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    My Evening In Company of Prince Albert

    I figured I had to try Middleton's incarnation of this venerable tobacco, just to appreciate it as a benchmark. My socks are not knocked off, but it's quire decent. This serviceable burley is on par with Carter Hall, but noticeably different. It packs, lights, and burns nicely. I can see why it...
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    Tobacco & Chocolate

    I'm intrigued by flavors that go together to make something even better. Tonight, I had Dunhill EMP with a Hershey bar with almonds...knocked my socks off! I like Carter Hall and black coffee, wheat beer and donuts, blueberries and bacon. What combo's do it for you?
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    Another Trip on the Royal Yacht

    This afternoon, I found myself in a rare mood, up for some of Al Dunhill's Royal Yacht. Similar to my relationship some caustically fun friends and tequila, this doesn't strike often. With a full belly and a good breeze, I loaded up my Brebbia Oro and set fire to it. The flavors are familiar...