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  1. samanden

    Al Pascia

    Like I said, I’ve shopped with Al Pascia for years and this is the first incident. My guess is that it’s rare for their products to get caught up in customs. Plus, their prices are so low (particularly on Dunhills) that even a $30 bill for customs processing is still worth the trouble.
  2. samanden

    Al Pascia

    I should add that Al Pascia has stellar customer service and excellent prices. I’ve purchased a half dozen pipes from them and will continue to give them my business.
  3. samanden

    Al Pascia

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat. It all began when I returned an unused pipe to Al Pascia. (The initial pipe arrived to menin less than three days.) It took nearly three weeks to return; it was held up in Italian customs. Anyway, I finally exchanged the pipe, but then my new pipe got caught up in...
  4. samanden

    What was your worst tasting tobacco?

    McConnell’s Glen Piper. No matter what pipe I used, no matter how dry it was, or how long I let it age, it was just bad, bad, bad. Yuck! Just my opinion; I'm sure there’s someone out there with a much better experience.
  5. samanden

    Anybody Tried the Savinelli Flavored Pipes?

    The second pipe I ever owned was a Savinelli chocolate infused pipe. Like an earlier post says, it’s more aromatic than flavorful. In fact, I bought it as a dedicated aromatic tobacco pipe. Still use it, still smokes good. It’s a novelty pipe; some will like it, some won’t.
  6. samanden

    What is a good tobacco knife?

    I use a forge de laguiole pipe tool and really enjoy it.
  7. samanden

    Info About The White Spot

    I was looking for this thread last night and couldn't find it. Thanks!
  8. samanden

    Info About The White Spot

    Anyone have, or know where I can find information about Dunhill's "The White Spot" brand? I can't find anything on line about where these pipes are manufactured or their quality compared to older Dunhills. Any help is appreciated.
  9. samanden

    Oh How Things Have Changed...For The Worse.

    Netflix has had some great specials, movies, and tv shows lately. The Dave Chapelle comedy specials were hilarious, the Luke Cage Marvel series is dope, and I can't wait for the film War Machine to come out. There's great stuff out there, and not hard to find either.
  10. samanden

    RIP: Strange Events

    Sarah Palin was on CNN and couldn't say outright that her decision to leave Fox News had nothing to do with her own experience with sexual harassment at the network. I mean, come on...
  11. samanden

    What Is Your Personal Motto?

    "God helps those who help themselves." ~Algernon Sidney
  12. samanden

    Bagpipper Dream in stock at SPC

    chasingembers, Exotic Orange is in stock at smokingpipes. Just ordered myself a couple of tins. I've been dying to try it as well.
  13. samanden

    Best tobacco packing method?

    I have found that the "swirl method" works best. It's quick, easy, and consistent. A simple google search will connect you with several video tutorials.
  14. samanden

    Election Over: Smoke a Pipe

    Please close this thread. It's just going to get worse. I know how the majority of y'all feel, but I joined this forum to get insight on pipes and pipe tobacco. I mean, the cartoon and caption is benign, but some will take it as an opportunity to show their entire ass.
  15. samanden

    The Life Of A Pipe Smoker

    This is awesome!
  16. samanden

    What Is Everyone Drinking Tonight?

    Some Knob Creek and aged (5+ years) Stonehaven in my Peterson's Silver Spigot. Can't ask for more.
  17. samanden

    What Is Everyone Drinking Tonight?

    My man, Pagan. Modelo and Penzance.
  18. samanden

    Samuel Gawith: Brown Sugar Flake, Brief Review

    Seems like SG does this from time to time. They'll link up with a tobacco retailer and produce a special limited stock. Remember SL with perique several months back? You can still get BSF overseas, but costs $45 for two tins including shipping to the US!
  19. samanden

    How long to break in Pipes

    Yup, 100 smokes has worked for me. I've got 12 pipes and they all smoke great after hitting that 100 threshold. But of course, it may be considerably more or less depending on one's disposition.
  20. samanden

    How long to break in Pipes

    I started pipe smoking with a Peterson as well. Bigpond is right; Peterson's black bowl coating makes for a terrible first few smokes. Since I was new to pipes at the time, I didn't think to sand off the coating as Jeff describes, so I was left to tough it out; was like smoking the leg off a...