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  1. D

    Crown Achievement Pipe Help

    Though the goodie bags have run out on P & C, it's still a great deal and am interested in the Crown Achievement pipe, but had concerns about the stinger I read on one of the reviews.....does anyone know if this is the type of stinger that can just be pulled out like in the new Sasieni's, or is...
  2. D

    Uneven Bowl Coating?

    My brand new Sasieni walnut arrived today from P & C, and while happy with the very fast shipping time, I quickly noticed something that concerned me. In the bowl the black coating is very someone literally tried to scrape the sides....imagine a car being keyed, that type of...
  3. D

    Modern Era Sasieni Pipes?

    I was just wondering if anyone has experience with the new Sasieni 4 dots available today? I am sure they aren't what they were in the family era, but how do they smoke compared to a $100 Peterson or Savinelli? I really dig some of the shapes available, but only hear people talk about old 4 dots.
  4. D

    Air Pocket Method.....A Testamonial

    So even with my limited number of posts, I had found time to criticize what I had called my worst smoker in a thread asking for recommendations about a new pipe.....a Savanelli Varese I picked up on sale for $45. I had only used the three step method to fill any pipe I've ever owned, and never...
  5. D

    Extreme Cheapskates.....Pipe Smokers Edition?

    So over some time off during the holiday, I got roped into a few episodes of Extreme Cheapskates. For those that don't know, it's a show that documents people who don't flush their toilet, and do their laundry while they shower, and a number of other extremes to save a buck....many of whom have...
  6. D

    Thank You and My First Bit of Advice

    Hello All, This is my first post, and I want to start by thanking all of the senior members and regular contributors on this forum. I have been smoking a pipe for 4 years now and have followed this forum regularly since my first bowl (which was out of a brylon pipe and ended with two tobacco...