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  1. 1adsarge

    P&C Stopped Shipping to Utah!

    Just went to go check out with my usual cartfull of random bulk tobaccos and got a notice that P&C does not ship to Utah! I just bought a bunch of tobacco from them last month! I am utterly distraught at this news! Wonder if there is a way around this somehow? Any suggestions?
  2. 1adsarge

    Cherrywood from Sweden

    Found this very talented pipe maker on Instagram. Mr. Carl from Sweden sent me this last week and it has to be one of my favorite 20-30 minute smokers! Highly recommend this gentleman. His Instagram username is carl.pipes.sweden. This pipe is a rusticated cherrywood with a strait acrylic stem...
  3. 1adsarge

    Sutliff Molto Dolce in Bulk!

    I just wanted to let any of you know who are interested in this blend of tobacco, that Sutliff does offer an almost exact blend of this fine tobacco in bulk. This is one of my favorites but being offered only in 1.5oz tins, which gets expensive, had to contact Sutliff to see if there were any...
  4. 1adsarge

    Lane Buttered Rum

    Just got a pound of this stuff in the mail today. P&C had it on sale for $25 for 16oz. so I had to do it since I am a rum flavored fan. After a bowl today, I have added this to my list of favorites due to its very pleasing aroma, taste, and coolness of smoking. Even my wife enjoyed the...
  5. 1adsarge

    Monthly Subscription?

    I am still very saddened to not have my P&C monthly pipe tobacco club coming to me every month. I found that it was a great way for me to explore the many flavors of aromatic tobacco out there and find some of my favorite blends I enjoy today. Do any of you know if there is another company...
  6. 1adsarge

    Tobacco of the Month: Aromatics

    This is what came from P&C for the month of June: 2oz bulk Match Hickory 1.75oz tin Ole Shenandoah Barrel No. 76 They both smell quite delicious. This month was a good month though and I look forward to giving it a smoke. I just switched from P&C's deluxe option to their aromatic option as I...
  7. 1adsarge

    New Grandi!

    I got an amazing deal on another large Mario Grandi pipe. Just received in the mail this afternoon and am wanting your opinion on what very first bowl full of tobacco I should smoke in this giant. I am trying to decide between the following: Russ' Snow Drift Scottys Pancake Sutliff Chocolate...
  8. 1adsarge

    Peterson Special Reserve 2016

    P&C got me again with another one of their emails. An email featuring Peterson's 2016 Special Reserve looked and sounds tasty so I had to order one of their 3.5oz tins. From the description: "Peterson Special Reserve 2016 combines bright Virginia, white Burley and a Virginia-based black...
  9. 1adsarge

    What Are You Reading and Smoking?

    I started reading and enjoying a couple bowls every night after the children have gone off to bed. Tonight I am reading a leather bound special edition of The Hobbit my wife got me for Christmas while enjoying some Captain Black Gold in a Mario Grandi XL rusticated volcano. What are you folks...
  10. 1adsarge

    Lane Dark Red

    Got an email today from P&C about Lanes new aromatic blend, Dark Red. It sounds good so I ordered 4oz's. Here is the description from P&C: Anyone else going to give this a try? It's going for $2.50 an ounce. I'll be sure to report back here once I have had a chance to try it out. Cheers, Jared
  11. 1adsarge

    Signs of Dried Out Tobacco

    The last couple bowls I have gone through have not been enjoyable. They seemed dry and had a bit of a bite in the mouth during smoking. They were different brands and flavors of aromatic tobacco. I keep them stored in mason jars in my tobacco cabinet that is kept in a darker and a mild...
  12. 1adsarge

    IM Corona Old Boy Lighter

    So, I decided to go ahead and "invest" in an Old Boy lighter. It was really hard for me to justify spending that much for a lighter but I have read so much good about it. After anxiously awaiting it's arrival from Amazon, I hastily opened it to see what $100 worth of lighter looks and feels...
  13. 1adsarge

    High Gloss Pipe Finish?

    I have restored a few pipes now but I have not been able to get a nice high gloss sheen on them. I have tried carnuba wax and a couple other natural wood polishes that make it look nice but do not give it the glossy look I am wanting. What is the best way to get a nice high gloss finish on a...
  14. 1adsarge

    Keeping Tobacco Fresh Questions

    I am about up to 70 different blends of tobacco now. I have about 8 16oz jars, about 12 1.75oz tins, and the rest are 4oz jars. Most of it I have received within a couple weeks. How should I insure my tobacco stays fresh. I have about 6-10 plastic humidor balls that I can rotate. Should I...
  15. 1adsarge

    Tonight's Contemplation Aroma

    Tonight, I smoke out of my new to me Masterly Rusticated 1/2 Bent Billiard and a bowl full of East India Trading Company Officer's Club tobacco. The pipe smoked very smooth and the Rum soaked tobacco was excellent! :puffy: Cheers, Jared
  16. 1adsarge

    Post #100!

    It has been a great couple months with you great folks! I have amassed almost 30 pipes now and over 60 different blends of tobacco after joining this forum! I look forward to many years in pipe smoking and continued relations here on this great forum! Happy smoking! :puffy: Cheers, Jared
  17. 1adsarge

    St Patrick's Day 2016 Peterson Pipes

    I am considering getting a #05 Peterson pipe. I really wanted the #221 pipe but it's not an option so I am assuming it is sold out. They are on special here: I was wondering if these pipes are quality pipes worth their asking...
  18. 1adsarge

    Mario Grandi Pipes

    I got my first pipe from Mr. Mario Grandi in Italy and it is absolutely magnificient! The quality is superior, especially at the price I payed. It has some heft to it and the feel in the hand is awesome! I decided to smoke the first bowl with some Sutliff Chocolate Supreme tobacco. The smoke was...
  19. 1adsarge

    Restored Yellow Bole Apple

    Just about finished up my first pipe restore. The bowl had such a thick cake, I could barely squeeze in my scraper tool! Just got my bore tool from Mr. Brog and got the bowl completely cleaned out. The outside of the bowl was quite dull and had a black grime to it. The stem was also very dull...
  20. 1adsarge

    Pipe Restoration

    I finally dove into my first pipe restoration after receiving a pipe off eBay that was in worse shape than pictured. Since I got it for so cheap, I decided against the hassle of trying to get a refund and to take a shot at attempting some restoration. I forgot to take some before pics and...