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  1. puffermark

    Smokey Airways

    Some years ago I used to be a keen flight simmer (Microsoft Flight sims). So during the lockdown Iv'e been getting back into it and reloaded some of my old simulators. Been flying all over the world and currently flying between the US State capitols in the big jets. So here's the thing; When I...
  2. puffermark

    Early Era Sasieni 1-Dot Shape 19S

    Plucked this off my local auction site. From what I can tell it is possibly pre-war. Since it doesn't have a patent number (as in the case of the pipes shipped to the US), I assume it was made for sale in Britain/Europe where Mr Dunhill's legal challenge to the use of the single dot was less...
  3. puffermark

    Pair o' Deuces

    Thought I'd share a few pics of these two pipes both hallmarked Birmingham 1902 after their clean up. They were previously discussed in these threads:
  4. puffermark

    1902 Vuillard & Strauss: Amber Stem?

    Good day all. This is a pipe I just received which I purchased from a local auction site. I am pegging it as a Vuillard & Strauss base on Jesse's post in this thread: It is hallmarked for Birmingham 1902 and is in stonking condition...
  5. puffermark

    Help With Maker ID on a 1902 Birmingham Silver Hallmarked Pipe

    This is one I picked up on a local SA auction site. The pics are from the site. It is pretty clearly hallmarked Birmingham 1902 and presumably with maker's initials "HF". Problem is I don't see anything for such a maker on the sites I've looked at which list British silversmiths. I have a...
  6. puffermark

    Parker Jockey Club Shape 42 Zulu

    A (rare-ish) find on a local auction site. "Parker" stamp was pretty much toast, but not too shabby for the price (10$) and cleaned up kinda nice. Looks like a nice open draw, so should smoke OK too.
  7. puffermark

    BBB Best Make 603 Billiard

    Snagged this off a local auction site for the equivalent under 10$ postage included. Pics are not great (lifted off the site), but it looks pretty intact. Also seems to have the metal stem insert, so it may have some age. Clearly well enjoyed, and of course that rim is going to take some work...
  8. puffermark

    Charatan clean up

    Greetings all. After all the kindly offered information on my previous related post, I thought I would share with you the results of my amateur efforts in the clean up of my recent Charatan acquisitions. The rims were pretty badly blackened a caked up and I initially considered topping them...
  9. puffermark

    Recent Charatan aquisitions

    Greetings, all. I managed to bag a couple of Charatans recently. We hardly ever see them here in South Africa. One is a Special shape 47 and the other a Deluxe shape 33. Both look sound and I'm sure they should clean up nicely. Once gain though I seek some assistance with dating. Both have...
  10. puffermark

    Help with pipe ID

    Greetings, all. Below are some pics from a local auction site. I'm trying to get an ID on this one, and the reason I am posting here is I have a hunch it could be a GBD. It's simply listed as a vintage hand made pipe. As you can see the stampings are pretty fried, but the two ovals are...
  11. puffermark

    BBB Best Make 121

    This is a BBB Best Make I bought off a local auction site. I was intrigued by the HAND CUT stamp on the stem. It had the diamond shaped BBB logo over BEST MAKE on the left of the shank and MADE IN ENGLAND with a shape number 121 on the right. It was pretty beat up, but I thought I’d try to get...
  12. puffermark

    Barling dating question

    Greetings, from Cape Town, South Africa. I picked up this Barling’s make recently. No visible fills, and it cleaned up nicely with little effort. It had some minor damage on the outer rim and a small stem/shank gap issue which I managed to largely sort out by taking shade off the end of the...