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  1. samanden

    Info About The White Spot

    Anyone have, or know where I can find information about Dunhill's "The White Spot" brand? I can't find anything on line about where these pipes are manufactured or their quality compared to older Dunhills. Any help is appreciated.
  2. samanden

    Major Developments in Lung Cancer Research

    Have you guys seen this article: This may change the game in terms of how we think about our hobby's relationship to lung cancer.
  3. samanden

    No Love for a Pipe

    I was able to avoid a bad situation today. I took my kids to their elementary school park after classes let out. I had the day off and it's been beautiful out, so I found myself a park bench and let my son and daughter have at it. Occasionally my son would pull me away from my bench to push him...
  4. samanden

    Best Use of a Small Bowl

    My wife and kids got me a new pipe for Father's Day; a Peterson's Belgique. I have a couple of other small pipes ( one dedicated to Englishes and another to cigar blends). I wanted to dedicate this new small pipe to orientals, but wanted some advice first. Do orientals go well with small bowls...
  5. samanden

    Where Has the Pipe Presence on YouTube Gone?

    I remember when I first started smoking a pipe almost 7 years ago, there was a large pipe community sharing ideas on YouTube. There was dubinthedam (who emailed me personally to give some advice); there was Pipe Poet and GothamCitySmokes (although good, he didn't post much); you had 1968Eric and...
  6. samanden

    Re-Stamping Vulcanite Stems?

    Anyone ever have their vulcanite stems restamped? I've heard of Dunhill stems being restamped with a fresh white dot. Can this be done with other makers? Where do you send them? Thanks, guys!
  7. samanden

    Re-Cutting Vulcanite Stem?

    I have a question for pipe makers and repairers: Is it possible to re-cut an existing vulcanite stem? I recently sent in a pipe stem to have the tenon replaced. I dropped it, and the tenon snapped off in the mortise. When my stem was repaired and sent back, I noticed it looked completely...
  8. samanden

    Spring/Summer Rotation

    Now that the weather is beginning to change over, and I've finished up the last of my Fall/Winter tobaccos, I thought today would be a great time to crack open my Spring/Summer rotation. I typically open 6 tins in 6 different genres. So what's on the menu this season you ask? MB's Vanilla Cream...
  9. samanden

    Vulcanite Tenon Repair

    It was bound to happen. I dropped my pipe and the stem broke at the tenon. To make matters worse the tenon was stuck in the mortise. However, I was able to remove the tenon from the mortise and reattach it to the stem; but not without some difficulty. To remove the mortise, I simply screwed in...
  10. samanden

    Mac Baren's Plumbcake & Pipe Type

    I'm curious, for those who've had MB's Plumbcake, do you smoke it in your aromatic or Latakia pipe?
  11. samanden

    Struggling With Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe

    I just popped my second tin of EMP and boy is it harsh. I had an even tougher time the first go round, but this second run wasn't much better. Nevertheless, I'm stubborn and determined to enjoy it if it kills me. My reasons are twofold: first, EMP is a classic blend that many pipers I respect...
  12. samanden

    Butera Coloring Bowl for Meerschaum Pipes

    I have always been fascinated with meerschaum pipes, particularly the way they color. As a member of the "I want it now" generation, I make no secret that I did/do not want to wait for my meerschaum to get that beautiful color I've fallen in love with. After some research, I found out about...
  13. samanden

    Help With Robert McConnell's Pure Caribe

    I've seaeched on-line and haven't had much luck, so at the risk of soliciting responses from members who are vehemently opposed to the idea of putting cigar tobacco anywhere near a pipe, I'd like to hear some opinions as to what I should do with Pure Caribe, a tin of cigar leaf used for...
  14. samanden

    From English to Oriental: A Pipe Dedication

    I recently reorganized my pipe cabinet and noticed that I have quite a few tobaccos with primarily Virginias and Orientals, and little to no Latakia. Always in search of the "purest" smoking experience, I've decided to change one of my smaller English blend pipes into an Oriental pipe. At the...
  15. samanden

    Show Off Your Chimneys

    The Chimney, also known as the stack :wink:, is by far my favorite shape. Great for smoking flakes in the fold and stuff style. I have a number of different shapes, but the Chimney shape is my only ditto. There is something commanding about them. I guess that's why General MacArthur had...
  16. samanden

    Stanwell's Handmade Line

    Can someone give me information on Stanwell's handmade line? I've notices the estates are more expensive than many of their new pipes. Are the handmades of a better quality? I've searched on line and could not find anything specifically addressing these pipes. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  17. samanden

    Your Burial Pipe and Blend

    I know this sounds morbid, but this conversation came up in two independent instances in as many days. Besides, us pipe men/women can appreciate this kind of rumination. So here goes: what pipe in your collection and blend you've smoked would you like to be buried with? For me, it'll have to be...
  18. samanden

    Too Many Pipes?

    Now I know the retailers won't like this question, but can you have too many pipes? I have just seven in rotation with no plans to add anymore if possible (maybe a Dunhill Christmas pipe in the future). They all smoke fairly well. None smoke bad. I notice that the ones I've had the longest smoke...
  19. samanden

    Greetings From a New Member

    Hello everyone, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m a fairly new pipe smoker; I took up the hobby almost five years ago. I’m still learning and I’m always hungry for new and useful pipe knowledge. I’ve been reviewing this site for quite some time and I’m glad to finally...