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  1. scotrob

    Mark Balkovec PAD

    and with that we are back onto the suject of Talbert pipes, which were mentioned on here a few weeks back: Talbert Halloween pipes beautiful, yet disturbing
  2. scotrob

    Clencher or holder

    clencher, unless it is a heavy billiard and i am sitting, in which case i might hold from time to time
  3. scotrob

    Pipe bag and a new pipe

    wow- nice birds eye grain on that briar! love the chunky, solid shape too. i have always been a bit scared of thick-walled pipes, believing (perhaps incorrectly) that thick walls crack more easily due to uneven expansion as they heat and cool...perhaps someone will correct me on this if they know?
  4. scotrob

    Finally got a job!

    excellent! congratulations!! its such a great feeling when you've been out of work for a while- i spent a year out of work once and the utter RELIEF of getting a job felt SO GOOD! smoke a pipe (or 5) to celebrate!
  5. scotrob

    Canker Sore

    i've only had one once but it lasted almost 3 months and was on my gums near the back molars....if you ever get one that lasts more than 3 weeks go see a dentist straight away as this can be a sign of oral cancer (in my case i was on the point of getting a biopsy when it healed with no...
  6. scotrob

    The pipe I couldn't sell

    yes I have this problem, which is why i tend to buy Estates I bought this Jean La Croix pipe recently, new....and it was so black and shiny and gorgeous when I opened the box that I have yet to bring myself to smoke it....perhaps I will keep it and sell it sometime...but it was way better than I...
  7. scotrob

    Nazis...on the Moon

    lol- looks a bit like "Mars Attacks" to me,,,,and it is described as "sci-fi/comedy" aside from all the evils perpetrated by the Third Reich, let's not forget how anti-smoking they were too!!!
  8. scotrob

    My little buddy.

    cute pic there- perhaps one day he will smoke a pipe for real, like his Dad
  9. scotrob

    Someone from here has got to buy these,,

    surely it's easier to get a new wife/girlfriend than replace a valued pipe? ;)
  10. scotrob

    Can you tell me about this pipe?

    and in case no-one else has said it "welcome!" to the forum the only italian pipes i know are Savinellis (although there are other Italian makers) so i recommend you visit the pipedia website and see if you can find out more.
  11. scotrob

    Nicotine And Appetite Suppression

    Nicotine is supposedly an appetite suppressant, so we are told (and thus is the reason why so many cig smokers pile on the pounds after they quit)- do any pipe smokers here find pipe smoking to suppress appetite? Do you eat more if, for any reason, you are unable to smoke for a day or two? Here...
  12. scotrob

    Latakia... what's the deal ?

    hmmm- i find that many Latakia blends are often VERY moist, especially so-called Balkan mixes and the like....moist tobacco will lead to a hot steamy smoke which will scald your mouth..perhaps that is the problem? one other variable you might want to experiment with is the pipe stem: if your...
  13. scotrob

    Smoke and Drinks Analogy

    really though you can mix and match almost any way you like....i tend to smoke more in the late afternoon and evening than in the morning, and at that time of day I will either be having a whisky (or a whiskey to which i am also very partial) or wine....and although you might not think it, white...
  14. scotrob

    Pipes from the wilderness

    @bigvan i was also wondering whether some woods might impart a flavour to the tobacco; e.g. apple wood, which always smells so fantastic when it burns (not toxic to my knowledge either) or pine which would surely have an aroma and flavour when smoked
  15. scotrob

    Problems with Cigarette/Cigar Smoke but Not Pipes?

    well i grew up around a family whose members mostly smoked cigs (my Dad was a pipe smoker however) and to this day I find something oddly comforting if I catch a whiff of cig smoke after someone has lit up....however, I do find that cig smoke can catch my throat if someone is smoking near me and...
  16. scotrob

    Pipes from the wilderness

    now that's an interesting looking's really refreshing to see something a bit different from the norm. How well does it smoke though?
  17. scotrob

    Wally Frank : 2 Blue Dot Stem

    a guess would be that they serve the same purpose as the white spot on a Dunhill stem does: to allow the user to correctly orientate the stem and not smoke it upside-down just a guess though...can you post a pic so we can see the dots
  18. scotrob

    Smoking shown in children's books in past decades

    lol- and yes i did actually "lol" at Cajunguy's post i think many of the brother's Grimm tales are damaging too: 1. Hansel and Gretel: aside from condoning the notion of burning witches alive, how often have you ever been inside a house that you could EAT? if that doesnt mess with kids' heads...
  19. scotrob

    Well I heard something from the college today.

    @photoman13 Amen to that! degrees are only worth the effort IF they get you a career and job stability...SO important these days. of course you should do something you enjoy, but having a job that means you are fairly flexible on location AND a job that is in demand is really crucial these...
  20. scotrob

    Right this minute I am....

    its 13:25 here, warm sunny spring day in Scotland....outside smoking a straight Peterson Cara with some Macbaren 7 seas and planting out some summer bedding plants.... doesnt get much better :)