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  1. jbbaldwin

    St. Bruno

    In the old General Roman Calendar, today is the feast of St. Bruno, founder of the Carthusians. If you have any St. Bruno, now would be the time to smoke it, I think!
  2. jbbaldwin

    Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake Available at

    Here Get it while you can. (If you like that sort of thing, that is. I happen to think it's delicious.)
  3. jbbaldwin

    Washington Post Editorial 8-3-14

    Offered without comment:
  4. jbbaldwin

    P.G. Wodehouse (And His Pipes)

    Here are excerpts from several interviews given over several years by the estimable author. It is to be wished we could see them in their entirety, but this compilation is interesting nonetheless.
  5. jbbaldwin

    Harold Wilson Smokes a Pipe

    More from the British Pathe': this is unedited footage from a pipe show in London in the 1970s, complete with an amusing exchange between the Prime Minister and a young reporter about pipes.
  6. jbbaldwin

    Pathe' Newsreel - J.B. Priestley

    Here's an interesting newsreel about author J.B. Priestley with lots of pipe footage.
  7. jbbaldwin

    Please To Be Explaining UPS

    I am awaiting an order from, sent via UPS. My shipment left Myrtle Beach yesterday, went to Raleigh, thence to Springfield, VA (24 miles from my house). The on-line tracker says it's now in Horsham, PA (180 miles from my house). It is scheduled for delivery in the afternoon...
  8. jbbaldwin

    Washington Post Ad Has A Pipe

    The ad is for Arena Stage's upcoming production of Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children. What surprised me was that this picture appears on the first page of the Washington Post Magazine. The horror! A pipe-smoking woman in an ad in the Post! How'd they let that one through? (Maybe...
  9. jbbaldwin

    C&D Pasha's Dream

    This is on sale at for $5.49 for two ounces. It looks like a crossover English. Pipestud gives it high marks on - anybody else like it? Craig Stark's blend is also on sale. It's hard to beat $2.75 an ounce.
  10. jbbaldwin

    Rad PAD

    My first Rad Davis creation is on its way from Besides a couple of cobs, this is the first pipe I've bought in nine years; after taking on a surprisingly painful seasonal job grading exams, I thought I had it coming. I've passed on a couple of Charatans and Ashtons that...
  11. jbbaldwin Order

    My first order from P&C: a pound of tobacco, some cleaners, and a pipe all sent to my father for Father's Day. Everything arrived in a timely fashion, prices were reasonable, and there were no hiccups. (There may be niccups, but that's not P&C's problem.) I like to use my local B&M (John B...
  12. jbbaldwin

    Tame Your Erinmore

    Thanks to The Old Cajun (and, inter alia, Fred Hanna's amusing article about this topic), I baked a tin of Erinmore Flake and have now had both baked- and unbaked flakes. I enjoyed the unbaked right-out-of-the-tin floral/citrus aroma so much I was hesitant about baking the tin (I like Lakelands...
  13. jbbaldwin

    TAD Order Arrived - Huzzah, &c.

    Finally, after actual whole days of waiting. I placed my order Monday, April 22, late in the evening, so it was processed Tuesday. The order arrived today, April 25. Free shipping from South Carolina ( to northern Virginia. I love those guys. I don't know why I'm posting...
  14. jbbaldwin

    Be Careful With Bacardi 151

    I'm not a rum drinker. My pipes were starting to taste salty and I decided they needed a more in-depth cleaning than they have been getting from just a shank brush and a variety of pipe-cleaners. Having read recommendations for Bacardi 151 on this forum (and Everclear being unavailable in...
  15. jbbaldwin

    Esoterica Cardiff

    I bought an old-style 8-ounce bag of Cardiff today at my local B&M, having had no experience with Esoterica other than Penzance (which I also bought - lucky me). Does anybody have any experience with this blend? It's not listed on luxurytobaccoreviews. The description from Germain says...
  16. jbbaldwin

    John B. Hayes - Fairfax

    I have to compliment the John B. Hayes folks in northern Virginia. My wife went in yesterday with a short shopping list and came back with exactly what I wanted (including one of those really hard-to-find blends). I've been shopping there on-and-off for twenty years, and I used to think they...
  17. jbbaldwin

    University Campus Smoking Ban - WaPo

    Here's a Washington Post article about George Washington University and their attempts to ban smoking: Smoking Ban on Campus Best comment:
  18. jbbaldwin

    Fairfax Co., VA Madness

    See this Washington Post story about one benighted county supervisor's quest in The Republic of Northern Virginia: Ffx Employee Smoking Ban Pull quote: Also interesting: The supervisor draws no distinction between pipes and cigarettes.
  19. jbbaldwin

    Please to be explaining the horn.

    This item is for sale on While I think it's beautiful and seemingly well-made, I don't understand the concept. (I smoke mainly flakes and English/Balkans in small cylindrical pipes or large-diameter pipes, respectively, so I suppose my question is, "What's the point? What do...
  20. jbbaldwin


    1. How does one pronounce Cavicchi? Cha vee' key? Ka vee' key? Ka vee' chee? 2. And: Do you love your Cavicchi? Thanks!