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  1. deepspringfarm

    Life Insurance - 2018

    I checked for previous posts on this but they seemed quite a few years old. Anyway, I have a brother in law who is trying to get life insurance. I picked up some about 15 years ago for a pipe smoker. He smokes about once a year when we get together. But the insurance company he got a quote...
  2. deepspringfarm

    Replacement for Christmas Cheer

    Every Christmas my wife ( I mean Santa) would drop a few tins of Christmas Cheer into my stocking. What would be a good replacement for this since it is no longer being made? One problem is that it won’t really be smoked during the holidays, at least for that year, because We are pretty much...
  3. deepspringfarm

    Christmas Cheer 2017?

    Has anybody heard what McClelland is going to do with Christmas Cheer this year? I know they released CC 2017 last year. Maybe a CC 2017B?
  4. deepspringfarm

    Broken Pipe Bob Hayes

    I just read an article by Dan Locklair that Bob Hayes has passed away. I am saddened. Does anybody know anything about it and when it happened? He was such a generous guy. A while ago my family was vacationing in NC and he generously let us come by his house and showed my family his pipe...
  5. deepspringfarm

    Budget cigars

    What is everyone's favorite budget cigar?
  6. deepspringfarm

    June 2017 Caption Contest

    I can't seem to find this. Am I missing it or was it put on here yet?
  7. deepspringfarm

    Slate article on secondhand smoke

    We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans
  8. deepspringfarm

    Clay Pipe Care

    My friend just had a clay pipe sent to me. I was wondering what the proper care is for a clay pipe. I'm not sure I could get a church warden pipe cleaner through this stem. It's about 12 inches long with a small hole. One of the cool things about this pipe is that it is made by the lady who...
  9. deepspringfarm

    Rope Tobacco

    I just purchased some sweet maple twist. I've been a pipe smoker for 25 years, but have never encountered a rope before, mostly out of fear. Anyway, this this is awesome in it's presentation. I am a bit unsure of how to prepare it. My guess would be to slice it into coins and then crumble it...
  10. deepspringfarm

    Bob Hayes Contact Info

    I don't know if this is an appropriate venue to post this. I was looking to get in touch with Bob Hayes and wondered if someone might be able to PM me his info. BTW, love his pipes!
  11. deepspringfarm

    Tobacco Samples at Shows

    So, if I am correct, tobacco samples will be outlawed at pipes shows. I was wondering if there was a way around this. This vexes me because this is one of my favorite aspects of the pipes shows, to be able to try a bunch of blends that I wouldn't necessarily lay down the money to buy a whole...
  12. deepspringfarm

    Disposable Pipe Lighter

    Some gentleman gave my friend a disposable pipe lighter at October's CORP show. It's pretty neat, soft flame and angled flame. It is called a Side Light. Haven't been able to find one anywhere on the internet. Does anybody know about these or where I could find them?
  13. deepspringfarm

    Pipe Show Disappointment

    I just wanted to vent a bit and maybe offer some observations. I don't attend a lot of pipe shows. Used to attend the LA pipe show back when that was around. I have gone to CORPS 5+ years. Just attended my first TAPS show this last weekend. I love these shows and it offers good times. I am...
  14. deepspringfarm

    Green Tea/Oral Cancer

    My wife found this link and I found it interesting. Green Tea Shows Promise against Oral Cancer May not be anything, but green tea isn't bad just to enjoy either.
  15. deepspringfarm

    Across the Pond

    No, this is not about the McClelland tobacco. I have a friend venturing to England later this week. Is there any tobaccos that he worth picking up that we are unable to get here in the states?
  16. deepspringfarm

    Maple Bomb?

    Hello all, I have a friend who is looking for a super heavy maple aromatic. He has tried Autumn Evening and would like something with more maple syrup flavoring. I have some Townsman Cavendish blue, but it is pretty old. Just wondering if there were any other suggestions out there.
  17. deepspringfarm

    Multiple Entries?

    I was wondering if multiple entries are allowed for the caption contest. Does anybody know?