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  1. haparnold

    Pipe Tobacco While Working?

    I really like Cornell and Diehl Three Friars because it has a really consistent taste from beginning to end, and it doesn't misbehave if you get absentminded for awhile. I also like it because, well, it's delicious. Here's my review from Note: I won't be discussing this...
  2. haparnold

    FS: Two Peterson’s (08/10/20)

    @mtwaller you may want to send the tracking info in a PM instead.
  3. haparnold

    The Future of Tobacco?

    Given relatively stable demand for tobacco, increased scarcity will cause the price to rise, which will cause farmers to enter the market for tobacco. This is standard economic theory, absent barriers to entry (which exist, e.g. FDA regulations) which are probably not prohibitively high.
  4. haparnold

    New Vendor, New Nachwalter

    I keep looking at this pipe and wanting to call it a "Dubabash". Maybe it's how well-executed the curve of the stem is, but it feels like a cousin to a Calabash, as well as a Dublin.
  5. haparnold

    Tobacco Treasures

    I've never seen an Etsy vendor advertise anywhere before. Awesome!
  6. haparnold

    $1000+ Pipes

    The prices of pipes are a reflection of the willingness to pay of the consumers. Full stop. Not all consumers, but a certain segment of the market. I'm not a consumer of high-end pipes, but I have no bones to pick with people with the willingness and ability to pay $1,000+ for a pipe. And...
  7. haparnold

    How Much Do You Inhale? (Accidentally)

    For me? Effectively (if not literally) zero. I'm sure somebody like Sable or Warren will hop on here and explain that whether you intentionally inhale or not, some smoke is getting into your lungs. That's all well and good, but I'm confident the only smoke inhalation happening for me is from...
  8. haparnold

    Bulk Tobacco For Chew Or Pipes

    I don’t know what’s available online, because I live in the Land of the Free, baby! However, I’ve chewed some Gawith Hogarth ropes, and they’re pretty good. Not the same as American “chaw” like Red Man or Levi Garrett, but pretty good. Similar to what the old timers in my region used to chew...
  9. haparnold

    Blend-Type Contradictions. What's What?

    I'd say this is one of those things where the difference is subtle, and you have to smoke lots of different blends to get your own feel for what's a Balkan vs. an English mixture. But eventually you'll develop your own understanding of the distinction. If you're lucky, it will be in line enough...
  10. haparnold

    Pipes of Clay

    Yeah, I haven't found clays to be a particularly cool smoke ,but I have a couple and I enjoy smoking them. Makes for a different, and historical experience. I always either buy pipes with a glazed end, or wrap some NPod tape around the stem to prevent sticking.
  11. haparnold

    Pipe Newbie in Tennessee

    BRO. I feel this more than anything anyone has said on the forum in years. I was born in Robertson County, and the changes that have taken place just since the 90s are staggering.
  12. haparnold

    Aromatic English Yea Or Nay

    I'm generally not an aromatic smoker, and I'm generally not a smoker of blends which contain Latakia, but I will always have some Cornell & Diehl Old College on hand. Sometimes it just really hits the spot.
  13. haparnold

    D&R Windsail (Original) Review

    I'm a big fan of Windsail as well. It's a really dependable blend; not outstanding enough that I would think of it as a favorite, but I find myself reaching for it often, and if it were the only tobacco I could get, I'd happily smoke it exclusively.
  14. haparnold

    Smokingpipes Lost Package

    I’m a big SP fan. After many years of patronizing their business, only one package has been lost, and that was 100% the fault of USPS. Their customer service is the best in the business, and I have never had a qualms about giving them my money.
  15. haparnold

    Smoking in Super Hot Weather

    Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Colorado are all places I’ve lived (all of which contend with 100°+ summer temps). Frankly, I don’t smoke much when the weather is hot. Pipe smoking is more of a fall and winter activity for me. But no, you won’t damage your pipe.
  16. haparnold

    Anyone Notice Growing a Tummy Yourself After Smoke Pipes on the Long Term?

    Nah, I’ve been smoking a pipe for ten or twelve years now, and I haven’t gained any weight to speak of.
  17. haparnold

    How Did Tobacco Arrive in Egypt 2000 Years Ago?

    I think the answer is that they weren’t smoking N. Tabacum. In the British Isles, various herbs were smoked medicinally since at least the Middle Ages. Don’t see why Egypt couldn’t do the same.
  18. haparnold

    Short Churchwardens

    I find the BriarWorks belge has a churchwarden-esque profile with no bend, while still being of manageable and clenchable length. Here’s a picture of mine:
  19. haparnold

    Independence Day or Fourth of July?

    I prefer the term Independence Day, as that’s what the holiday is. I don’t call Christmas December 25th. It doesn’t make me mad when people say “Fourth of July”; in fact, I use it to refer to the date, as in “do y’all want to come over on the Fourth?” I just try not to use it to reference the...