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  1. huntertrw

    Estate James Upshall - First Smoke

    A few years ago I purchased from Pipestud an estate James Upshall pipe, an apple-shaped freehand (FH) with a saddle bit, and which includes the stamps "A" and "Ex.L". This is the largest pipe in my collection, as I tend to favor bowl sizes equivalent to Dunhill's Group Three and Group Four. By...
  2. huntertrw

    Blender's Gold Golden Burley

    Is the former Walgreen's Blender's Gold Golden Burley pipe-tobacco currently being manufactured and sold under another name? Please let me know.
  3. huntertrw

    Pipedia Website Down

    This evening I attempted to access the Pipedia Website, but received the following message: Error 400 We're sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for / on this server. An invalid request was received. If you are using a proxy server, bypass the proxy server or contact your proxy server...
  4. huntertrw

    An Evening with Ray Bradbury

    Some of you know that I am an unabashed fan of the late author Ray Bradbury. Several years ago I happened upon this video (An Evening With Ray Bradbury) of a talk which he gave to a writers group at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California in 2001. Mr. Bradbury (who passed at...
  5. huntertrw

    An Exceptional Ginger Ale

    My local hardware store has in impressive selection of hard-to-find sodas including Cheerwine, Frostie Root Beer, and Dad's Root Beer, among many others. They also carry a ginger ale with which I have fallen in love. It's called Blenheim, and it has been bottled in South Carolina since 1903...
  6. huntertrw

    All Shook Up In Alaska

    With the news this morning of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Alaska, I'm wondering how Warren and his fellow Alaskans are faring? I'm concerned because I've not seen any posts by him today.
  7. huntertrw

    Favorite Images of Santa Claus

    What's your favorite image of pipe-smoking Santa Claus? Please post it here. Here's mine, rendered by Thomas Nast.
  8. huntertrw

    Raisin Cain

    JimInks just posted the following on the What Are You Smoking? thread: "Part way through this bowl of 2014 Peretti No. 8 Slice in a 1979 brown grain etched Lane Era Charatan's Make medium bend calabash shape 483DC with a black vulcanite double comfort stem. This smoke will be interrupted soon...
  9. huntertrw

    December 7, 1941 - Lest We Forget

    President Roosevelt's Address to Congress - December 8, 1941.
  10. huntertrw

    Ed James Death Update

    Here is a link (KFVS 12 News) to an update on the story of the death of Forums member Ed James.
  11. huntertrw

    Have There Ever Been Any Burley/Virginia Tobacco Hybrids?

    Here's a question for our resident tobacco-growing authorities: Has anyone ever successfully crossed any of the varieties of Burley and Virginia tobacco plants to produce a hybrid? Would this even be possible, or is this just a "pipe dream"?
  12. huntertrw

    Buyer of Wilke Tobaccos Revealed

    The following message is now posted on Carole Burns' Pipeworks Website: I have officially retired from selling TOBACCO. To purchase your Wilke tobaccos please contact: John Brandt at Wilke Pipe Tobacco and The Old Firehouse Smokeshop 116 Rock St., Fall River, MA 02720
  13. huntertrw

    Wilke Tobaccos has a Buyer!

    I received the following good news in an e-mail today from Ms. Carole Burns, the proprietress of Pipeworks and Wilke: Hello My Dear Pipesmokers, The big news is: I have a buyer for the Wilke Tobaccos. The transition will happen in the next couple of weeks. The new owner will have a new...
  14. huntertrw

    A Vintage Felix The Cat Cartoon Featuring (Wait For It...) Pipe-Smoking!

    Felix The Cat - The Smoke Scream
  15. huntertrw

    Finally, A City de Luxe!

    In honor of a special occasion today I purchased an estate City de Luxe apple (shape No. 347) from Ms. Carole Burns of Pipeworks & Wilke, and am now counting the days until its arrival. This is my first acquisition of this particular marque, and I am interested in other owners' opinions of the...
  16. huntertrw

    Richard Dunhill - RIP

    I was saddened to learn, via the PipesMagazine Radio Show, of the passing of Richard Dunhill, "Mr. Richard" as he was affectionately known. He was the grandson of the late Alfred Dunhill, founder of the Dunhill empire. His father was Vernon Dunhill (one of Alfred's three sons). Mr. Richard...
  17. huntertrw

    My New (Old) Town Hall Briar Billiard Pipe

    Recently I purchased from eBay seller thesecondhandsmoker (Gary Malmberg) the estate Town Hall briar billiard pipe shown in the image below. I know that Town Hall was a marque used by Comoy's for their seconds, but I this is the first that I have ever seen or owned. I do not see why this pipe...
  18. huntertrw

    P.A. in VA

    Recently I've been enjoying the honey-like taste of Mac Baren's Virginia No. 1 Ready Rubbed pipe-tobacco, but have found that the smoke can be a bit monochromatic. In an effort to broaden its spectrum I added some Prince Albert and, voilà, the problem is solved! I have dubbed this new mixture...
  19. huntertrw

    Good Uses For a Rainy Day

    A cool rain has gently fallen all day here in my neck of the woods. Since it was too wet to go outside and play I decided to tackle some long-neglected indoor chores. First I cleaned and rearranged my clothes closet, chest of drawers, and armoire, culling those items I no longer wear and...