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  1. nemrod

    Kwak beer glass stand as calabash pipe stand?

    I recently bought a calabash, but discovered it was quite inconvenient without a special stand. I quickly threw one together from scraps in the workshop (I have yet to test it since I haven't been home since though). A friend saw it and commented that it reminded him of a kwak glass stand and...
  2. nemrod


    I found a meerschaum pipe brand called Luletasi through MeerschaumArt on eBay. They have very low prices for what they claim is quality block meerschaum. I just find it hard to believe they can sell genuine block meerschaum pipes of what seems to be standard size for as little as $50, such as...
  3. nemrod

    Peterson Tyrolean Pipe?

    This just sprung up on an auction site: There are bigger and more pictures on here: Thing is I've never seen or heard of Peterson making Tyrolean style pipes. If I saw just the pipe I would probably guess...
  4. nemrod

    Come join Google+!

    Google+ is the new Facebook. It's better, simpler and is integrated with other Google services such as Picasa, YouTube and Gmail. Put plain and simple: it's (gonna be) awesome. I realise many of you shun social media, but I know there are plenty of you that are already on Facebook and similar...
  5. nemrod

    Black Parrot

    With my latest TAD purchase from Esterval's Pipe House they were kind enough to add a sampler of Robert McConnell Black Parrot, a VaPer. Perfect, since part of the reason I had made the order was to try VaPers (2 out of the 7 tins I ordered were Samuel Gawith St. James Flake and Dunhill De Luxe...
  6. nemrod

    Pipe apparel

    I just saw Threadless put up a new t-shirt with Yoda (I think?) smoking a pipe and thought, hey, it's pretty awesome with pipe-related clothing and stuff so why not create a thread and see if you've got any nice links. :) Here are the ones I've seen on Threadless...
  7. nemrod

    Excellent clay pipe from Dawnmist!

    Hello pipers! I received my brand new "Hello Beastie" clay pipe from Heather at Dawnmist Studio just now and thought I'd share this piece of art with you! Not only does it look and feel great, the two bowls I've smoked in it so far have been excellent! The bowl naturally gets hotter than on a...
  8. nemrod

    Patent era Peterson replacement stem

    I found what I'm quite sure is a patent era Peterson pipe on the Swedish equivalent of e-bay, only thing is it's missing the stem. I'm considering buying it but thought I'd ask you how you would go about replacing the stem before I start bidding. It looks like it'll go for pretty cheap, but then...