a old pickup till it...
  11. jaysin

    Puzzling stone pipe

    As a collector and dealer In Native American artifacts the best way to look for tool marks is with a lighted 10 to 20x jewlers loup with a light and the use of a uv light as things that have been in the ground for hundreds of years lose alot of the stones minerals and if newly made or reworked...
  12. jaysin

    Fire ants-Beware and take them seriously

    Glad your ok brother.
  13. jaysin

    Puzzling stone pipe

    Looks to be South American I couldnt for sure with out having it in hand and researching it.
  14. jaysin

    Hearth and Home Blends.

    Larrys blend 10 to midnight and blackhouse are excelent P&C blends
  15. jaysin

    The wife is at it again

    ohin3 yes we still goof off like a cpl teenagers at times
  16. jaysin

    The wife is at it again

    haha she was just doodling and drew that thought it would be a good a laugh
  17. jaysin

    The wife is at it again

    She is sending revealing pics to people again so i thought why not post one here for ya gyus Got ya lol have a good day guys
  18. jaysin

    Cracked Pipe

    Lol had read the title twice.
  19. jaysin

    Royal Yacht

    TopD you had me at deer stand and cob. sounds like a relaxing outdoors blend I know what ill smoke today.
  20. jaysin

    I love tobacco

    Ive never meet a form or dilvery system of tobacco i didnt like