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  1. jollyroger

    It's Finally Happening - Future Relocation

    I've lived abroad for the better part of my life. While born and raised in the USA, I've spent quite a portion of my life elsewhere. Besides having to deal with international shipping of tobacco, I've had the constant longing to that which I left behind. Up until recently returning meant...
  2. jollyroger

    Aging In An Unopened Jar Vs Unopened Tin

    Hi everyone, I've been curious about a matter and wanted more perspective. I haven't had the luxury of tasting any well aged tobacco in the past several years, nothing with more than a year. I was wondering if anybody had the opportunity to taste a brand that has aged for a certain period of...
  3. jollyroger

    Creating A Bowl By Mixing Tobacco At Various Degrees of Dryness?

    Hi guys, I was recently experimenting with some SG flake, trying to determine the proper balance when it comes to hydration when lighting the bowl. I could clearly make out flavors that exist when smoked damp out of the jar and that are lost when granted sufficient time to dry prior to...
  4. jollyroger

    Vodka As a Cleanser

    So I've historically cleaned the bowl and stem with Jack Daniels which produced an excellent taste in the long run. I recently ran out and concurrently been gifted a bottle of premium Gray Goose Vodka. Neither my wife nor I like vodka as a drink, and during my first attempt to use it for the...
  5. jollyroger

    Spontaneous TAD

    Only looking. Honestly, I really want to work on what I have before accumulating more. And then I found myself with a receipt for: 8oz of Haddo's Delight (although I initially read it as Hodor's delight) 250gr' of S&G St James flake, and a tin of Peterson's University flake that I've been...
  6. jollyroger

    Bac Wars

    There are reviews for pretty much every type of commercial tobacco out there, and reading them definitely helps, but I thought of a concept to make first time order decision making a little more interesting. The scene is as follows: you've just selected several different tins, and now have...
  7. jollyroger

    Fnord, You're An Amazing Person!

    A while ago I experienced theft of my favorite and only smokable pipe, and I honestly couldn't even bring myself to think about buying another. I was too fixated on the sentimental value of that which was lost. And so the days went by with my tobacco going unsmoked in their jars. I'd...
  8. jollyroger

    There Used To Be A Greater Supply Of Large Pipes

    I don't get to visit brick and mortar pipe shops, but it to seems to me that there used to be a greater supply of large pipes out there. Nearly all savinelli pipes look almost miniature in my hands and I'm wondering if this is due to wanting to dish out as many pipes as possible for a given...
  9. jollyroger

    Comparison Between Savinelli Bulldogs

    Hi, this is due to sheer curiosity. I was wondering as to the difference between the various Savinelli bent bulldogs. Their prices run between 108 to 208$ currently, and I'm wondering whether these (Joker, Tundra, Tortuga and Onda) have different prices due to differences in quality (Onda vs...
  10. jollyroger

    Losing Your Favorite Pipe

    I've never been a huge collector of anything, and the same goes for pipes. I simply did not see the purpose of owning many pipes as I always wanted to smoke just one, my ever so slightly bent Chacom Neptune. I own two other pipes that I consider mediocre smokers that simply were not enjoyable...
  11. jollyroger

    FVF the wrong way?

    Evening gents. I recently came across a local who sells tins if FVF and I acquired one to sample. The tin note is sweet and wonderful, and the flake itself is extremely damp, by far the most I've witnessed out of a tin. I proceeded to dry some out for a day and that resulted in extremely dry...
  12. jollyroger

    Latakia smells like cheese?

    It started with the faintest notes I picked up while sampling some Dunhill MM 965. I had no idea what it was, and simply put the Tabby away to settle. Then, recently a shipment that I had received contained some Quiet Nights, and ad I popped the tin it smacked me square in the jaw. QN is...
  13. jollyroger

    SOS extreme cases of PAD preventing from fulfilling PAD

    Hi guys, So this is in continuation with a previous thread. I've been in the market for a bent bulldog. Simply couldn't get that out of my mind, and after many deliberations I've settled on Savinelli. I was mere seconds from pulling the trigger on this fine specimen...
  14. jollyroger

    Need to choose but can't decide

    I'm in the market for a bent bulldog, and I simply can't make my mind up between the Peterson Dublin filter: Or the Savinelli tortuga: Would...
  15. jollyroger

    Removing ghost the lazy way?

    Hi gentle people, I was wondering whether a ghost flavor can be removed from a pipe with barely any cake, simply by smoking a different tobacco in on?
  16. jollyroger

    Smoking in the vicinity of your kids?

    Hi guys. So this question has surfaced due to another thread in which many shared that their parents or other family members were always around with pipes in hand. Now I'm not really asking from the perspective of whether or not you'd want your children to smoke, cause there's a thread already...
  17. jollyroger

    Grandfather's Treasure

    My father and I had been discussing a pipe shipment I was eagerly waiting for, and I had forgotten all about the conversation when he called me down from my office and handed me my grandfather's lighter that I had forgotten existed. He acquired it sometime between 1968 and 1970 in England when...
  18. jollyroger

    Need your expert help before ordering

    Hello gentlemen and gentlegals. I've recently made the leap from self rolled cigarette tabacco to pipes and I'm having a little trouble finding a pipe leaf to my taste. I've tasted so far: 1) Peterson Irish Flake - I felt it was slightly bitter, far too earthy to my liking and didn't tickle my...