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  1. cgrd

    My New Estate Restorations

    Acquired at a local charity flea market event, the entire lot was $55cad. Included are (top to bottom): 1. Savinelli "Punto Oro" 541 KS 2. Peterson "System Standard" 303 (Republic era) 3. Bari "Exellent" 7054 Before: After: I gave the stems a vinegar & alchohol bath, then dumped them in...
  2. cgrd

    Stonehaven Bloom Under the Microscope

    I've had 8oz of Stonehaven aging in a mason jar for just over one year. I visually check on it periodically to ensure all is well, and recently had a concern it was beginning to show mold (you can read about that adventure here). Thankfully, there wasn't any mold, but I did end up taking some...
  3. cgrd

    Two Birthday Estate Pipes.

    It was recently my birthday, and I got two estate pipes as gifts. I did some basic clean-up on them. The Birks Regency had a huge amount of cake...I could barley get a BIC pen inside the bowl! The Hardcastle "Jack O'London" was in pretty good shape, just a quick scrape of the bowl and...
  4. cgrd

    Either Thanksgiving arrived late, or Christmas came early...

    ...but man, happy holidays to me. I plan on jarring the Stonehaven, keeping the two C&D tins at the back of a closet for 10 years, and smoking the crap out of that Latakia Flake. The Opinel knife is a new No.8 carbon steel. I've had a No.6 since I was 13 (26 years ago? Man, I'm getting old)...
  5. cgrd

    It's been awhile - TAD

    The mail arrived today, with a little box from 4noggins! On the table is: Charles Fairmon's Lancer Slices[/*] Gawith Hoggarth's Dark Flake Unscented[/*] Gawith Hoggarth's Rum Twist[/*] MacBaren's HH Old Dark Fired[/*] My den smells like rich sweet hay, smokey tar, and fruit cake, as...
  6. cgrd

    Muddy Waters Pipe Club (Winnipeg, Canada)

    Hello fellow pipers! The Muddy Waters Pipe Club has been started up. While not the founding member of the club, he has ask that the word be spread to all Winnipeg pipers, or any who will pass through our fine city. The club is in it's infancy with 4 current members, and a meetup in the works...
  7. cgrd

    Dr. Plumb 233 Estate Before & After

    Another gift from a family member, so another restoration. This one has more than a few problems, so I would have passed on it. However, being a gift from my youngest sister, how could I leave it to rot? It had large fills on the side of the bowl, a fair amount of the rim was burned down, the...
  8. cgrd

    Brigham Estate Restoration (14 pictures)

    There was a large fundraiser flea market in town this past weekend. I wandered through looking for pipes, found a couple interesting ones but the vendors were asking champagne prices for 7-up. Unbeknownst to me, my parents had rolled through earlier and my Mom picked up a pipe for me! I decided...
  9. cgrd

    McClelland Bulk Available as Non-Bulk?

    My local tobacconist told me that they will no longer be carrying their "Paradise Found" bulk. It seems they get most of their tinned tobaccos from McClelland, so it wouldn't surprise me if their bulks are supply by McClelland too. They describe Paradise Found as "Stoved and naturally aged, dark...
  10. cgrd

    So, this happened (TAD & PAD)

    I decided to amp up my cellar a bit. 2oz Erinmore Flake 4oz Gawith Hoggarth Bulk Rum Twist 4oz Peter Stokkebye Bulk Luxury Bulls Eye Flake 3.5oz Rattray's Red Rapparee 4oz Halfling's Leaf 2oz A.C. Petersen Escudo 2oz G. L. Pease: Sextant 2oz Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader 2oz G. L...
  11. cgrd

    Tobacco Products Banned at Pharmacies & Large Retail Outlets If an affected business wants to continue to sell tobacco products they must build "a separate retail area so pharmacy customers cannot access the section where tobacco and tobacco-related products...
  12. cgrd

    Happy Harry's Bottle Shop South, Grand Forks, ND

    As many of you know, Canadian tobacco prices are quite high. It's always worth running the gamble of a customs tariff grab to order from American online retailers. And when I visit a city in the US, I usually make it a point to try and snag some tobacco. So, today I went to Grand Forks and some...
  13. cgrd

    It's Been a Good Month for My Cellar.

    I live in Canada, and while it's mostly a fantastic place, tobacco prices are easily 2/3rd higher than US prices. Happily, my parents took a short vacation into the US and I just returned from a week in San Diego. This has allowed me to splurge and add some quality tobacco to my cellar! I also...
  14. cgrd

    State of the Cellar; Year 2.

    Not a huge difference since last year. All of the vanilla aromatics and SPC's Mississippi River weren't to my taste. They found a good home with another local piper I know...he smoked them all within 3 weeks :) The tinned tobaccos are unopened.
  15. cgrd

    Tinderbox Tin Selection

    My folks are going to take a winter vacation from Canada down to Mesa, AZ. There's a tinderbox in town, and I thought I'd ask them to snag some cheap tobacco. I haven't been to a Tinderbox so I was curious what sort of tin selection could be expected? All I could find on their website was a...
  16. cgrd

    All Decked Out for the Holidays

    We're having an open house tomorrow. I was tidying up the man-cave, and the lady of the house says "Let's put a doily under your pipes, make them front and center!" Considering it's -31F outside, this is all my pipes will be used for :-p Merry Christmas!
  17. cgrd

    Grand Forks, ND Tobaconist?

    I'll be visiting this little town in early December and I thought I'd take advantage of the cheaper tobacco available in the USA. This site's retailer listing, google and Grand Forks' business directory didn't turn up anything beyond drug stores and head shops. Are there any pipers in Grand...
  18. cgrd

    My new Savinelli

    My first Savinelli. Also, my first new, un-smoked briar pipe! The cumberland stem on this thing is gorgeous. It's light, but still feels substantial, and the drill hole looks clean and centered. I think it's going to be a great smoker. Edit: It's a "La Pipa 2007"
  19. cgrd

    My smoking spot for the past week

    Moon Lake campground in Riding Mountain National Park. Smoking McClelland's "Old Dog" in a MM corn cob. The best part about fall camping is that there was only one other person in the campground with us. Very quiet and peaceful.
  20. cgrd

    Sudden attack of PAD...

    ...Wallet in critical condition, but will recover. :-) I'm leaving for a camping trip after the weekend, so I decided to pick up a MM cob from the local B&M...all the other "smoke" shops carry the ubiquitous off-shore knock offs that I didn't really trust. Of course, staring at their wall of...