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    Canadian Pipe Shape Origins

    Nope, I was there. This is what happened.
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    Hello from Canada

    Ohh I’m originally from Manitoba and I miss that view.
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome from Toronto :)
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day! Either a Brigham or a Blatter today :)
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    Using a Slot Funneling Tool

    I’ve got a Castello that looks like this and have desired a nice funnel but thought “don’t do it It’s a Castello” Do we generally all agree with that sentiment?
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    New Pipe Smoker from Vaughan, ON, Canada

    Welcome from Dundas and Bathurst!! Look forward to seeing you around ;)
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    Show Off Your Charatans Here!

    I’ve picked up a few in the last little while, here’s the least fancy but The one I juuuust love.
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    Cellar Depression

    It’s funny how many of these conversations are popping up during Covid days “what have I been spending my time and money on and faced with an apocalyptic situation, was it worth it?” Which is further interesting because of our constant use of the term tobaccopocylpse. I’m happy with my cellar...
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    Cellar Depression

    This is a helpful thread for me. I’ve got about seventeen pounds and that seems enough to try and maintain as I only smoke a few bowls a week. Though I have a collection of pipes that I’m trying to sell and trade away for tobacco. But the question of is it worth it keeps popping up. Good...
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    Fountain Pens

    Been using fountain pens for about five years now. My wife an I each have a rotation of about six that are always inked up. With that we are pretty happy. Always on the look out for new or old ones but not clamouring to find one. Not like tobacco. I’ve lost a few, the only one is really like...
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    Do You Really Ever Mention Your Favorites?

    I have a new favourite every time I open a new tin of Virginia. Probably why they are all sold out...
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    The Worst British Pipes To Date?

    I second this, though should it be further specified to "A goldmine of Charatan information brought to you by @kenbarnes" ? Thank you Ken by the way!
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    Union Square, Newminster Superior Navy Flake, and St. Bruno

    Newminster is one of my reading tobaccos. It just has a lovely present flavour that I don’t have to work for but if I want to look up from my book and focus on it it shines :) Union Square, well I stoves the one tin I had and now I will be happy to finish it.
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    Looking To Speak With Other Canadians Who Order From

    When charge then it’s almost always still cheaper than the B&M and we get free health care. One day I broke my arm and got a cast and paid duty on my tobacco. I was never happier to pay on that day :D
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    McClelland: A Philosophical Question

    I’m currently enjoying a tin of Jubilee, not a huge Lat fan but this one if is effervescent and taste like naval oranges... so good. Anyone have any they would like to part with ;)
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    New Castello

    I’ve got a kk 1/8 bent billiard and it my fave of my three. The 3k is a 93 egg and it feels like it’s more than one size up from the kk. But are wonderful though.
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    Show Off Your Castello Pipes Here!

    Had this one a while, something about the wavy rim military mount 1/8 bend sea rock rustication... yeah this one is perfect in my eyes
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    Show Us Your Loewe Pipes

    These are beautiful renditions of the all the classics. I have two I’ll post later but I just love their billiards :)
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    Show Off Your Orlik Pipes Here

    I just let go of this one but figured I’d share it here as it’s a gooder.
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    I’m Hooked

    Welcome from Toronto :)