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    A Pair if Patent Parker Pilliards...

    Hello, everyone I just want to share these little/large pipes I have in my collection with ya’ll with hopes that you’ll enjoy them. But also to hear any information one might have on them. I couldn’t find anything terribly substantial on patent era Parker’s other than they are Dunhill seconds...
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    FS: Blatter and Blatter Chubby Billiard w/ a Touch of Plateau - 05/12/2020

    Here is another Blatter and Blatter for ya'll. It has just a touch of plateau on the edge of the rim with some beautiful flame and birds eye leading to it. On the other side some really neat straight grain. Wonderful feel in the hand! There is a little bit of fissure in the bowl but not to bad...
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    The Worst British Pipes To Date?

    Hello, everyone So, I am trying to date a Charatan‘s 44. I have read all of them in articles and threads here over and over and I just cannot get a grip on the dating. I will persist... and maybe make a flow chart for my own sake. If I do do a flow chart I’ll post it here for review... But it...
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    Pre Filter Savinelli Lines

    Hello, Everyone I pick up a Savinelli 121 Capri Root that is pre-filter that I really enjoy smoking. Everything about the pipe the rustication, the shape, the draw. But, aside from it smoking great, it seems that the shape has drawn me in. It has a vulcanite stem and is before their filter...
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    Tripoli Buff in Draft Hole for Estate Restorations?

    I read recently here that some pipe restorers spin a pipe-cleaner loaded with Tripoli in the pipes that they are restoring presumably to buff out any scratches that come with regular cleaning of pipes. Would there be any positive or negative affect of you did this in the draft hole of the...
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    Charatan Lane Era Supreme Extra Large Free Hand

    Here’s and odd ball that I think might be appreciated ‘round these parts. The stem sadly is a replacement- but I do know that it was made by Julius Vesz here in Toronto. So what do you all think... it’s a fun one :) (Crossing fingers that Mr. Burns weighs in one this one)
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    Show Us Your Blatter & Blatter Pipes Here!

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob I’ve got a few of these guys and they are quite beautiful so I’ll get us started with a chubby bent Rhodesian I look forward to seeing some of yours!
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    Old Blatter and Blatter Stamps

    Hello, Everyone In the collection I recently acquired there are around 10 or so Blatter and Blatter pipes. All made early to late 70’s. They are beautiful pipes and the one I’ve cleaned up and smoke so far smoke like a dream! The thing is I can find nothing on the net about the stamping...
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    What Castello Shape are these?

    Hello, All I’m look at this pipe and wondering what shape it is... the closest I can put it on is 16, military billiard, but I has an 1/8 bent stem and so I wonder... can anyone help me out with this one And this one is my first Castello I believe it’s a 49 Calabash “Castello” G and I...
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    Lane Era Charatan Double Comfort Stem Restoration

    Hello all I am working on a Lane Era Freehand Charatan Executive right now and it’s a beautiful pipe. But, for the life of me I cannnot get the oxidization from out of the creases in the double comfort stem. I am trying to do everything as lightly as possible. I’ve tried micro mesh to no avail...
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    Comoy’s Extrordinare 498

    Hello everyone I’ve recently acquired a collection of a few nice pipes. Some of which I’m sure will make their way on to these boards. To learn about them I have read Pipedia, Pipephil, these threads, and lots of blogs... this pipe doesn’t seem to line up as far as stamping and stem goes. I’m...
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    Hello from Toronto Canada

    Greeting everyone! I’ve been a pipe smoker for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. I mostly smoke VaPers, in briar, favourite colour is blue, and I don’t know anything about Mixture 79? What am I missing? Can’t wait to see you all around. I’ve learned so much from all the old threads...