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  1. igloo

    What Is Your Favorite Color

    Inquiring minds want to know. Up next is Lemons or Limes pick your favorite citrus . :rofl:
  2. igloo

    To Mirissa

    I woke to the blood curdling of my 14 year old Jack Russell howling this morning .So I got out of bed and calmed her down . You see she hasn't been feeling well for some time , walking into walls and acting peculiar . I picked her up off the floor and put her in her bed and covered her with her...
  3. igloo


    Some sombre evening, when I sit And feed in solitude at home, Perchance an ultra-bilious fit Paints all the world an orange chrome. When Fear and Care and grim Despair Flock round me in a ghostly crowd, One charm dispels them all in air,— I blow my after-dinner cloud. 'Tis melancholy to devour...
  4. igloo

    A New Pipe For Eighteen Dollars

    I finally one a bid on Fleabay .$_14.JPG
  5. igloo


    A poet's pipe am I, And my Abyssinian tint Is an unmistakable hint That he lays me not often by. When his soul is with grief o'erworn I smoke like the cottage where They are cooking the evening fare For the laborer's return. I enfold and cradle his soul In the vapors moving and blue That mount...
  6. igloo


    I'm sitting at dusk 'neath the old beechen tree, With its leaves by the autumn made ripe; While they cling to the stems like old age unto life, I dream of the days when I'll rest from this strife, And in peace smoke my brierwood pipe. O my brierwood pipe!—of bright fancy the twin, What a medley...
  7. igloo


    When head is sick and brain doth swim, And heavy hangs each unstrung limb, 'Tis sweet through smoke-puffs, wreathing slow, To watch the firelight flash or glow. As each soft cloud floats up on high, Some worry takes its wings to fly; And Fancy dances with the flame, Who lay so labor-crammed and...
  8. igloo


    I have a little comforter, I carry in my pocket: It is not any woman's face Set in a golden locket; It is not any kind of purse; It is not book or letter, But yet at times I really think That it is something better. Oh, my pipe, my little brown pipe! How oft, at morning early, When vexed with...
  9. igloo


    Set to music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Author unknown. Translated by Edward Breck. As oft I fill my faithful pipe, To while away the moments glad, With fragrant leaves, so rich and ripe, My mind perceives an image sad, So that I can but clearly see How very like it is to me. My pipe is made of...
  10. igloo

    KBB Pencil Shape Stinger

    I won a pipe rack and it came with four old pipes .As luck would have it one is a KBB shape 1514 Rocky Briar . Now for the strange part . One expects to see a four hole stinger but this on tapers to a point like a pencil .The pipe is virtually un smoked .The reason became clear the stinger when...
  11. igloo

    The Rarity Of The Pipe Smoker

    The other day I stopped off at one of my customers . Being 104 degrees outside everyone was perched on the back of big truck in front of the swamp cooler . Trying to catch a bit of the fresh 90 degree heat coming from the unit .I had brought ice cream sandwiches just before showing up .Shortly...
  12. igloo

    Briar Pipe Makers in London Directories

    1882 Flachfeld, J. & Co. - (& briars) 36 Basinghall St. E.C. Weingott, Sam & Son - 72 Fleet St. & 14 Crown Ct. E.C. 1884 Weingott, Sam & Son - 72 Fleet St. & 14 Crown Ct. E.C. 1895 Allen & Wright - cigar importers, cigarette manufacturers, tobacconist & briar pipe maker, 16 Peultry, E.C. &...
  13. igloo

    Leo Tobacco

    About a year ago there was a John Cotton throw down and this blend won . I picked a few tins as it supposed to be mostly Virginia for the cellar ,This stuff is cheap sub 7 dollar tin . The blend gets rave reviews yet no one seems to smoke or buy it . Has anyone smoked it ?
  14. igloo

    Cause For Celebration

    Once upon a time I ordered a case of Comoys Rayon Tapered pipe cleaners and today I used up the last one . Suffering through 1000 pipe cleaners and cussing the whole way .What should I buy now ?
  15. igloo

    Mac Barens Tins on Ebay

    This seller has some old sealed tins up for sale and for some reason no one has bid on them . I got my fill coming in the mailbox soon . So here is your chance .
  16. igloo

    Another Nording Finds A Home

    Why is it so hard to pass up on these tactile giants .
  17. igloo

    Sillem's Copenhagen

    The description on the tin simply say, "A taste you'll never forget". I opened the tin and was delighted to the smell of butter pecan ice cream . It was at this point I decided to load up the Gepetto give it a proper charring light with my trusty Bic lighter and wait .And wait ,delayed...
  18. igloo

    Why I Cellar

    The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least . Back surgery and a bad infection in my arm . The daughter had knee surgery . The wife lost her voice . The emergency room has seen the whole family more than once . Two MRIs . And a pharmacy bill higher than a car payment . Hell even...
  19. igloo

    The Myth of Brand and Maker in Pipesmoking

    I wish I was smart enough to write this .
  20. igloo

    Just Three

    Today I placed my monthly order but this time with a purpose . I picked out my three most favorite GL Pease blends in the hope of leaving them alone for a undetermined amount of time . My choices are Piccadilly,Kensington and Blackpoint . I could explain to you why but that would be like...