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  1. snagstangl

    $100 And Under, Great Smokers? Just Get A R.C. Sands.

    I picked up 2 on ebay, brandy new, from his listings. $50 a piece. I thought I would get one and out bid on the other. I am mostly a 3/4 to full bent shape smoker. Neither of these are but I have kept reaching for these anyway. Often one or less bowl a day. I have been putting 3 a day...
  2. snagstangl

    Dunhill Pipe Making- The Beginnings From The Smokers Pipeline 1987 Vol 4 Number Six

    I cant seem to find this article anywhere else. Who wrote it and did the interviews seems to be lost to time.
  3. snagstangl

    The Second, Smaller Diameter, Step On Factory Pipes?

    I have seen this on a number of factory pipes. Sunrise, a Comoy line, used it as a selling point. I have seen it on Custombilts, Comoy and their seconds line Charatan, GDB, Savinelli, Swiss Made cherry pipes and many others. I could see the explanation being that it makes the tenon easier...
  4. snagstangl

    Should a Bull Figural Pipe Have a Horn Stem?

    I think they should , it's obvious why.
  5. snagstangl

    Dear Mound Builders on Ebay: How Many Grandpas You Got?

    Every listing says from grandpa's collection. But they keep forcing Grandpa to buy new pipes and sell them immediately, what kind of sick assholes are these guys, oh and no refunds or returns. Minty, what can you say.
  6. snagstangl

    How is rustication done in pipe factories?

    In a factory, what is used to make the rustication? I don't think it is a person who just carves it out by hand. There has to be a power tool involved. Any one know ?
  7. snagstangl

    Did Cobs Come With Vulcanite?

    Was there a time when Missouri Meerschaum Cobs came with vulcanite stems standard? Not freehand danish bits that are available currently.
  8. snagstangl

    "Burley Abhors a Flame" what's it mean?

    I cannot remember where I heard this. I want to say it means low temp get the best flavor from burley. My other thought is that it refers to who some OTC blends aren't great when you light them but are when then get going. Anyone else heard this or have and idea what it may be referring to?
  9. snagstangl

    How To Smoke Macbaren Blends

    I was smoking some Original Choice a few days ago. I was sipping the smoke. The flavor is quite good but not strong, and I have tendency to chase it and heat it up if i am not paying attention. Do you have any macbaren specific tips for smoking Macbaren's?
  10. snagstangl

    I was thinking of getting a backpacker blowjob... thanks google translate. I was browsing pipes at the above website and noticed the pipe was titled a Routard. Well that sound awful I will just use google translate so I can see what the english equivilant is....
  11. snagstangl

    8 oz of Latakia, Syrian?

    Another ebay gamble. Just a little over $30 for a old looking, generic tin marked "Latakia". 8 oz I contact the seller. Turns out they work in recycling old house hold chemicals,. Never know what people will bring in from a basement after someone dies. It shows up today. I shake the tin...
  12. snagstangl

    Ice Skating With Clay Pipes, The Other Skater Pipe I don't have any affiliation with the Instagram account this is on. But I read about Skater pipes, not the Charatan shape, made from clay that would be attached to coats of ice skaters of the past. If you fell, that means you were unskilled, a fragile...
  13. snagstangl

    19?? Gallaher Killarny Ready Rubbed Cutter Top Tin

    I picked up a tin of Gallaher Killarny Ready Rubbed with a cutter top, 2 oz. I'm guessing between 1920's and 1950's. I'm guessing the earlier. I think it was a steal for $22 bucks. The lid had a dent in the side that kept the cutter part from working. It was sealed with a couple drops of...
  14. snagstangl

    How Does SWRA age?

    I am talking about the tubs. I am about half way through pouch. It is pretty tasty. I was thinking about buying a couple of tubs, as long as they won't loose all the flavor while sitting. I don't think it will be discontinued. How has it been for you?
  15. snagstangl

    Heat Shrink Tube for Protecting Stems?

    My saliva seems to be an instant oxidizer for alot of vulcanite. I was thinking of cleaning them up and then putting black heat shrink tube on them, and heating to fit. Then I don't have to worry about oxidizing and if it gets two many tooth marks , just put a new tube on. Does any one...
  16. snagstangl

    I'm No Duke Street Irregular but I Think These Are Fake
  17. snagstangl

    Do You Think Charatan Made This One?

    Picked this up for under 9 bucks. It says made in london engalnd.
  18. snagstangl

    Broken Pipe for Walt24

    I was just informed that he passed back on April 15, 2017
  19. snagstangl

    Ebay Watchers: Which $20 Pipes Do You Have To Stop Yourself From Buying?

    I watch ebay quite a bit. Some brands or types of pipes come up with a $20 Buy it Now option. I have to remind myself that I don't need another smoker. I have plenty of un-resotred ones. Mine triggers are: Denmark Stanwell 2nds- there are tons Savinelli 2nds, Weber or Jobey with Para...
  20. snagstangl

    Pinned and Glued broken stem fix?

    I picked up some Charatan's with stem problems. One is an after hours with a hole in the top of the stem, I can fix that. The second one was listed as having a pinned and Glued stem to address a break. How does that fix work? Im not familiar with it. Thanks.