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  1. scotrob

    Nicotine And Appetite Suppression

    Nicotine is supposedly an appetite suppressant, so we are told (and thus is the reason why so many cig smokers pile on the pounds after they quit)- do any pipe smokers here find pipe smoking to suppress appetite? Do you eat more if, for any reason, you are unable to smoke for a day or two? Here...
  2. scotrob

    Grow Your Own Tobacco?

    There has been a bit of debate on the forums recently about future prohibition of tobacco and cellaring to get around alternative of course might be to grow your own and I was wondering if anyone has done this with any degree of success. I believe it is perfectly legal in most...
  3. scotrob

    Scary Pipe

    Came across this on ebay, being sold by a vendor in the Ukraine (item 170743117922); looks like a nice piece of carving, very unusual, although am uncertain about the quality....and I feel I would need to be Saruman or possibly Dracula to look good smoking it ;)
  4. scotrob

    Weird World of Pipe Smoking

    a brief glance at youtube will reveal a wealth of weird and wonderful vids displaying all facets of human nature. A couple do with pipe smoking which for some bizarre reason were suggested for me by youtube: Weird smoke Weirder smoke funny old world ;)
  5. scotrob

    Complimentary To Vanilla Cream

    OK quick question: I am buying a tin of Mac Baren vanilla cream which I love, and need a quick recommendation for another tobacco of similar (low) nicotine strength, ideally with lots of flavour and aroma...shipping is cheaper if I buy more than one tin/pouch
  6. scotrob

    Restoring A Damaged Bowl

    As a some-time restorer of pipes I often have to deal with pipes that have a damaged bowl, or more specifically, the person who smoked it has knocked out the pipe to such an extent that one side of the bowl (often the side nearest the shank) has a damaged rim....sometimes this damage takes a...
  7. scotrob

    Positive Perception Of Public Pipe

    hehe- hope you all liked the alliteration in that title there! Just wanted to share with you an incident that happened to me today which gave me a real lift. I was walking in town, smoking a nice big Peterson with some Black Cherry blend tobacco. There was a guy about my age walking some way...
  8. scotrob

    Oldest Person Here?

    OK- since we have the "youngest person here" thread going already, how about we try to find the oldest member? I am hoping this will bear testament to the fact that pipe smoking does not shorten your life but rather lengthens it by helping us effectively deal with one of the number 1 causes of...
  9. scotrob

    Pipes and Music

    How many pipe smokers here are musicians? I play the keyboards and find smoking a pipe somehow enhances my concentration for those tough sight-reading pieces...does anyone else find that smoking is an aid here? What about folk who play brass or woodwind....does smoking make you cough instead of...
  10. scotrob

    Balkan virgin

    OK- so I bought my first ounce of Balkan mix today from local tobacconist (contains a lot of latakia I think)...usually I smoke more aromatic blends (Condor, or something with a bit of cherry in it, Danish blend etc.). The Balkan stuff smelt heavy and bitter, so I just put a pinch in with some...
  11. scotrob

    What do your friends and family think?

    I was just wondering what your family, friends and colleagues reaction is to your pipe smoking, when you first tell them? For younger folk in particular it can be awkward, especially if your folks are anti-smoking...did any young/new pipe smokers on here find it hard to tell others?
  12. scotrob

    Do you smoke when you drive?

    And what does the law say about that in the country where you live? In UK it is not yet illegal to smoke and drive but any activity which impairs your ability to drive (eating, drinking, smoking, shaving etc.) is considered dangerous and if you were engaging in one of these activities and caused...
  13. scotrob

    How far down do you smoke?

    Despite being a pipeman for about 17 years now (started when I was 18, am now 35) I still have never been sure how far down to smoke the bowl...when breaking in a new pipe I half-fill and try to smoke to the bottom (or until it tastes unpleasant and I feel woozy), but for a broken-in pipe I...