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  1. jasongone

    For anyone near Cincinnati & Florence KY

    Strauss Tobacco is having a big old pipe sale. Went downtown today before work, and they had a lot more pipes than before and everything was 20% to 30% off. Grabbed two new SMS meers for a hell of a bargin. Worth checking out if you are near.
  2. jasongone

    my girl's alpha

    this is a big Alpha freehand poker that was in the box of pipes from Lonestar. my girl saw it, called dibs and asked me to make it feel like a big rock in her hand. before: And after:
  3. jasongone

    McClelland Royal Cajun

    i recently picked up the Ebony and Dark without knowing anything about them. The Black Cajun is very unique and quite delightful. Has anyone else tried these?
  4. jasongone

    the third pipe finished (oh yeah, there's pics)

    this is the finished product of my third pre-drilled block (a tim west block), and my favorite thus far. finished it earlier this week, and finally took some picks. smoked four bowls through it so far, and it smokes wonderfully. just a little black stain on the rust and i left the smooth...
  5. jasongone

    shaped out my third pre-drilled briar today (pic heavy of course)

    had the day off today so i sat out on the patio with my dremel and two sanding wheels and attacked the pre-drilled block i got at the Columbus show from Tim West. Used the dremel for the basic shaping; two different sized sanding wheels 180 grit. after that was finished i switched over to 220...
  6. jasongone

    Barons bent bulldog meets my dremel

    baron sent me his (formerly leather clad) bent bulldog to rusticate for him. He told me he dug the drip effect. i went with black and red... the red is brighter in person i am just a horrible photographer. Baron this will be back home to you, with a little bonus in a few days. i hope you enjoy sir.
  7. jasongone

    my second pre-drilled block carved (pic heavy)

    a few weeks ago i got a box of pipes from lonestar to support my rusticating addiction, and included in that deal was a pre-drilled block from Nording. so while i started working my way through the box of pipes, the bag of pipes my client gave me, and pipes that belong to a few different members...
  8. jasongone

    Back home from Columbus and all I got was...

    Two tins of C&D Epiphany, a tin of G.L. Pease Triple Play, and Jackknife plugs. Also a pre-drilled briar black, and pipe/tobacco puch from Jim West. The Brebbia First was exactly what i was looking for. bought it new from some gentlemen that were visiting from North Carolina.
  9. jasongone

    chopping block

    here are a bunch of bald pipes about to go under the dremel.
  10. jasongone

    how to properly tip your tattooer

    so i redid a crappy old tattoo on this guy last friday afternoon. Decent enough guy. he was a bit loud for my taste but i have dealt with worse. somewhere druing the tattooing i mentioned being a pipe smoker. when he left he told me he thought he ad some of his dad's old pipes around still and...
  11. jasongone

    shipping mishap (attn: clanobucklin and ejames)

    my girl sent out three packages for me friday and i just found out that ejames got clanobucklins package. sorry about the mishap and please check your private messages gentleman. i have a solution to the issue. again sorry.
  12. jasongone

    trying some new tobaccos.

    went to the wharf in dayton and straus in cincinnati this weekend and grabbed some new tobaccos. the goal was to get some english tobaccy. got Frog Morton out on the town, and Across the Pond, a tin of 3oaks, half pound of burley supreme, and fountain square fromstraus. also grabbed some...
  13. jasongone

    rejuvenated Dr Grabows

    a couple of weeks ago i picked up three old Dr Grabows at a local to redo. the Silver Duke is from this thread the larger Dublin is a Starfire, and the straight apple like guy is a Royal Duke sitter.
  14. jasongone

    first day at the new shop.

    had my first night at the new shop, and i am extremely pleased with my decision to leave the ghetto insanity. funny enough i am only a few blocks away, but it is a completely different world. i'm not on their website yet but if anyone is curious they should check out their site and the shop...
  15. jasongone

    old Dr Grabow get a second chance

    went to one of my local B&Ms last week to get some tobacco. while i was there i grabbed a few old beat up estate grabows to play with. this guy was in the super cheap no one likes me basket. here is what he looked like when i found him... now he looks like this
  16. jasongone

    best bad day ever

    i returned to cincinnati in december and have been working at the same local tattoo shop since then. like many shops, and shop owners, it was always an atmosphere of controlled chaos that threatened to tumble. the last couple months it has gotten pretty bad. we never see the owner anymore...
  17. jasongone

    four new revamped estates (pic heavy)

    these are the most recent four estates i have attacked with my Dremel. sorry about the bad pictures, but i am happy to say i think i am getting a better understanding of finishing and using stains. all of these had their smooth sections sanded up to a 1200 grit. this is a Medico VFQ that...
  18. jasongone

    softy bit convert

    just got a couple to try out, and i love em! so much more comfortable to clench. and for me personally it is cutting down on the drool that happens when i am clenching my pipe and zone of into a painting or some sanding.
  19. jasongone

    recently rusticated estates (very pic heavy)

    these are some of my recent revamps of formerly smooth estate pipes. i didn't include before pics, but i do have some if anyone insists. i also did a bent bulldog of romeowoods, but there aren't any pics of it. i didn't want it to be seen before it is received and i didn't get any before it was...
  20. jasongone

    pipe art from my sketchboook (pic heavy)

    here are some of the things that have been happening in my sketchbook, and a couple of the paintings of my pipes i have started doing. i have about eight more of those in various states of progress that i will be finishing soon.