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  1. mlyvers

    Who Are Anonymous Users?

    I was banned off this site a few years back. I was ripped off by another forum member, I used some choice words towards him, he reported me and I was kicked off this forum. I was allowed to rejoin about 6 months later.
  2. mlyvers

    Erinmore Mixture vs. Flake

    I prefer the flake over the mixture. I think they are totally different, I do like to mix McClellands Red Cake Virginia with Erinmore Mixture.
  3. mlyvers

    Pipe problem

    Don't forget the tapper, tapping is necessary in order to keep the tobacco lit, I agree also in letting the tobacco get enough dry time. Good Luck.
  4. mlyvers

    Jim's MacBaren HH Pure Virginia Review.

    Sounds great guys, I will buy a few tins. I think I will smoking this flake tomorrow night at our local pipe meeting. I did get a chance too smell a fresh tin this past Saturday at a gathering at the RCPC meeting, I loved the tin note.
  5. mlyvers

    Will "Black Frigate" Ghost a Pipe?

    I think I misunderstood the question here, sorry.. The rum may be a top note on the tobac.... load that pipe and smoke away. Great response here..
  6. mlyvers

    Will "Black Frigate" Ghost a Pipe?

    You have options here sir. You could just go ahead and smoke the Lat and I think the rum ghost will slowly go away, or u could do a complete cleaning, rimming and everclear cleaning inside the stem and shank, then do a everclear and salt treatment. You could also dedicate a pipe too aromatics...
  7. mlyvers

    Newminster Round Slices Versus PS Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

    Just my 2 cents here, I prefer PS LBF over the Round Slices. I am not a big fan of Kentucky Dark Fired tobac. Many guys here do like it. Good Luck Sir.
  8. mlyvers

    PS - Cube Cut Question

    Yes newfie it will rub out nicely, some guys here load the cubes first then rub out a little bit for the top portion in order too get a good false lite. Also try letting it dry out for some time, this help with lighting up. PS cube cut is a good mixer as well sir. Good luck....
  9. mlyvers

    Revisiting Borkum Riff Bourbon

    Hey Stephenw, I to smoked BR Whiskey for many years. I have been smoking a pipe for 43 years, yes I do agree the new formula is very close too the original BR Whiskey. I like it, I to also enjoy VaPers very much sir. I just purchased 7.5 oz tub of BR Whiskey for 28 dollars. I also mixed it with...
  10. mlyvers

    Half & Half

    All this talk of H&H makes me want too buy a pouch or a tub. I know many pipers who enjoy it today... Sounds good to me.
  11. mlyvers

    PS - Cube Cut Question

    Who knows, I have smoked a lot PS CUBE CUT.... I have found that it smokes much better fully rubbed out, no matter what shape bowl I used... however the flavor is somewhat different verses loading just cubes. I do agree that the bowl shape will contribute too the burn and flavor of the tobac.
  12. mlyvers

    Capstan, Christmas Cheer, Stokkebye Navy Flake.

    They are all different tobacs, use different pipes, how hard do you smoke your pipe? This will make a difference in the way you taste your tobac. Smoke slow...... I am a chugger, I smoke fast and hard.... I have found when I slow down the flavor is much better and enjoyable. Give it time, it...
  13. mlyvers

    Cigar smoker converting to pipe

    Great advice from all. There is a learning curve here when learning how too smoke a pipe, packing, lighting, and tapping are all critical. Some dry time for the tobac is important as well. You can also find tips on pipe smoking on You Tube. Good Luck Sir.
  14. mlyvers

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2015)

    Smoking Drew Estates Meat Pie in Charatan`s Make Special Lane Era Pot 548DC..
  15. mlyvers

    Drew the Stinger Out of Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey

    Well, sounds interesting. I have been smoking BR Whiskey for ~40 years. I may try this method, I will put a mason jar with the BR in my truck on the dash for a day sitting in the sun.
  16. mlyvers

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2015)

    Smoking PS LBF in a cheap 1/4 bent bulldog.
  17. mlyvers

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2015)

    Smoking Meat Pie in a Charatans Make Special Pot Lane Era.
  18. mlyvers

    Bent or straight for beginers.

    All good points here.. I started out with bents 40 years ago, but over time gravitated towards straight pipes. I still smoke bents 1/4-full from time to time. Keep that straight pipe that was given to you, sounds like a gift. I have always considered gifts (pipe) as SPECIAL. I don't really care...
  19. mlyvers

    1947 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Ad

    Very nice guys, thanks....
  20. mlyvers

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2015)

    Smoking PS LBF in a cheap 1/4 bent bulldog, earlier 3 bowls of BR Whiskey in a odd shape DiMonte.