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  1. pdmus

    The World's Greatest Pipe Smoker

    I wish I could do this.... The World's Greatest Pipe Smoker
  2. pdmus

    If You Haven't Seen This One, Its a Good One!

    Fixed thread title, please see rule number 9. Pertinent portion: Please capitalize words in the thread titles. Thank you, Robert.
  3. pdmus

    Pipe brain

    Here is a pic I ran into online. I agree totally agree with the concept! Does anyone know what the pic comes from?
  4. pdmus

    New CD released -

    Here is my newest CD, I think its pretty good for pipe smoking (depending on your musical tastes...). I know a lot of pipe smoking went into creating it! You can listen (free) here: Getting Closer
  5. pdmus

    Happy 2014!

  6. pdmus

    My Fortune Cookie Tells the Truth!

    My fortune came true!
  7. pdmus

    Finally moved into new house!

    Its been 4 months since my move to Idyllwild, 6,000 feet high village in the San Jacinto Mountains, wonderful pine forest. I haven't been on here for a while, but we are finally set up. A great place for pipes, in the forest! My recording studio in the Forest, happily working on a new CD...
  8. pdmus

    New Stanwell and Peterson

    I just completed our move to Idyllwild, a wonderful village in a huge pine forest; elev. 6000 feet, pop. 3,300. As my celebration for the move, I got 2 new pipes. I appreciate all pipe shapes, but the bent apple/billiard shape is my choice for smoking. So many variations on a theme! I'm...
  9. pdmus

    The Original Tinderbox, Inside - pic heavy...

    A while ago I posted some pics of the original Tinderbox, est. 1928 in Santa Monica. There were some requests for the inside, so here goes. The first pic is the sign outside, there was so much grafitti before that I didn't post it. Now it is once again resplendent. The guys in the pic are L...
  10. pdmus


    I have 2 meerschaums and I got curious about what it is. I combined a few paragraphs as a short explanation (if you already know this, go on to the next post and I'll be quiet!). Meerschaum is a German word describing a soft mineral, which literally means “sea foam” alluding to the belief that...
  11. pdmus

    Tobacco and health

    My friend Martha'a mother is in the hospital. In her mother's room there is a woman, 104 years old, in the other bed. This woman is in for gastro-intestinal problems, but lives in a room at an assisted living facility; she is mentally totally there. She has chewed tobacco all her life and her...
  12. pdmus

    A small tobacco score

    My favorite tobacco is Troost Tinned Slices, only available in Denmark (as far as I can tell). The shipping makes it really expensive. I met, through linkedin, a fellow composer from Denmark. We just traded my Cartoon Music Sample Library (76 sounds compiled over 15 or so years) for 4 50 gr...
  13. pdmus

    A pipe smoking adventure

    We spent last week up at our house in the mile high pine forest of Idyllwild. There has been a pile of poop on our deck in Idyllwild each time we go, I usually clean it up. This time, I decided to sit outside and see who was pooping. I sat down around 9:30 pm, Peter Stokkebye Bulls Eye Flake...
  14. pdmus

    Pipe Mud - Thanks!

    I thought I was carefully breaking in my newest pipe, but I found that I had a 1/16 inch deep, 1/8 inch wide, 1/2 inch long burn - DOH!!! Quite a hot spot!!! I remembered a thread here about pipe mud, I can't find the thread, but I remembered how to do it. I got an ashtray of a friend's...
  15. pdmus

    Pipe tobacco tax petition

    I just signed the "Pipe Tobacco Tax Threat Petition" I received from Pipes Mag. It also makes it very easy to email your Congressperson and Senators. I hope everyone does this, it can actually work! Here in CA, they wanted to make problems for classic car hobbyists and there was so much...
  16. pdmus

    My day - so far...

    Left my house at 7am, drove my Spitfire from Santa Monica, 10 miles up the coast to Malibu. Sat on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, 2 pipes and a tin of Troost Slices. Watching the day grow, enjoying the pipes. This was a great way to start out today.
  17. pdmus

    The original Tinderbox, Esy. 1928

    My local tobacco shop on Wilshire, Santa Monica. Been going there since '65.
  18. pdmus

    music and pipes, pipes and music

    Hi – Besides pipes, I compose music. For film and tv and also CDs. Lots of pipe smoking involved! My instrumental "Sip of Wine" (from my CD "Future, Present, Past") received the Best Song of the Year Award, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, (New Age/Ambient), 2010. My instrumental...