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  1. blues4goose

    Read This if You'd Like to Know More About Cigars (Specifically Nicaraguan)

    Been deciding whether or not to post this here, but I guess it can't hurt, right? I went to Nicaragua earlier this year for a 3-day tour of AJ Fernandez & Plasencia's growing & rolling operations. I took a ton of notes & pictures, so when I got back I decided to compile them into an article on...
  2. blues4goose

    Samuel Gawith Black XX Rope Review

    I just completed a trade, and in it, received three tins of Samuel Gawith Black xx. Just popped a tin, the second in my life, and couldn't stop grinning as I beheld the oily turds in the tin before me. My coworkers looked over and laughed, gave a whiff and wrinkled their nose, but hey, more for...
  3. blues4goose

    Casino Winnings Converted to a Holy Grail Pipe

    My buddy convinced me to hit the casino with him after narrowly avoiding a car accident on Friday. Blew through a twenty, hit the ATM for another, and hit for $350 bucks. My first decent win. Immediately cashed out and went online to pick up the 1997 Nording Hunter Goose Sandblast from SP. Spent...
  4. blues4goose

    Yep, Another One of Those Is It Mold Threads....

    Just popped a 2011 tin of butera pelican and it looks like this... Would you smoke it?
  5. blues4goose

    Just Had My "A-ha" Moment

    I've been a several-cigar-a-day smoker for 5 or 6 years now, and I've tried to pick up the pipe a few times before only to give up in frustration every time. But I decided to try again around 6 months ago, and I was more determined than ever. I bought a few decent pipes, a lotta good tobacco...
  6. blues4goose

    Blends that don't play nice

    Hey everyone, I'm a relatively new pipe smoker, but I smoke a lot, and I recently discovered a love for Gawith rope and various different twists and plugs. I've started some rudimentary blending, adding some Black XX rope to all of my favorite blends to improve the burn of the XX and to add a...
  7. blues4goose

    Hello from Bethlehem PA

    Hey everyone, I've been a prowler for a little while but finally decided to make an account as there were too many threads I wanted to jump into with my $.02. I've been a 4-cigar-a-day smoker for about 5 years now, having managed a Casa de Montecristo in Arizona for a few years and recently...