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  1. locopony

    SSRIs Sure Ban Tobacco, but Force This On Out Youths.

    SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are the pharmaceutical companies latest cash cows. Their use has skyrocketed in the last ten years. Nicknamed "Chemical Babysitters" and designated anti depressants, they are causing dozens of murders, thousands of psychoses and are altering the...
  2. locopony

    Robert McConnell's Glen Piper

    I just bought a tin 50 grams at the gun and knife show for $4.00. Anyone ever hear of this stuff? It smells good. I am about to stuff a bowl and give ya a review.
  3. locopony

    Finally a Va/per

    I obtained a Va/per several years back that tasted of alfalfa grass and bitter like that stuff inside the pecan shell, but is neither nut nor shell. Well, I cramed it into a jar and left it for maybe six or seven years. The time I reopened it prior it smelled of catsup or vinegar, so I resealed...
  4. locopony


    Ok guys, all the talk of family and friendshiphas incouraged me to tell y'all my situation in hopes of some good input. My wifes father died Thursday a week back , so the wife being the only heir to his possessions and being a good loving daughter we travelled to Arkansas to tend to his...
  5. locopony

    Mac Baron's HH Old Dark Fired

    A bold flake of dark fired burleys in a well balanced unity with flue cured Virginias. Thats what the label says, but I'm sure they keep some things a secret. Well, this is my first go with it. Bowl one if you will. I rubbed it this time and will fold stuff on another occasion. I never rubb...
  6. locopony

    For Foggy Some photos.
  7. locopony

    Trying to Figure Out a Pipes Value.

    I have been trying to figure out how much a certain pipe I have is valued at. It was carved by a custom artisan carver who is now dead, and I can not find any more of his pipes. The carver was Charles DiFranco. This is about the most information I can find on the guy. Other reviews call him...
  8. locopony

    Maple Wood

    My son cut a maple tree down some time back. It made me quite angry at the time but now I think Im gonna make the best of it, and make a pipe or two out of the wood. Its not big enough to carve bowl, and stummel out of one piece, so Im thinking something along the line of a Missouri Meerschaum...
  9. locopony

    Roadside Palaver

    On my way home from work today, I saw an elderly fella sitting next to a minivan with a table displaying random knives that he was selling. Normally I dont pay much attention to these road side vendors, because they are usually hocking crappy chinese junk, as was this case. But, he was smoking a...
  10. locopony

    Steam Punk, Goth, Punk, Cockney?

    We live on a very interesting time where just about any style, fashion, or life style is accepted. So many of these things are so interesting. Complete with philosophy, art, and historical back ground. As a motorcycle guy I love Rat Rods and survival bikes. The life style and philosophy that go...
  11. locopony


    Dogs came into my yard and killed three of my chickens, and scattered the rest. They were so tame that they would come to you . Now they hide in the thickets. After trapping the remaining hens I had to capture my roster Scott. I chased him threw thickets a rabbit wouldnt go into and out into a...
  12. locopony

    Mr. Brog

    Who has tried them? Are they anygood? I was just curious because the price point is so low. Could someone give us the lowdown?
  13. locopony

    Smoking Idiosyncrasy

    I have read that many of you have ritualistic methods for loading, lighting, and even choosing what pipe and Tobacco you are going to smoke. Many have favorite pipes, and even "go too" tobacco. Some have certain paraphernalia that you must have with you. X number of pipes, and prescribed volumn...
  14. locopony

    Any Growers here?

    I have aquired some land and would like to try my hand at growing my own. Do any of you fellas do this? Can ya fill me in on the ins and outs of the matter?
  15. locopony

    I'm Back

    It's been a while but here I am again. I cracked a meer and there is no fixing it I suppose. Unless someone knows of a miraculous repair for meers.
  16. locopony

    Sasieni Balkan, Original Formulas

    Stopped by the Briar Shop today and picked some up. It smells like standing in a smoke house, amd tastes that way as well. Very oaky and almost salty. This is some good smoke.
  17. locopony

    Kickin Chicken

    Starts out good a nice taste, mild and smokey. But becomes bitter and not pleasing kind of ashy tasting like a cigarette. The after taste ruined my water.
  18. locopony

    Peter Stokebyes Proper English

    Very tasty stuff a nice smoke.
  19. locopony


    I added a healthy dose of perique to Lane 1q. It tastes great, adds a bit of spicy to the sweet.
  20. locopony

    The Flake Mistake

    Ok so I have been rubbing my flake out until it was like shredded tobacco. I dont think it wrong exactly, but after watching some fold and stuff videos, and some rub out videos I could be over doing it. According to them I am losing flavor and coolness. Input desired, what do you think.